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The Spiritual Death of Jesus

The Spiritual Death of Jesus

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Published by Money Bags
Jesus of Nazareth died on a cross at Calvary. This is a historical fact that has been attested to by many witnesses and recorded by others of his day. But what about the spiritual death of Jesus, what happened to him spiritually?
Jesus of Nazareth died on a cross at Calvary. This is a historical fact that has been attested to by many witnesses and recorded by others of his day. But what about the spiritual death of Jesus, what happened to him spiritually?

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Published by: Money Bags on Sep 16, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Jesus of Nazareth was a historical human figure. Non-biblical sources attest to Jesus' existence as aman. The Bible says that Jesus was not just a man, but also God. Jesus was the only God-man that ever existed because his mother was a virgin and his father was God himself. More than this Jesus was thehuman form of the pre-existence Word that resided in the bosom of God the Father.The birth of Jesus is known as the incarnation. This is because when Jesus was born, the pre-existentWord of God, that resided in the bosom of the Father, entered into the physical earthly body of the boythat was born of the Virgin Mary. In the book of Hebrews, the Bible says that when Christ can into theworld a body had been prepared for him. This body was that which had been conceived within thewomb of the virgin and delivered into the world at Bethlehem, when Christ entered the baby body andthe incarnation took place. Christ, or the Word of God had become flesh by entering a human body andattaching himself to a human soul.There are different views on what happened when Jesus died. For instance, the people who believe thatwhen a person dies they cease to exist and their is no memory of them, believe that when Jesus died heceased to exist and their was no memory of him for three days. (I know it sounds silly, but that is whatthey believe.) If Jesus ceased to exist for three days, then this means that he was recreated on the thirdand raised from the dead.A significant number of people believe that Jesus' Spirit went to heaven when he was on the cross andreturned to his body on the third day, so he could be bodily raised from the dead.There are those people who believe that Jesus went to hell and died in hell before he was raised on thethird day by the power of the God. This is how Jesus died spiritually. There are different views on thisand many others scoff at this because they believe Jesus' spirit and soul went to heaven for three days.The Bible says that Jesus went to hell and preached to the spirits in Hell from Noah's day. So byfollowing what the Bible says we can see that Jesus was alive in Hell.What did happen when Jesus died on the Cross?The Bible tells us that Jesus became sin for all mankind by taking on the sin of the world. Jesus never sinned. But when sin came upon him on the cross, he was condemned to Hell because he had becomesin. When Jesus became sin, his body was consumed with disease and his soul was riddled withimpurity. When those present saw the sudden change in Jesus appearance as a result of becomingdiseased as sin and death consumed him, they cried out, "Surely, this is the son of God."Dead physically, Jesus' soul and spirit were cast into Hell. The soul of Jesus could not go to heaven because it was riddled with sin. The Bible says the soul that sins shall die. However, it really means the person that sins shall die. This means the body and soul and the spirit of the person shall die; death being separation from God. Jesus was cut off from the Spirit of God and God the Father andcondemned to hell.However, while the diseased ridden body of Jesus lay in the tomb, and the soul of Jesus had become blackened by sin, the Spirit of Jesus began to burn and the sin that condemned him to Hell could notcontain the eternal power within. Jesus literally burned away his soul of sin and became the light thatshines in the darkest and deepest black hole in the universe, Hell itself. In this way, the gospel was preached to the inhabitants and through the demonstration of His indestructible life, Jesus re-enteredhis diseased body and rose from the dead as the first-born from the dead. Death could not contain him.

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