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Jennoele Training

Jennoele Training

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Published by Naoki Aikiku

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Published by: Naoki Aikiku on Jul 18, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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* I didn't get the very beginning of this, so it seems to just randomly jump in. *<Sunflower-Baffu>Hey Klutz)<Jazzikinns>*kick'd* >n> You know whut i'm saying is true]]<neaumont>Gioele: -His eyes shifted away for a while to think, then went back.- "Fairly alright, Iguess... The farther the distance, the more difficult it tends to be. Maybe... if I were to try and control itfrom about the distance of the end of this room to the other, I'd run into some problems. The larger thequantity of water the more difficult it is too."<ToastBusters>liethell- :I this doesn't take a whole lot of brainpower. everyone except Evie.<Black-Ratchet>heh shpere))<Blood-and-Spice>*is getting laggy* ))<Blood-and-Spice>or can i have jo back out. ))<Blood-and-Spice>night ))** Sunflower-Baffu has left [connection closed]<mangaklutz>xDDD *pats Blatchet*<Jazzikinns>Fff]]<Jazzikinns>*hugs Blatchet*]]<Blood-and-Spice>Jo: ah. i think i'll sit this one out. I feel like...i'm needer elsewhere. c: I'll play withyou later. *gets up and trots off*<MidnightSilhouette>Evie: *facedesk*<RemixedMagic>-nearly snorts toothpaste at horse-)<MidnightSilhouette>He's a horse He's a horse Suck his diiiick He's ahorse!))<ToastBusters>(I swear the neighbor had a horse just like that once.]]<Blood-and-Spice>so i'll be on skype if you need me. ))<Jazzikinns>Hngg, thanks for reminding me Blood. Need to finish my SSS CS]]<Blood-and-Spice>lol good luck. ))<ToastBusters>liethell- *writes his own name yet again*<Blood-and-Spice>alrighty if you need me skype me. <3 bai loves))** Blood-and-Spice has left<neaumont>Gdi. ]<neaumont>Sharply*. ]<Black-Ratchet>this'll wake you up ))<neaumont><3!! ]<RemixedMagic>83)<RemixedMagic>. . . Bikerbrujah?)<Black-Ratchet>Jenner: *nods* Now, do it without throwing the sphere. Propel it purely with your elemental command.<neaumont>Bulldog Mansion = :heart: ]<Black-Ratchet>ikr? ))<MidnightSilhouette>Evie: All right~<MidnightSilhouette>((so it's one for liethell, one for evie, and one for...?))<Jazzikinns>Liethell]]<Jazzikinns>>n>]]<MidnightSilhouette>ah okies))<MidnightSilhouette>Evie: Liethell wins.<ToastBusters>liethell- *facetable*<neaumont>Gioele: -Nodding again, he made an identical sphere in the same hand, stretching out hisarm towards the wall once he did, fingers spread. Concentrating, the waterball shot off his palm muchlike how a bullet leaves a gun, but again, not the same case for speed. There was a slight difference
there as it went maybe a bit quicker, if the keen eye would notice. It burst just like the one before it.-<ToastBusters>liethell- is it the same answer as last time? everyone but evie? :I<Black-Ratchet>Jenner: *steps behind Gio, reaching out and curling his fingers down, leaving Gio pointing at the far wall, and whispering into his ear* Again. Only this time, freeze the sphere first. . .<RemixedMagic>Gonna go sneep now guys<RemixedMagic>)<Black-Ratchet>Night Magic))<Jazzikinns>Aww, okay Magic]]<ToastBusters>(goodnight :D]]<Jazzikinns>Night night]]<mangaklutz>Night ouo/))<neaumont>Night, Magic. ]** RemixedMagic has left [timed out]<MidnightSilhouette>Evie: Aye.<MidnightSilhouette>I'm done orz))<Black-Ratchet>Night Mid))<ToastBusters>((goodnight c:]]<MidnightSilhouette>no i'm not going i just need to lurk. i ca'nt rp anymore ugh my darn head isfuzzy))** ToastBusters has left [connection closed]<Black-Ratchet>. . . . . . ))<Jazzikinns>M'kay]]<Jazzikinns>I think]]<Jazzikinns>that Imma head in to sleep too now.>.>]]<Black-Ratchet>Night, Jazzi))<MidnightSilhouette>OTL))<MidnightSilhouette>night jazzi))<Jazzikinns>|D;; orz;;]]<Jazzikinns>Night all~ <33]]<MidnightSilhouette>i wanna watch jenner and gio~ owo))<neaumont>Night Jazzi. ]** Jazzikinns has left<MidnightSilhouette>deaaaaaaad))<neaumont>Gioele: -Got an odd shiver from Jenner whispering into his ear, but obliged to his requestonce more. Making yet another small sphere, he stared at it for a moment until it hardened over and became ice. Spreading his fingers again, he let it propel off. This time around, it noticeably shot off faster, being a denser object and when it hit the wall it shattered into tiny pieces.-<MidnightSilhouette>IT'S AN ICE BULLET!))<Black-Ratchet>Jenner: . . . well done. . . . perhaps you can think of ways to apply your marksmanshipskills to this endeavor. . . ?<Black-Ratchet>Exactly))<MidnightSilhouette>Jenner: Such as hitting a man with it at long range......or aiming for my peniswith your *shot*))<neaumont>Gioele: "..." -He blinks, realizing what he was just taught; it makes him one happy camper to learn something new and he turns around to thank Jenner properly.- "That... had never reallyoccurred to me before. You're right, this opens up many new options. I... thank you."<Black-Ratchet>Jenner: *smiles* Of course, Gio. With time and practice, I think you'll find you have aweapon that not only never runs out of ammunition, but also has projectiles that can track a movingtarget. Much more effective at range than that . . . knife of yours. Besides. . . I don't trust you with
anything sharp. *chuckles*** mangaklutz has left<neaumont>Gioele: -Nodding to what Jenner says, he agrees, already thinking of possibilities, but he pauses at the last statement, leaning in towards him disbelievingly, a small smirk.- "Oh? ... Bah, I'm far more careful than you think, y'know. I appreciate the concern, though, I guess." -He replies kind of teasingly.-<Black-Ratchet>Jenner: *grins* Of course you are. Still, your blade is. . . clumsy. Water should be inmotion; holding it in a mold like that robs it of its true potential.<MidnightSilhouette>PFFFFFFFFFFT))<Black-Ratchet>>__> . . . now what, Mid? ))<MidnightSilhouette>holding it in a mold robs it of its true potential....it should be in MOTION))<Black-Ratchet>. . . you're hopeless, you know that? He's talking shop, ya goof))* Black-Ratchetpats poor pervy Mid))<neaumont>Gioele: -Leaning back into a normal stance, he nods slowly, thinking about that.- "... That'strue... Still waters run no mills, afterall."<MidnightSilhouette>heeee. i know. i'm ronery and sexually frustrated))<MidnightSilhouette>pffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffft cum bullet cuz cum has water in it ahahahah))<Black-Ratchet>Jenner: *nods* Just so. Moving water can carve channels through great mountainfortresses. Indeed, through nearly anything . *pulls a coin out of his pocket* No matter how strong your arm is, you'll never penetrate this with your blade. However, a tiny, incerdibly swift jet will wear through this in instants. You should try it. . . facing away from me, preferably. . . *chuckles*<Black-Ratchet>you're incorrigible }:P ))<MidnightSilhouette>I KNOW. every single line u write is porn fodder, i swear! im too tired for thisorz XD))<Black-Ratchet>hehehehehe))<Black-Ratchet>also, *incredibly))<MidnightSilhouette>i need to get laid after being in a steady relationship for a while *shot*))<Black-Ratchet>. . .tired }:U ))<Black-Ratchet>You wouldn't need the relationship if you lived closer~ q 3 p ))<neaumont>>__> ]<Black-Ratchet> ))<MidnightSilhouette>ahahah lol no thanks. i don't do married older men....what r u married? to neau,right? *SHOT*))<Black-Ratchet><__< ))<MidnightSilhouette>*wait))* Black-Ratchetburies Mid in an unmarked grave }:U ))<MidnightSilhouette>QAQ fine then no boobies for u))<Black-Ratchet>I can get mah own: ))<MidnightSilhouette>fine. i'll send neau to a nunnery!))<neaumont>-sigh- //; ]<Black-Ratchet>get back to your reply, Neau- JENNER NEEDS PENETRATION }:U ))<neaumont> /choked on drink ]<Black-Ratchet>LAWL ))<neaumont>Gdi, it's like you /know/ when I'm drinking something... ]<MidnightSilhouette>AHAHAHAHAH))<MidnightSilhouette>it's because ur in his lap, neau))<Black-Ratchet>I am~))<neaumont>dsfbklajs ]<neaumont>Gioele: "It really can, once you think about it, huh..." -Considers that before looking to the

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