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Table Of Contents

Extension of Hosting Settings Descriptor
Extension of Limits Descriptor
Bind Parameters
Filters of Descriptors
Supported Operations
Managing Client Accounts
Filtering Issues
Client Settings
Creating Client Account
Getting Information About Client Accounts
Deleting Client Accounts
Setting Client Account Properties
Retrieving Descriptor of Permissions
Managing Client Templates
Client Template Settings
Filtering Client Templates
Creating Client Template
Getting Information About Client Templates
Deleting Client Templates
Setting Client Template Settings
Managing Database Servers
Adding Database Server
Changing Database Server Preferences
Detaching Database Servers
Setting Default Database Server
Retrieving Default Database Server Info
Retrieving Database Server Parameters
Retrieving Supported Types Of Databases
Retrieving Local Database Servers Info
Managing Databases
Creating Databases
Deleting Databases
Creating Database Users
Assigning Database Administrator
Retrieving Database Administrator Info
Retrieving Information About Databases
Changing Database User Credentials
Retrieving Database Users Info
Deleting Database Users
Managing Desktop Presets
Changing Plesk Administrator Preset
Choosing Default Preset
Retrieving Preset Preferences
Adding Preset
Removing Preset
Managing DNS
Managing DNS Records
Managing ACL
Managing SOA Records and Zone Parameters
Managing Name Servers
Managing Local or Remote DNS Servers
Managing DNS Recursion
Managing Domain Accounts
Domain Settings
Setting Domain Parameters
Getting the Domain Buttons List
Getting Traffic Usage Information
Setting Domain Traffic Settings
Retrieving Descriptor of Hosting Settings
Managing Domain Aliases
Domain Alias Settings
Creating Domain Aliases
Retrieving Information On Domain Aliases
Updating Domain Aliases Settings
Deleting Domain Aliases
Renaming Domain Aliases
Retrieving Information On Manageable Services
Managing Domain Templates
Domain Template Settings
Creating Domain Template
Getting Information On Domain Templates
Configuring Domain Template Settings
Deleting a Domain Template
Managing Domain-Level Mail
Mail Service Preferences
Mail Account Settings
Creating Mail Accounts
Modifying Mail Account Settings
Getting Mail Account Settings
Deleting Mail Accounts
Enabling/Disabling Mail Service on Domain
Setting Mail Service Preferences
Getting Mail Service Preferences
Renaming Mail Accounts
Managing FTP Accounts
FTP Account Permissions
Creating FTP Accounts
Retrieving Information On FTP Accounts
Changing FTP Account Settings
Deleting FTP Accounts
Managing IP Addresses
Adding IP Address
Retrieving IP addresses
Changing Type
Removing IP
Managing Locales
LP Names
Retrieving List of LP's
Installing LP
Retrieving Localized Messages
Removing LP
Enabling LP
Disabling LP
Appendix. Locale Codes
Managing Log Rotation on Domain
Log Rotation Settings
Changing Log Rotation Settings
Retrieving Log Rotation Settings
Enabling Log Rotation Service
Disabling Log Rotation Service
Checking Status of Log Rotation Service
Managing Mailing Lists
Adding Mailing List
Removing Mailing List
Adding Subscriber to Mailing List
Activating Mailing Lists Service
Deactivating Mailing Lists Service
Enabling Mailing List
Disabling Mailing List
Retrieving Status Of Mailing Lists Service
Managing Plesk Backups
Remote Storage Settings
Retrieving Remote Storage Settings
Changing Remote Storage Settings
Creating Backup of Domain Account
Creating Backup of Client Account
Retrieving Backup Status
Retrieving List of Local Backups
Uploading Backup to Repository
Downloading Backup
Retrieving Protocols Supported by Backup Manager
Stopping Backup Process
Retrieving List of Backup Processes
Removing Backup
Managing Plesk Server
Administrator Personal Information
Server Preferences
Getting Supported Protocols
Performing Initial Server Setup
Managing Plesk License
Getting Server Information
Setting Up Server
Managing Plesk Services
Managing Plesk Updates
Checking Updater Status
Retrieving Plesk Updates
Retrieving Components List
Installing Components
Updating Plesk
Managing Secret Keys
Creating Secret Key
Retrieving Info on Secret Keys
Removing Secret Key
Managing Sessions
Retrieving Sessions List
Terminating Session
Managing Site Applications
History of Changes
Site Application Properties
Retrieving List of All Site Applications
Viewing Application Pool
Adding Site Application to Application Pool
Removing Site Applications
Retrieving List of Packages Available For Domain
Changing Properties of Site Application
Retrieving Site Application Requirements
Installing Site Application
Managing Spam Filtering Service
About Spam Filtering
Adding Pattern
Removing Pattern
Retrieving Patterns
Retrieving Info on Spam Filtering service
Setting Spam Filtering Preferences
Retrieving Available Spam Filtering Preferences
Retrieving Allowed Lists
Checking Status of Spam Filtering Service
Managing SSL Certificates
Installing Certificate
Deleting Certificate
Generating Certificate
Managing Virtual Directories
Virtual Directory Settings
Creating Virtual Directories
Removing Virtual Directories
Managing Web Users
Web User Settings and Preferences
Creating Web Users
Deleting Web Users
Updating Web User Settings
Retrieving Web Users Settings
Retrieving Web Users Preferences
Updating Web Users Preferences
Migrating Domain And Client Accounts
Retrieving Migration Status
Stopping Migration
Retrieving Action Log Data
Retrieving Action Log
Retrieving ID of Last Action
Uploading Files to Server
Uploading Files Using cURL
Uploading Files Using PHP
Uploading Files Using .NET
Response Packet Structure
Response Samples
API RPC Versions
API RPC Evolution
Error Codes
Complete List of Error Codes
Common errors
Client Operations
Domain Operations
IP Operations
DNS Operations
Server Operations
Site Application Operations
Email Operations
Certificate Operations
UI Operations
Upload Operations
Secret Key Operations
Spam Filter Operations
Domain Alias Operations
Database Server Operations
Migration Operations
Reduced List of Error Codes
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Plesk 8.2 API Rpc

Plesk 8.2 API Rpc

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Published by ofaruk_k

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Published by: ofaruk_k on Jul 20, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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