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Techno Addiction

Techno Addiction



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Published by Ambassador's Voice
The dangers of computer and arcade games. A prayer to break the hold on you.
The dangers of computer and arcade games. A prayer to break the hold on you.

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Published by: Ambassador's Voice on Sep 15, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Techno-Addiction (computer games)
The following is an exract from “Game Doorways” by Rebecca Brown“One of Satan’s biggest tools in our country today is the occultic role-playing fantasy games, whichhave become so popular. Satan is using these games to produce a vast army of the most intelligentyoung people of this country... Through their involvement in these games, people can be controlleddemonically without ever realizing what is happening. In many states such games are used as apart of school curriculum for the more intelligent students from 5
grade on. Most colleges use thegame
Dungeons and Dragons 
as part of the curriculum in psychology courses. The justificationgiven is that the students benefit from the role-playing experience. Almost every school hasextracurricular clubs formed to play the games. In essence, such games are crash courses inwitchcraft. Unfortunately the participants usually do not realize this until it is too late.Most games have a leader who plans the over-all outline for each game. The game is an adventurein which many battles are fought with various “monsters” and “beings,” each one having certainabilities and characteristics. There are numerous thick manuals available with pictures and manydetails about the various characters. The players are supposed to “visualize” the action of thegame in their minds. The better they become at “seeing” the action and therefore anticipating themoves of the various “monsters” and the other players, the more advanced they become in thegame.What people don’t realize at first, is that these monsters are actually real demons. The deities theyserve are also demons. What they think they are visualizing in their minds, they are in actualitybeginning to see in the spirit world. The better they become at “seeing” the game, the more in-tunethey are with the spirit world. Imagination is a key stepping stone to contact with the spirit world.That is why scripture tells us to “cast down vain imaginations.”(2 Corinthians 10:3-5)I do not know at what point the players become infested with demons, but I have worked with manyyoung people involved in the games and I have yet to met anyone on the level of a game leaderwho was not indwelt by demons and
knew it 
. They will, or course, lie about this. A number havetold me that the demons would come and talk to them, and, to gain more power, they invite themore intelligent of the demons to come into them.The more advanced manuals detail spells, incantations and satanic writing that is used and taughtto satanists. All who play the games feel the strange fascination and power of them. Few realizewhat a trap they are. How many of our young people who were once enthusiastic Christians havelost interest in the Lord as a result of playing this type of game? Untold numbers will never come toa saving knowledge of Jesus because of the demonic bondage they have come under by playingthese games.Here are a few keys to help you understand the level of involvement of a person who is playing oneof these games.Ask them if they are able to “see” the game. If they are skilled at “seeing” the game, then you knowthey are in contact with the spiritual world and that the link between their soul and spirit has beenestablished.
Ask the player if he/she has ever called on their deity for help in the game. If they have, you knowthey are demonically infested because they called upon a demonic god for help.One of the most coveted roles in these games is that of a cleric. A cleric has access to all sorts ofpowers, spells and incantations. However, he must serve a specific deity. Find out the relationshipbetween him and his deity. You will get a good idea of just how “bound” he is by his degree ofobedience to the deity. Let me give you an example.I asked to speak with a 16-year-old boy who had become a Christian. This boy (whom I will callBob) was living in a Christian home for troubled teens. He admitted to being an 80
degree cleric ina role-playing game, but denied any knowledge of demons. However, in talking with Bob, I wasinterested to find the amount of fear in Bob regarding the rules of the game. Obviously Bob had agreat deal of knowledge and skill in the game. I asked him why he didn’t just break away from thegroup which he was playing and become a game leader for another group. His answer was“Because I am not completely qualified.”“What difference does that make? There’s no law which says you can’t break away and become agame leader of your own group, this is a free country. What’s stopping you?”“Because I’m not qualified. I wouldn’t consider doing such a thing.”“Don’t you get tired of just being a player. Wouldn’t you enjoy being a game leader more?”“Yes.”“Then why don’t you do so?”“I told you, because I’m not qualified.”Obviously, Bob was obeying some power which he feared. Finally I asked him if the reason why hewouldn’t disobey the rules of the game was because he was afraid of angering his deity. He saidthat he
anger his deity and thus lose power. Finally, after further conversation, Bob told methat he had had a friend who served the same deity as he did in the game. This friend haddisobeyed the rules of the game, and within a month had committed suicide. I asked Bob if hethought his deity had something to do with his friend’s suicide. The answer he would give me was,“Perhaps.”Finally I said, “Bob, let’s get honest. Your powers come from demon spirits and your deity isactually a demon which affects every aspect of your life, not just the game. It rules you. Did youknow that you can be set free from the rule of your deity?”Bob broke at this point and admitted that he would like to be free from the power of his deity, but hedid not know how it could be done.As you counsel with people involved in such games, look for keys in their everyday lives. You will
find that the more they are in contact with the spirit world and under the bondage of demons, themore their lives outside the game are affected by the rules of the game itself. Bob is an excellentexample of this.Bob did not know that the “powers” or deities he played with in the game were described as demonspirits in the Bible. But he did know the very real power and existence of these spirits both within,and outside of, the game.Don’t forget, most people involved in the game do not know about demons. They only know the“power” of the entities within the game and quickly find out that those powers are affective outsidethe game as well. Often they will refer to the spirit world as the “third” or “fourth dimension.” You willneed to explain to them how the Bible views these “other dimensions” and the powers within them.”
 A Prayer to break the hold on you1.Heavenly Father, in the name of Jesus I ask for deliverance from the addiction to computergames and their powers over me. Please open my eyes to see the truth about them.2.I repent of defiling myself with evil images, evil beings and fighting evil wars. I reject all thelies and tear down every blinding veil that came over me through playing the games.3.I ask forgiveness for being obsessed and consumed with games and their strategies. I repentof wasting precious time playing it and giving money to it.4.I repent of entering the realms of demons. I repent of my lack of knowledge about thedangers of games.5.(Games are about war and it trains people for war. It is not a good army. Millions of youngchildren are trained in this army every day, without knowing it. They think they are playingfor fun.)I declare that I want to quit from the army raised by the devil. I pray that the blood of JesusChrist will wipe out all training, programming and memory in my memory that comes fromthe games. I declare that I wish to fight in God's army.Psa 144:1 
Blessed be the LORD my strength, which teaches my hands to war,and my fingers to fight.
6.I renounce every root, foundation and believe system the games are build upon. I reject allevil structures and philosophies that I became linked to through the world of games.
I give up every skill, knowledge and inheritance that I received from those games. I ask forthe wisdom of God.James 3:17 
But the wisdom that is from above is first pure,then peaceable, gentle, and easy to be intreated, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality, and without hypocrisy.
8.I repent of the lust for power and authority, greed, violence, strife, rage, and anger I haveopened myself to. Please deliver me from it, in Jesus name.
I repent of defiling the gateway of my imagination with the games I played. I cast down allthese imaginations and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, and bring into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ. 2 Cor. 10:510.In the name of Jesus I pray for a cleansing of my imagination and ask for God's protectionover it.11.Please wash the gateway of my eyes, ears and hands with the blood of Jesus. I dedicatethem to God.12.I repent of role-playing with characters and receiving their abilities, characters, and thoughtpatterns. I reject ...(name or describe as many characters as you can remember, starting with the ones you liked most)...and I pray for deliverance from every daemon associated with them. I declare that I will not think , act like them or be controlled by them any more. Ifire them from my life! I will conform to the image of Christ. Rom. 8:2913.I repent of calling on a deity for help. I renounce ..(name them)...by the power of the bloodof the Lamb. I will call upon the Lord my God for help.

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