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Solution Brief: VMWare vSphere 5.0 and the Intel Xeon Processor E7 Family

Solution Brief: VMWare vSphere 5.0 and the Intel Xeon Processor E7 Family

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Published by readwriteweb
The value of data center virtualization continues to grow. VMware vSphere™ 5.0 running on the Intel®
Xeon® processor E7 family delivers world-record virtualization performance,1 while providing breakthrough
scalability and high-availability for mission-critical enterprise computing on four-socket,
eight-socket, and larger servers.
The value of data center virtualization continues to grow. VMware vSphere™ 5.0 running on the Intel®
Xeon® processor E7 family delivers world-record virtualization performance,1 while providing breakthrough
scalability and high-availability for mission-critical enterprise computing on four-socket,
eight-socket, and larger servers.

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Published by: readwriteweb on Jul 19, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Foundation of Virtualization
With VMware vSphere 5.0 and the Intel Xeon
processor E7 amily, IT organizations can extend
the benets o virtualization, high-density
consolidation, and dynamic workload manage-
ment across all their applications to achieve data
center eciencies that have never beore been
possible using aordable, industry-standard
servers. This industry-leading virtualization plat-orm provides:
Dramatically higher consolidation ratios
drive down data center space, power, and cool-
ing requirements, reduce related maintenance
costs, and improve the utilization o network andstorage ports.
• Near-native application performance
in a virtual
environment, with the scalability to supportdemanding enterprise applications, includinglarge databases and high-volume transactional
and productivity applications.
More PerforMance and Stronger Security for MiSSion-criticalenterPriSe coMPuting
The value o data center virtualization continues to grow. VMware vSphere
5.0 running on the Intel
processor E7 amily delivers world-record virtualization perormance,
while providing break-through scalability and high-availability or mission-critical enterprise computing on our-socket,
eight-socket, and larger servers.
 VMware VSPhere
5.0 and the intel
ProceSSor e7 faMily
Intel and VMware are delivering the performance, scalability, availability,and security foundation needed to support mission-critical applications.
• The Intel
processor E7 family
a generation o more powerul servers thatdeliver even better perormance and scalabil-
ity or mission-critical applications, with higher
consolidation ratios and additional improve-
ments in data integrity and platorm reliability.
Importantly, this processor amily also provides
the oundation or stronger security in virtualenvironments, so sensitive business data can
be stored and processed on virtual inrastruc-ture with greater condence.
• VMware vSphere
adds to these advantages
by providing the leading virtualization platormor running mission-critical applications and
delivering major improvements in live migration
speed and fexibility, resource management,reliability, compute, networking, and security.Together with the Intel Xeon processor E7amily, it provides the ideal IT inrastructure or
hosting the ull range o enterprise applicationson scalable, reliable, secure, and highly exibledata center inrastructure.
• Rock-solid support for mission-critical computing needs
with main-
rame-inspired high availability eatures, plus dial-up control o servicelevels through policy-based resource guarantees, enhanced healthmonitoring and diagnostics, and automated virtual machine ailover
across LANs and WANs.
• A stronger foundation for security
with virtualization-aware application
and data protection, the ability to restrict sensitive data and applications
to trusted pools o virtualized inrastructure, and accelerated encryption,
which enables the pervasive use o encryption to protect valuable data.
Scalable data center management
with the ability to deploy aully populated, eight-socket Intel Xeon processor E7-based server with160 threads, and up to 32 vCPUs and 1 TB RAM per virtual machine,running up to 3,000 virtual machines per cluster, while managing upto 1,000 physical hosts (and 10,000 virtual machines) rom a singleVMware vCenter
Server console.
enjoy near-natiVe PerforMancein a Virtualized enVironMent
The Intel Xeon processor E7 amily oers world-record virtualizationperormance while delivering higher virtual machine densities thanany other industry-standard server in the market today.
It includesnext-generation Intel
Virtualization Technology
VT), whichprovides comprehensive hardware assists or core virtualizationunctions. In tandem with sotware optimizations in VMware vSphere,Intel VT dramatically reduces virtualization overhead and enables near-native perormance, even or I/O-intensive applications, such as large
databases and transactional applications.This enterprise-class virtualization platorm provides the scalability youneed to host heavy workloads. With VMware vSphere 5.0, the hypervisorcan be congured with up to thirty two virtual CPUs and 1 TB o memo-ry, and it can support up to 40 Gbps o network bandwidth and exceed300,000 I/O operations per second. All but the most extreme enterpriseworkloads can be successully virtualized. I you are moving applicationsrom older dedicated servers, you can expect to see dramatic improve-ments in application throughput and response times.
eStabliSh Stronger Securityin Virtualized enVironMentS
Intel and VMware provide a strong oundation or protecting data, applica-
tions, and inrastructure in virtualized environments.
• Intel
Trusted Execution Technology
provides assurancethat physical servers and virtual machines boot only into cryptographi-
cally veried “known good states” to prevent the insertion o malware
during or prior to launch. The inormation provided by Intel TXT can also
be used to monitor and assess the security environment in real time, so
customers can establish and maintain “trusted resource pools.” With thisoundation, sensitive and business-critical workloads can be deployed –
and migrated – with condence.
• Intel
Advanced Encryption Standard-New Instructions
 accelerates the most compute-intensive steps o AES algorithms to
signicantly reduce the perormance penalties o encryption. Withthis support, businesses can implement encryption pervasively to
protect valuable business data more eectively,
without sacricingperormance or driving up costs.
• Intel VT
helps to protect the integrity and condentiality o data and
applications by helping to maintain strong isolation among workloadsrunning on shared inrastructure.
• The VMware vShield
amily o products builds on this oundation byproviding virtualization-aware application and data security that helpsto improve visibility and control across the entire virtualized inrastruc-ture. These solutions integrate seamlessly with existing enterprise ITsecurity measures, including anti-virus and anti-malware applications,to enable better-than-physical security with reduced complexity.
Magnify your coSt SaVingS throughhigher conSolidation ratioS
The Intel Xeon processor E7 amily provides the scalable capac-ity needed to consolidate large numbers o applications per server,with more cores, more cache, and more memory and I/O capacitythan the previous-generation Intel
processor 7500 series.These processors also support Intel
Hyper-Threading Technology
and Intel
Turbo Boost Technology.
The rst doubles the number o
execution threads per server and the second delivers higher peror-
mance on demand or peak workloads.
A single our-socket server provides enormous capacity or consolida-
tion, with up to 40 cores, 80 execution threads, and 1 TB o memory.
Compared with widely deployed systems based on single-core
processors, these newer servers can support:
• Up to 29:1 server consolidation performance• Estimated payback in as little as 8 months
Businesses can take their consolidation ratios even higher with eight-socket servers that provide up to 80 cores, 160 threads and 2 TBo memory. VMware vSphere 5.0 enables ull utilization o theseresources to support truly massive workload consolidation. It alsoprovides industry-leading support or memory compression andmemory over-commit, which help to eliminate memory bottlenecksto urther increase virtual machine densities.
 achieVe high aVailability anddiSaSter recoVery coSt effectiVely
As you virtualize and consolidate critical workloads, you need systemsand solutions you can count on to maintain uninterrupted service. The
Intel Xeon processor E7 amily provides extraordinary server reliability
and data protection, with automatic detection, correction, and recovery
rom errors, plus dynamic reassignment o workloads across CPUs or
servers in virtual environments. Leading server manuacturers build onthis oundation to provide highly resilient systems designed specicallyor mission-critical environments.
VMware vSphere complements these hardware capabilities by provid-ing ully-automated control o workloads and service levels. VMwareEnhanced vMotion
and Intel
Virtualization Technology FlexMigration
provide a proven, enterprise-ready live migration solution that supports acomplete array o high-availability and disaster-recovery solutions.
• VMware High Availability
monitors and restarts virtual machineson servers with spare capacity to minimize downtime and IT
service disruption.
VMware Fault Tolerance
delivers even higher availability by
providing ully-mirrored operation to completely eliminate data lossand service disruptions.
• VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager
allows you to automate
ailover or an entire data center. It is ar simpler and more cost eectivethan traditional disaster-recovery solutions. It is also more reliable, sinceit eliminates error-prone manual processes and is easily tested withoutdisrupting the production environment.The latest version o VMware vSphere improves all these unctions bymigrating virtual machines up to ve times aster and enabling up toeight simultaneous VMware vMotion events. It also provides deeperdiagnostics and health checking, quality-o-service prioritization orstorage and network I/O, and improved reporting or key storage per-ormance statistics. With this support, IT sta can monitor, control andadapt data center inrastructure more quickly and eectively to urtherimprove service levels.
lower your coStS through autoMatedPower ManageMent
Increasing consolidation ratios with our-socket and eight-socket IntelXeon processor E7 amily-based servers is one o the most eectiveways to drive down space, power and cooling costs in your data center.VMware vSphere takes advantage o Intel
Intelligent Power Technol-ogy
to urther reduce power consumption by consolidating workloadsonto as ew cores as possible.
Distributed Power Manage-ment (DPM) provides similar control at the data center level, by auto-matically redistributing virtual machines onto a smaller number o serv-ers when workloads are light and shutting down the unneeded systems.
SiMPlify network connectiVity withintegrated unified networking SuPPort
Unied networking simplies data center networks by convergingmultiple trac types, including storage area network (SAN) trac,on 10Gigabit Ethernet. This consolidation reduces the amount SANequipment, including adapters, cables, and switches. Native iSCSI andOpen FCoE initiators integrated into vSphere enable ull LAN and SANconnectivity on standard 10 Gigabit Ethernet adapters, eliminating theneed or costly and complicated converged network adapters. This nativeintegration allows the Intel Xeon processor E7 to process storage tracin concert with perormance-improving intelligent hardware ofoadsin the 10 Gigabit Intel
Ethernet Server Adapter X520 amily. Thiscombination delivers outstanding perormance that scales with serverplatorm advancements.
 an eVolutionary Path to the cloud
VMware and Intel are strongly invested in delivering advanced cloudcomputing unctionality on an interoperable oundation that will helpcustomers transition smoothly to next-generation public clouds.Intel Xeon processor-based servers provide a high-perorming, scal-able, energy-ecient hardware platorm or public and private cloudinrastructures. The VMware vSphere platorm helps to ensure broad
sotware compatibility with diverse public cloud solutions, through new
storage APIs and the new VMware vCloud
application programminginterace (API).
You can take advantage o this industry-leading virtualization platorm
to deploy advanced cloud computing unctionality today, while keeping
your options open as cloud computing models continue to evolve. Thereis no better way to extend virtualization across all your systems and work-
loads, so you can deliver better service to your business while increasing
operating efciency and driving down costs throughout your data center.

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