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3 Unending Love... the Past DONE

3 Unending Love... the Past DONE

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Published by Rizzamwah Catague

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Published by: Rizzamwah Catague on Jul 19, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Unending Love 3
Past is Past
Catague, Rizza Palamine
Steven: guys let’s play golf tomorrowIvan: why not, I’ll bring Grace with meSteven: of course, let’s meet at 8:00 am at thegolf spixIvan: sure, I’ll go now I have a meeting withGraceSteven: sure bye…
Next morning, golf spix 
Steven: what took you so long?Ivan: I’m sorry… I over sleptGrace: we’re sorrySteven: its fine, ready…Ivan: yes…
 At the field 
Grace: hon… I’ll go that area first, I think that’sKyrie <pointing>Ivan: okay be carefulSteven: where’s Grace?Ivan: she goes to that place? <pointing on theopposite side> just an acquaintance to her…Grace: hello Kyrie…Kyrie: <beso-beso> what are you doing here?Grace: I’m with my boyfriend and his friend; theyare playing at the opposite side… you?Kyrie: I’m teaching golf Grace: wow… you’ve been here for too longalready?Kyrie: almost one year already, lets sit there…Grace: thanks…Kyrie: how about you what are you doing?Grace: I’m also teaching, swimming…Kyrie: isn’t that great?Grace: so tell me are you already married?Kyrie: no I’m still singleGrace: why is that so?Kyrie: no one special come passed by…Grace: <laugh>Kyrie: so… who’s this lucky guy?Grace: he’s Ivan, we meet at the swimmingcompetition sponsored by the gym , where I wasteaching…Kyrie: Ivan?Grace: Ivan James Mendoza, you know someone?Kyrie: Ivan J.M. of the J.M. group?Grace: yeah, he’s the chairman…Kyrie: he’s been my classmate in highschool…Grace: so you mean also… Steven Jake Sancho?Kyrie: ow, yes you know him?Grace: yes, he’s the friend of Ivan I was talkingaboutKyrie; you mean he’s here? Right now?Grace: you want me to call them? Just wait here…Kyrie: no it’s fine, maybe soon… <nervous>Ivan: Grace, hon wan to eat?Grace: hi Hon, remember Kyrie?Ivan: Kyrie, is that you? long time no see… howare you? <Shake hands>Kyrie: I’m fine… yes its been a long timeIvan: had you seen Steven? He is here…Kyrie: not yet…Ivan: you want to come with us? We’re having asnack… Steven is at the Canteen…Kyrie: I cant… I still have my lessons with thekids…<pointing at the field>Ivan: maybe next time…Kyrie: sure, next time…
 At the canteen
Steven: now what took you so long?Ivan: listen, you cant believe this… Kyrie is here…Steven: don’t joke on me like that…Ivan: it’s true, she’s teaching golf to the kidshere, you can ask Grace about it…Grace: she’s here, so what the deal about it?Ivan: Steven and Kyrie had been committed inthe past…Grace: so that’s why so don’t want to meet withyou.. what happened?Steven: it’s nothing past is past, just forget allabout it…
Next day 
Ivan: <called> are you busy?Steven: why?Ivan: Kyrie had invited Grace to her birthday andalso me… Grace insisted you to come, are youinterested?Steven: <on mind> of course today is February28.. <answer> is it okay?Ivan: yes, Kyrie also called me last night, I askedher if you could come, she said it’s fine with her…
Steven: you mean, I’m not really invited and you just asked her if I could come. Is that it? I think itsproper if I wont…Ivan: don’t be such a stubborn she said it’s finewith her, coming or not Grave and I will pick youup <end call>Steven: Ivan?... hello? God
6:00 pm, at Kyrie’s residence
Kyrie: welcomeGrace: Happy birthdayKyrie: thank youIvan: here’s our gift…Kyrie: wow, thank you very muchSteven: ahem… I’m still hereIvan: oh you remember Steven, right?Kyrie: why wont I ? long time no seeSteven: hello, Happy birthdayKyrie: come in , I’ve reserved sits for you..
On the table
Kyrie: please, feel at homeGrace: thanksKyrie: <left>Ivan: you have to talk to her… explain why youdid such thingSteven: Ivan I told you past is past, even I explaineverything to her it wont do anythingIvan: are you sure about it?Steven: YES…
On stage
Emcee: ladies and gentlemen, lets welcome ourbirthday celebrant, Kyrie Jane LaudeAll: <applause>Kyrie: thank you… I wanted to thank everyone forcoming, please feel at home and enjoy your self All: <applause>
Eating…. Eating
Steven: isn’t she beautiful?Ivan: you’re talking to your self again…Steven: I used to love her, I really did… and I feelI still doIvan: then court her again…Steven: isn’t that weird? After all those yearswasted?Ivan: I told you to tell everything to herSteven: okay but not today… maybe soon…
Dance… dance… dance
Grace: Ivan Let’s danceIvan: okay… okay, Steve, are you fine here alone?Steven: yessss, go ahead…
Minutes later 
Steven: <feel bored> <went outside by thepool>
 At the pool
Kyrie: what are you doing here, all alone?Steven: how did you know?Kyrie: I followed youSteven: you’re stalking me?Kyrie: it’s not stalking, it just came to me that Ishould follow you… feel bored?Steven: Quite… <look away> I heard you’re stillsingle…Kyrie: It’s true, how about you? are you alreadymarried?Steven: the same with you…Kyrie: owSteven: Ky Jane <face toward her>Kyrie: don’t call me by that name…Steven: but why? I used to call you by that nameKyrie: you USED to Steven, past is past <lookaway>Steven: but you don’t understandKyrie: what is it that I don’t understand?Steven: Ky…Kyrie: to leave me? You have the right… but atleast you had told me why because what’s morepainful that being abandoned is knowing that I’mnot worthy for an explanation. Steven it hurt mea lot <watery eyes>Steven: I’m sorry <noticed the necklace she waswearing> you still have it… <smile>Kyrie: you want it back? Okay fine it’s yours youcan have it backSteven: please don’t… I feel appreciated <joked>Kyrie: feeler… <laugh>Steven: you’re still beautiful especially when youare smilingKyrie: <silent>Steven: I’ll tell you something, I always say this tomy friends… I think this time you should hearthis…Kyrie: <patiently waiting>Steven: hmmhmh I used to love you, I used toreally love you, and I really feel I still do…Kyrie: <slap him> idiot…Steven: what is that for?Kyrie: for wasting so much time…Steven: God… <embrace her> <whisper> I loveyou and I still do…Kyrie: I do too… Thank you for supporting my storiesWatch out for the next series of unending Love
Ms. No OneRizza Palamine Catague

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