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Published by asicphani

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Published by: asicphani on Jul 19, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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on 11th September, 2007
Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)1.
Partial solar eclipse takes place on Tuesday – the 11th September 2007
TheSolar eclipse starts at 15
56 hours and shall end at 20.07 hours i.e. the solar eclipseshall last for 4 hours 11 minutes.
Capricorn Lagna rises at the start of solar eclipse. Lagna lord Saturn is in 8thHouse with Sun and Ketu aspected by Rahu. Mars also aspects this combination in8th house. Thus adding to the malefic influence of the Solar Eclipse. The Pivot of theEclipse – The Sun is in own Sign. The Nakshtra of the Moon is Poorva Phalguni andthe moon is also in Leo Sign of the Sun. Jupiter is in 11th House, Mars – Jupiter tobe noted. Saturn aspects (10th aspect) Mars leading to more adversities.
Partial eclipse of the Sun takes place on 11th September 2007 – Tuesday whoselord is Mars. This partial solar eclipse shall not be visible in India as per LahirisEphemeris for 2007, the area of visibility are:
- Region covering parts of Antarctica.- South America except the northern part, and - The south – West Atlantic Ocean
The duration of the partial solar eclipse is of 4 hours and 11 minutes
The eclipsetakes place in a fixed sign i.e. Leo ruled by the Sun himself. The effects shall be feltfor a long period as one of the principles is that the effect shall be felt for the yearsdepending on the duration of the eclipse – in this solar eclipse effects can be felt forabout
4. years.
Now, the following specific predictions and general obstructions are made withregard to this partial solar eclipse:
some times evil effects starts taking effect even before the actual eclipse.
The eclipse takes place in the 8th House as the Sun is in the 8th house with theMoon, Saturn and Ketu expected by Rahu and Mars. Accordingly, many evil resultsand natural calamities are indicated and the human beings shall suffer to a largeextent.
The study of the eclipse chart goes with the chart of the country concerned andits ruler. In the absence of these charts, only general effects shall be indicated.
There can be sudden deaths of various persons including of VIPs and the markedenmity against the country shall be noted. Terrorist’s activities cannot be ruled out.
Regarding VIPs deaths, it would suffice to say that assassination of MahatmaGandhi took place on 30th Jan. 1948 followed by solar eclipse on 12.11.1947 –troubled position in India and Pakistan. American President Abraham Lincoln was
assassinated on 14.4.1865 after lunar eclipse on 11.4.1865. Hence the concernedcountries to be careful in taking security measures.
Cruelties on women and children, famine type condition, attack and defining orreligious places and other such matters indicated.
Some religious men and preachers may be caught while indulging in nefariousactivities including revolting against the laws of the country concerned.
Some type of seditions and rebellion activities may come to surface.
Persons holding power may be dethroned or face some type of destructions.
The ministers and women may face various hardship. Since Saturn also joins thesun, people living in the deserts or mountains and also low class people shall sufferas a result of the eclipse
Apart from very bad conditions, helping hand shall be available from othercountries and thus the food stuff and medicines etc shall be available in plenty.
Evil results are indicated including fraud lent practices with regard to financesand revenues of the nation. Some highly placed persons may be caught forembezzlement of government’s fund
Because of Mars, some houses/places of entertainment including cinema halls,theatres, music halls, sports clubs etc may be engulfed by fever and otherdisturbances injury or illness of the rules (VIPs) cannot be ruled out.
Be that as it may the people in general shall be cooperative with thegovernment to overcome the difficulties caused by the solar eclipse the people shallshow respect for women and divorce rate may come down.
The government and its authorities or ordinance must be careful in bringing outany legislation or ordinance so that the people may not resort to non co-operativeattitude and some decision from the courts and religious organizations may not bebeneficial for the masses.
Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)Anukul / Pratikul
Anukul means a planet that is either beneficially disposed either by being strong inown sign, good house, ruler of houses which will bring positive results, or otherwisenot malefically disposed nor inclined to produce evil influence. A planet which is goodfor the chart either naturally or by house ruler ship yet somewhat weakened byplacement may be strengthened through the gem, or a planet which already isstrong and giving benefic influence may be further strengthened for gains inparticular areas of life by wearing the gem.Pratikul means a planet that causes evil influence or suffering to the native as seenthrough the horoscope. This may be a debilitated planet who is in a dusthana andenemy of the lord of the lagna, or otherwise disposed that the influence simply
causes suffering.It is NOT possible to appease a planet which causes suffering by wearing the gem.This is the heart of the pratikul philosophy and causes increased suffering for thepersons who are recommended by this method. Mantra, charity, etc. should beadvised in such cases solely.For example if one had a Sag lagna and lord of the ascendant were in the 6th housein Taurus yellow sapphire would be of help in strengthening Jupiter, regardless of thehouse being a dusthana and an enemy's sign. For the same lagna, say Sun was inthe 8th house in Cancer along with Mars, and there was no correction of debilitationin the horoscope for this. Ruby could be recommended with good results as beneficlord of the 9th, adding that Sun is also a planet that does well in the 8th house.On the other hand to recommend red coral for Mars would only increase the maleficeffects of Mars and cause increased suffering to the native. Were Saturn alsodebilitated in the 5th, it would be especially foolhardy to recommend blue sapphireas the terrible effects would be even more devastating to the person's life. Yet wereSaturn in Virgo in the 10th, blue sapphire may be worn for increased power inmatters of status and career, especially during the Saturn dasha or bhuktis.An experienced jyotishi must examine the chart from many perspectives beforemaking pronouncements on how a person's prarabdha karma will manifest in thislifetime and when the effects will be felt. It is not that we quickly see a planet'sposition in the rasi chart and make a pronouncement. Careful consideration is alwaysthe hallmark of an experienced practitioner of both jyotish and ayurveda in analysisand making recommendations. The same must be true for recommending agemstone to increase particular influences in a chart. It is true that sometimesincreasing a benefic influence may help to overshadow a negative one coming fromanother quarter, but a bad influence can never be lessened nor curtailed by using thegem for the planet producing it.It is not becoming to the persons who are learning, experiencing, and practicing thisbrahminical science to be stubborn about increasing their knowledge in planetarygemology nor any other facet of jyotish science. We are all students, regardless of how many years, decades, or lifetimes we have practiced, and this is a spiritualscience meant to benefit and enlighten those that seek its counsel.We are attempting to read the karma of those that seek our counsel and just as firewill burn even an innocent child, who unwittingly places a hand into it, should wecreate negative influence or greater suffering for those seeking relief through ourcounsel, the karmic reactions will be upon our heads. There are many scripturalinjunctions about charlatan astrologers or physicians being born blind in the next life,or taking birth in a hellish planetary system. Ignorance of the law will not excuse usfrom such karmic reactions.Therefore it behooves us to be diligent in our personal sadhana that we may gain theblessings of Lord Vishnu, Lord Siva, Lord Ganesh and our eternal transcendentalpreceptors Sri Parashara and those in the line of disciplic succession for theirblessings upon us. For a qualified jyotishi the practice is also part of the spiritualprogression towards liberation in that the service rendered is of the topmost qualityin giving knowledge to those who seek it.

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