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8 Unending Love... Secretly in Love DONE

8 Unending Love... Secretly in Love DONE

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Published by Rizzamwah Catague

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Published by: Rizzamwah Catague on Jul 19, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Unending Love 8
Secretly In Love
Catague, Rizza Palamine
 Racquel: what are you talking about?Kaye: the fields trip Im not comingRacquel: but why? I thought you are comingKaye: I change my mindRacquel: Kaye you promised, whats the problem?Kaye: nothing I just dont feel comingRacquel: its about Rocky coming along right?1.
Kaye: Quite, I already busted him, but he stillcontinues to court me..Racquel: speaking of himRocky: hi Kaye, how are you? <sat beside her>Kaye: always fine, Rocky, dont you have class?Rocky:Nah, you know how much I hate ChemistryKaye: then you should know how much I hate guys whohate studying <leave>Rocky: Kaye? Is that the reason why youre busting me? Youknow how much I like youKaye: capital L.I.K.E. Rocky like, its only infatuation youhave for me, why dont you just leave me alone with my lifeand stop bugging me <turn around>Rocky: fine, if thats what you want, Im going to my classbut I promise you Ill be back <leave>Racquel: the nerve of that guyKaye: cmon, lets go to my room at the dormitory, Im tiredRacquel: Kaye, area you sure your not coming? <followingher>Kaye: I made up my mind Racquel I already joined aschool club it should do to enjoy myself while the wholedepartment is outRacquel: whole department without you and one alienKaye: let him come please? Its a great relief is he is out for aweekRacquel: what if I will not come too?Kaye: are you idiot? Youre a candidate for cum laude youshould go, it will affect your grades if you will miss the tripRacquel: Kaye, you idiot your candidate for summa cumlaudeKaye: nah<at the door not of her room> going inside?Racquel: no, take a rest, if you change your mind call meKaye: okay
<next day, field trip day, 4:00 AM>
Kaye: <yawning> hello? <phone on ear>Racquel: youre damned serious about not coming are you?Kaye: of course, have you departed already?Racquel: yesKaye: <laugh> so hows rocky there?Racquel: you are really genius , he didnt even noticed your not aroundKaye: good for him then have a safe trip Im still sleepyRacquel: take care thereKaye: okay you tooRacquel: bye.Kaye: bye
<7:00 Am, Environmental and Ecological Department EED>
Kaye: hello? Anyone here? <Lights off>:hello?... hello?
Then she felt a hand on her shoulder 
:who are you? <scared>: Im not scared of you who are you?Naoki: <laugh> what are you talking about?< lights on>:Naoki Nicholson here <offer his hand>Kaye: <relief> you scared me thereNaoki: are you the new member?Kaye: yes Kaye Wilhelm <shake hands>Naoki: welcome  sorry for alarming youKaye: I should be sorryNaoki: Im used to be the first one to arrive everyday, sincewe have a new member; I think I have a competitor.Kaye: ow, Im sorry Im not here to compete with you Imjust here to volunteer on your latest activity about theprevention of increasing Global Warming.Naoki: Im just joking, you are not from EEDKaye: yes Im from <ASD> Arts and Sciences Departmentmajor in BiologyNaoki: I see, <open the door> come insideKaye: thank youNaoki: I heard that the whole ASD is having a field tour today, why are you here?Kaye: nah, long story so, are you from this owndepartment?Naoki: yes major in ZoologyKaye: does that mean you love animals?Naoki: yah right, so tell me why didnt you come on your field trip?Kaye: my suitor who I had just busted is comingNaoki: ow, do you really dont like him that much?Kaye: he just keeps on bugging me and I dont like it.Naoki: <stand- up> good morning ProfessorKaye :< stand- up> good morning sir Prof: we have a new member?
Naoki: hmmhm Ms. Kaye Wilhelm of ASDProf: ASD? Why are you here? I thought the wholedepartment is out?Kaye: yes it is Sir but I like to volunteer in your activitiesProf: thank you, for your support Ms. WilhelmKaye: my pleasure sir.Prof: Naoki, Ill be on my office if the rest arrives gather around at the hall all just then call me.Naoki: Sure Prof.Kaye: <smile>
<12:00 noon, seminar done>
Naoki: lunch?Kaye: please, dont bother just go with your friends Im finebeing aloneNaoki: cmon dont be so humbleKaye: Naoki, wait
<table with the other EED students>
Naoki: take a sit <assisted her>Kaye: thank youSophia: hai Im Sophia MaoKaye: Kaye WilhelmDrake: new member right? Im Drake RitcheyGeorge: George Bizet, nice to meet youRichard: Richard BlaineNathan: Nathan Addison hereMay: May ClaussKaye: nice to meet you all, Im from ASD major in BiologyRichard: do you know Racquel Grieg of ASD?Kaye: Yes, Shes my best friend Why?Richard: can you please send my regards?Kaye: of course, so you are the R.B. shes talking aboutRichard: I think so <smile>Nathan: but why are you here?Kaye: I want to send my support for your activities of your club.George: thats an awkward move for a candidate of summacum laude for not coming to a field trip tour, you know therisk, your grades may drop.Kaye: yes, I know, I just dont feel coming.. <smile>Sophia: hey Naoki you are silent <whisper>Naoki: just dont mind me okayGeorge: Im just askingKaye: its fine with meGeorge: so, how are you with Rocky now?Kaye: how did you know him> hes from the engineeringDepartment.George: nah, news flies Kaye.. I heard hes coming to your field tour with youare you avoiding him?Kaye: of course not George <forced smile>Naoki: George, its not proper to treat a new member thatway <mad>Kaye: <smile> Naoki, its fine <calming him down>Sophie: lets eat.Eat eat eat eat
<late afternoon>
Naoki: Im sorry about George attitude during lunchKaye: its not your fault, I think you better be going you stillhave your class at four Naoki: what would you be doing?Kaye: maybe Ill stay at the club house fro a moment, I wantto acquaintance myself with the placeNaoki: Im sorry I should be touring you around the2departmentKaye: you keep on apologizing when in fact its not your fault. Its fine, Ill be fine now off you goNaoki: wait for me at the club house, Ill escort you back toyour roomKaye: you dont have to..Naoki: I insist okay? See you then <leave>Kaye: thank you <smile>
<club house EED>
Kaye: hmmhm <looking at the pictures><30 minutes past>Kaye: <sat at the sofa> maybe its not bad to take a nap for now<50 minutes past>Naoki: Kaye? Are you still here? Kaye?<found her on the sofa> she must be tired waiting<30 minutes past>Kaye: Naoki? Did I keep you waiting? You should have goneto your dormNaoki: it you must be tiredKaye: lets go did I sleep too long?Naoki: nah not much <help her stand up>Kaye: thank youNaoki: care for a little supper?Kaye: actually I dont eat supper, but I can accompany youNaoki: no dont bother, Ill escort back to your dormKaye: cmon you invited me supper right? CmonNaoki: I thought you dont supper?Kaye: its not bad is I take now right?Naoki: But
<EED Cafeteria>
Kaye: what? You keep staring at meNaoki: Im sorry for bringing you hereKaye: nah, there you go again I want to, so theres noproblem about itNaoki: how about a dessert?Kaye: no, Im prevented to take sweetsNaoki: why?Kaye: our family is prone to diabetics, so as early as now Iavoided taking so many sweets.
Naoki: I understand, Im sorryKaye: its fine, cmon we should better be goingNaoki: Okay
Kaye: my dormitory is too far from your own dormitory, weshould go on our own ways nowNaoki: I insisted to escort you and does that mean yourealone in your dorm? Because the whole department is out.Kaye: yeah, right I forgot about that, Ill be fine thank youNaoki: at least let me send you back to your dormKaye: if you really insist okay
<ASD girls dormitory> <gate>
Kaye: thank you for your timeNaoki: cant I escort you until to your room?Kaye: no you cant, this is a girls Dormitory, remember?Naoki: Im just assuring you can go to your room safelyKaye: Ill be fine thank you.Naoki: good nightKaye: good night.For more successive days they were together and sharingideas until the dayof their final activity the tree planting at the RousseauPeak.Naoki: ready?Kaye: absolutely yes where are the others?Naoki: they are lagging behind, want to go first?Kaye: is it safe?Naoki: of course, we can go to the peak and then go downfor the tree plantingKaye: Is not bad okayNaoki: cmon <assist her>
 <activity done> <Saturday fountain side>
Naoki: today is the day your department is coming backright?Kaye: yes, Ive talked to Racquel last night, theyll be hereIll say at 9:00 AMNaoki: its almost nine, you want top welcome them?Kaye: sure lets go
<school gate, 9:15>
Kaye: here they areRacquel: Kaye I missed you a lotKaye: I missed you too by the way Naoki Nicholson fromthe EED.Racquel: hes handsome, nice choice <whisper>Kaye: its not what you think it is hmmhm Naoki this is mybest friend Racquel GriegNaoki: nice to meet you Racquel.Racquel: I do too.Rocky: what do you mean by this Kaye?Kaye: Rocky, hows the trip?Rocky: how could you do that to me?Kaye: what? I did nothingRocky: Ive showed all my efforts for coming with you tothe trip and then you just abandoned me?Kaye: Rocky, I did not promise that Ill come or anythingRocky: so, who is this idiot? Your boyfriend?Naoki: Naoki Nicholson from EEDKaye: Hes not okay?Rocky: so you spend the whole week with this bastard?Kaye: we are in the group, we had a lot of activities, and wewere both members of the club, so?Rocky: so you are really with him all the time, had youalready slept together huh?Kaye: <slap him> do you think Im that kind of person? Howmany times Im going to tell you leave me alone, with myown life go on with your stupid life and I never like you,and I will never will <leave cry>Racquel: Kaye waitNaoki :< punch him> are you happy now?Rocky: <punch him back> who do you think you are you arejust a co-memberNaoki: even Im just her co member I care for her, and I willnot say anything bad about her <turn his back and leave>
<ASD dormitory>
Racquel: Kaye are you okay?Kaye: Yes..Racquel: Its that stupid RockyKaye: I feel so embarrassed for Naoki.Racquel: hes a nice guy, doesnt he? You are notsoft-hearted towards to men..Kaye: he is nice, but not doesnt mean that something isgoing on between us <blushed>Racquel: ui, my friend is maturingKaye: stop thatRacquel: tell me, how did you met?Kaye: its during my first day on the club house the lightswere out and Im the first to came then he came andscared meRacquel: how sweet of himKaye: what sweet are you talking about? Hmmmhp hesnotRacquel: and then you two are already seeing each otherKaye: during club time and on meals, we ate together withthe other members
<Phone rang>
: excuse me: Hello?Naoki: are you okay?Kaye: Im sorry for everythingIts not your fault and you have done nothing wrongKaye: where are you?

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