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TFA Summer Training Comparison

TFA Summer Training Comparison

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Published by Julian A.

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Published by: Julian A. on Jul 20, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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WA Initial Crediential RequirementsTFA Coverage of TopicsTFA Pre-Service Curricular MaterialsUtilizing Instruction Strategies
Using mulitple instructional strategies, including theprinciples of second language acquisition, to address studentacademic languae ability levels and cultural and linguistibackgrounds
"…does not include
disciplin-specificinstructional strategiesother than literacy"
"Very little attention is paid to understanding and addressing theunique needs of ELLs "One 3 hour lesson focused on meeting the needs of ELLsFour pages in a textbook, chapter entitled "Supporting EnglishLanguage Learners"
Differentiating Instruction
Applying principles of differentiated instruction, includingtheories of language acquisition, stages of language andacademic language development in the integration of subjectmatter across the content areas of reading, mathematical,scientif and aesthetic reasoning
One 3 hour lesson focused on "Understanding Disability and theContinuum of Services"Two pages in textbook discuss Academic Language development.Four pages cited above. Six pages on "Differentiating Instruction".Twelve pages on "Supporting Students with Special Needs",fourteen pages on "Supporting English Language Learners"Eleven pages in
Learning Theory 
is on "Learning Differences andSpecial Education".
Ensuring All Students Articulate Learning Targets
Using standards-based assessment that is systemicaticallyanalyzed using multiple formative, summative and self-assessment strategies to monitor and improve instruction
Assessment and tracking student's test scores is a central part of TFA's lesson cycle
In my view, emblematic of test prep instructors
Community Building
Implementing classroom/school centered instruction,including sheltered instruction that is connected tocommunities within the classroom and the school, andincludes knowledge and skills for working with others
ModerateNot Core. Provides toolkit
On the TFA website has an area on placing emphasis on "creating asafe, welcoming environment". These topics are granted limitedtime in the summer institute.
Cultural Competence
Planning and/or adapting standards based curricula that arepersonlized to the diverse needs of each student
ModerateNot Core. Independentreading.
TFA website reading discusses "connecting content to students'current lives," by "making meaningful links between what studentsvalue and class content."TFA website includes unit on developing students' "I CAN"TFA assigns independent reading of a text entitled Diversity,Community and Achievement.
Aligning Instruction with Standards
Aligning instruction to the learning standards and outcomesso all students know the learning targets and their progresstoward meeting them
Part of "big goals". "This topic is addressed on almost every pageof almost every text and lesson produced by TFA."
In my view, emblematic of test prep instructors.
Teaching for Understanding
Planning and/or adapting curricula that are standards drivenso students develop understanding and problem-solvingexpertise in the content areas(s) using reading,k written andoral communication and technology
Not Core. "There arelimited opportunities toengage with the topic in thepre-service curriculum."Nine pages in Learning Theory discuss the importance of engagingstudents in critical thinking.Same book has thirteen pages in chapter entitled "Teaching forUnderstanding: 'Getting Into Your Students' Minds'"
Preparing Students to Be Responsible Citizens
Preparing students to be responsible citizens for anenvironmentally sustainable, globally interconnected, anddivere society
"This topic is not addressed in TFA's textbooks or in their summerinstitute lesson plans.
Learner-Centered Teaching
Planning and/or adapted learner centered curricula thatengage students in a variety of culturally responsive,developmentally, and age appropriate strategies
Not Core. "Candidates areasked to explore the issuethroughout their pre-service curriculum."Learning Theory has same thirteen pages cited above entitled"Teaching for Understanding: 'Getting Into Your Students' Minds'"that discuss the importance of planning and implementinginstruction with knowledge about students' cultural referencepoints, their misconceptions, and their prior knowledge.

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