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Published by mtdata
and they murdered him just the same
and they murdered him just the same

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Published by: mtdata on Jul 20, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Martin of Tours while still a soldier at SamarobrivaCame across a beggar at the gates of the cityWho cloaked in rags elicited pityCutting his military cloak in half He dresses the beggar withThe other half Then in a dream that night Martin dreamed of Jesus wearing the half cloakAnd this is what Jesus spoke:"Here is Martin, the Roman soldierWho is not baptised; he has clad me."Dream confirmed Martin true piety was hisTook on baptism and all that it isTwo years go by and then before a battle with Gauls Martin decides his faith over fighting would be his call"I am a soldier of Christ. I cannot fight."Labeled a coward and then jailedUnarmed to the front he goes to be felledBut then the Gauls asked for peaceAnd from the military Martin got his release
Now he decided a new vocation was his Made his way to the cityof Caesarodunum, now ToursWhere he encountersThen follows Hilary of Poitiers,Chief proponent of Trinitarian ChristianityWhile opposing the Arianism of the Imperial Court.Then later Martin goes back to ItalyAn Alpine brigand is converted on the wayAnd then biographer Sulpicius Severus,Says Martin confronts Satan himself He promptly changed the devil into a donkey,Rode him into the City.The donkey spoke to him,in palindromes, no less:"Signa te signa. Temere me tangis et agnis,""Roma tibi subito motibus ibit amor.""Cross thyself, you plague and vex me without need;for by my efforts you are about to reach Rome,the object of your travel."Whereupon the Arian,Archbishop of Milan, Auxentius,Casts him yet again from the city
So Martin finds himself To the island then called Gallinaria,Now Isola d'Albenga, in the Ligurian SeaTakes on the life of a hermitSolitary and all that it beIn 371, Martin was acclaimed Bishop of Tours,After showing the city what he was aboutWhen he sought out to destroyPagan temples, altars and sculpturesTo which he then dedicated his life"For that all superstitionOf pagans and heathensShould be annihilated is what God wants,God commands, God proclaims!"So desecration of that which is holyTo others and what they believeBecame Martin's mission in lifeAnd with a vengeanceHe would carry out the word of the LordBut now the fight will be takenTo futures not yet come to passWhere the Antichrist takes the ThroneIn Jerusalem and PetraIs where the fight will beginBetween the peopleWho have taken the "mark of loyalty"

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