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5 Unending Love... Love Escape DONE

5 Unending Love... Love Escape DONE

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Published by Rizzamwah Catague

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Published by: Rizzamwah Catague on Jul 19, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Love Escape
Catague, Rizza Palamine
Franklin: I dont like her okay.James: but what makes you so defensiveFranklin: I just dont okayJames: okay okay youre so funnyFranklin: will you please just leave me aloneJames: hmmhmm, hey shes hereFranklin: where? ... <looking around>James: see? You like her Im just jokingBlossom: like who??? James?James: ow, Blossom ah.ah ahm no one, right Franklin?Franklin: dont ask me <look away>Blossom: by the way, brother Mike asks me to calleveryone including you: Ill go ahead, you come and followJames: sureFranklin: come onJames: I told youFranklin: shut up.
 Brother Mike: next week is our anniversary I needeveryones cooperation and I hope everyone will have funhmmhmh so who wants to have an intermission?James: you Blossom?Blossom: NO I cant and I wont.James: why? Youre good a singerBlossom: I told you I wont okayBrother Mike: okay its fine anyone interested??James: me, meBrother Mike: okay James you should be preparedJames: I promised
 Blossom: you coming Mon?Mon: yahBlossom: hoooMon: whats with the deep breath?Blossom: nothing, just this Franklin idiotMon: hey you like himBlossom: No way My God forgive me, I really dontMon: but believe me or not, I think James himself like youBlossom: very funny ha, ha, haMon: believe meBlossom: its what you think it is, stop it Mon, its no useMon: hey Franklin is hereBlossom: so what?Franklin: So what? So who are you talking like thatBlossom: am I talking to you? Im talking to Mon not toyou dahFranklin: but youre talking about meBlossom: Im sorry but I did not come up with the idea.Franklin: will you please just stop talking <angry>Blossom: you shut up first because you started itFranklin: NMon: okay stop it as this moment you two stop itJames: Frank, come lets goFranklin: BastardBlossom: What did you say?Franklin: am I talking to you?Blossom: <slap him> <leave>Mon: friend wait excuse usJames :< punches him>Franklin: now whats with you?James: how can you say shes a bastard??Franklin: did I say that?James: yes you didFranklin: really?
 Brother Mike: I called everyone to have follow up withtomorrows activities, were everything well prepared?Mon: for just one Brother Mike..Brother Mike: what is it Mon?Mon: about the speaker for tomorrow, I forgot to send toFather John the communication letter Im really sorryand I have to finish the lettering for tomorrowBrother Mike: thank you for telling us early as this okaysince Blossom is the P.I.O. can I ask you to ask Father Johnabout tomorrows activity please?Blossom: of courseMon: can Franklin come with her since hes the Presidenthe can help explain to father John all the activities and hehas the motorcycle, they can go to the monastery fasterBlossom: no I can do it aloneFranklin: Im busy today I have to check everythingJames: I can drive is it okay Frank?Mon: James can do the checking and you two can goFranklin: James can driveBlossom: no I do it alone okay? Its fine I can walk and now Ineed to have an exerciseMon: what are with you two? Are you avoiding each other?Franklin; Blossom: why would I?Brother Mike: <laugh> okay you arranged this and by later at five I need full report about everything is that clear Frank?Franklin: yes Brother Mike<brother Mike leaves>James: <laugh> so what? Do I drive?Mon: James? noFranklin: cant she drive? She can borrow my motorcycleBlossom; even I can I better walk< leaving >Franklin: okay fine, since I have to make the full report. Illdrive but James should come too <insisting>Mon: but he should stay, he have to check everythingFranklin: I can do it laterBlossom: I told you I can do it alone
James: come on <pull Blossom>Mon: hey take good care of herBlossom: Mon Im not going anywhere, just in themonasteryMon: still
 At the parking lot
James: you sit at the centerBlossom: no you go firstJames: okay fine
 At the monastery
Blossom: good afternoon Father JohnFr. John: Blossom, my dear what brings you here?: and little Frank youre here and JamesFranklin: <ask for his hand>Fr. John: bless you<James did the same>Blossom: father tomorrow is the anniversary of the churchyouth group <CYG> Mon forgot to send you the invitationletter so I am here, we want you to give a spiritual talk for tomorrows activityFr. John: of course my pleasureBlossom: ow thank you very much Father. So will expectyou tomorrow at 8:00 am?Fr. John: 8:00 am
 Mon: so how does it go?Blossom: simple as I expectedMon: what I mean is, the feeling riding on Franksmotorcycle?Blossom: the same with the other motorMon: just like that? No excitement? Most of the girls of theCYG wanted to experience having a back ride with himBlossom: then you should just volunteered to ask Fr. John,so you can have that experienceMon: youre so highBlossom: I just dont want to talk about anything about himokay?Mon: okay
 Franklin: <humming>James: youre happyFranklin: yes because Im already done: Ill leave you now, Ill report to Br. Mike nowJames: okay Ill go home firstFranklin: oh sure
next day, the anniversaryProgram startedIntermission from James:What is this feeling? I just cant explainWhen youre near, Im just not the sameI tried to hide it, try not to show itIts crazy how could it beIve fallen for youFinally my heart gave in And Ive fallen in loveIve finally know how it feelSo this is love?When you said hello, I looked in your eyesSuddenly, I felt good insideIs this really happening Or Im just dreaming?I guess its true, oh I cant believe
: <come near to Blossom> <everyone were shouting>Blossom: James, what are you doing?James: just come with me, I have a planBlossom: JamesJames: just smile
Ive fallen for youFinally my heart gave in And Ive fallen in loveIve finally know how it feelSo this is love
Franklin :<leave> you dont have the right to feel heartache,you are the bastard idiot <talk to himself>
Intermission doneBack stage
James: I told you he likes youBlossom: why did you do that for?James: Im just testing Frank, just as I thoughtBlossom: what?James: he got jealous, didnt you saw?, he leaves just themoment I brought you to stageBlossom: why? You idiotMon: Hey, come something happenedBlossom: what? To whom?Mon: to FrankBlossom: what happened? <nervous> tell meFranklin: what happen to Blossom? <gasping for breath>Mon: I told you they both doJames: isnt that what I said when we planned this?Blossom: planned what?Franklin: this is not funnyMon: just admit it you two like each otherBlossom: no I dontFranklin: neither do IBlossom: <leaved> <at the C.R. cubicle>: just as I thought he really dont like me, but me? Im deadlyin love with him you are a real bastard, just as he saidMon: friend? Are you here?Blossom: <getting out of the cubicle> yesMon: ow friend Im so sorry <embraces her>Blossom: Im fineMon: Fr. John invited all the members of CYG to eat lunchwith himBlossom: okay
Program endedNext day

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