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2012 Part 2

2012 Part 2

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Published by Timothy

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Published by: Timothy on Jul 21, 2011
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 2012 Part 2 
2012 is a time of new beginning for some human beings.
It represents the literal Apocalypsefor others. 2012 is a time when I will be 29 years old. So, that is one year before I reach thebig 3-0 in my age. 2012 the Movie came out recently and the film have shown specialeffects about a world that is radically. The radical changes are a product of ecologicalchanges and societal changes too. To followers of this movement, the date of December21, 2012 reads as in the Mayan Calendar.
Regardless of what will happen in 2012, Inever ever promote paranoia or fear as a means to hype up what 2012 will consist of. In themodern age,
José Argüelles (born in 1939) was the first person to predict a doomsday in2012.Typcially, some use the 2012 as an excuse to not discuss real issues in our daylike the Federal Reserve, diseases, our civil liberties, the 9/11 attacks, what reallyhappened during the Oklahoma City bombing, the war on terror, secret societies, andother relevant topics that transpire transparently in the 21
century.The 2012 agendais heavily promoted by the New Age crowd. The 13
Illuminist bloodline according toFritz Springmeier is the Merovingian bloodline. This bloodline are related to head ofstates, fraternal leaders, Presidents, heads of the Empires of ancient Rome & ancient
Greece, and tons of the global elite spanning thousands of years.The famous Order ofthe Garter member Prince William recently married Kat Middleton in April 29
, 2011(near Walpurgisnacht) since each has similar personalities and social disposition. Thefuture is unique for the couple since they live in a world filled with globalization andthe complex problems of poverty & oppression at the same time. Yes, they are relatedto numerous British Royals as well. The Windsors are of Germanic heritage. Theoccultists then and now follow the same esoteric views found in witchcraft, Druidism,the Mysteries, and some even follow Satanism.Certainly, a moral relativist view of societal mores only leads into anarchy anddestructive behavior. Certainly in our generation (which is one of the specialgenerations to see the growth of information in an enormous level), we shouldn’t befooled by deceptions or distractions. A totally restrictive society only leads intoreactionary authoritarian tyranny. So, we should have a balance. We should allow allpeople to possess basic human freedom and create boundaries that forbid murder andother crimes to stabilize human development. This reality doesn’t mean we omit ornot find the signs of the times. The signs of time are all around us. The signs of thetimes include:rapid technological change,great social changes and upheaval,the increase of knowledge in the worldas successfully predicted by the prophet Danielthousands of years ago, the new birth of Israel as a nation(regardless if you like it ornot. It occurred in the 5
of Iyyar in 5708. 2012 is in 5773),the globalization in theworld, political changes, global wars and rumors of wars(like the war on terror, whichis a 21
century Crusade),increase of materialism, international news,a breakdown of present economic infrastructure,an intense overt hatred of Christians worldwide(not just in the West. Right now, Christians are being killed in Egypt, Iran, Vietnam,Pakistan, Nigeria, India, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Indonesia, and othernations worldwide. This isn’t some walk in the park stuff. This is real and people aredead because of ignorance and religious prejudice),the hatred of moral absolutes,the rise of false Christs, andthe acceptance of compromise for the sake of compromise. Archarya S is one Christ hater. This is the beginning of sorrows as said by Jesus Christin Matthew 24 before the arrival of the Antichrist.Also, be who you are as long as it is morally right filled with holiness. There is nothingwrong with being nice, being compassionate, being artistic, being an intellectual,being musically inclined, being athletic, having unique tastes, speaking in the way inyou speak, having the physical appearance that God gave you, having confidence, andstirring up life with legitimate convictions.
Thinking critically with the precise goalof ending oppression, while fighting back against stereotypes is an aweinspiring prescription for success in life.
Loving life and loving people areblessings. I will love the human race and especially women. The miracle of life, theunraveling allegiance to treating our neighbors as ourselves, and tolerance can leadinto spiritual enlightenment. If you want to do something worthwhile, then go out andpublicly help our your fellow man in many ways (like charities, helping the poor,helping homeless, promote more healthy living, use methods to fight against diseases,promote a real, revolutionary culture, educate people, build in your own communities,and have inspiration to assist the underdog & the outcast).
A progressive, rational thinking human being will use accurate information and transparentawareness in order to devise a forthright, amicable conclusion about critical topics. December 21,
2012 is the time where many true believers in the 2012 situation think that the Earth will eitherend or change into a new Age of Aquarius era of world history. This is similar to the Y2K in thatpeople predict terrible events. Y2K was the event that people thought the world would end sincethe computers wouldn't change to adjust to the year 2000 (and the world would end by virtue ofthe year 2000 period). I was 17 in the year 2000. The Mayan Calendar started its 13 Baktun cyclein ca. 3113 B.C. The end of the world of course didn't happen in 2000. Yet, one difference is this2012 situation is much more sophisticated with more books, more information about the Mayans,and other pieces of information surrounding the atmosphere. NASA mentions that 2012 will notbe the end of the world, but December 21, 2012 will be another winter solstice. 2012 to theMayans was the end of a long count period and the calendar begins again on January 1. Thenext solar maximum will occur in the 2012-2014 timeframe and is predicted to be an averagesolar cycle, no different than previous cycles throughout history. The ancient Mayans used thebaktuns in a timeframe as eras of time. This doesn't mean we ignore all prophecies. Prophecieshave existed and numerous prophecies have been fulfilled years ago and even in our time. RealProphets are leaders that not only made predictions. They have made actions of helping people,proclaiming justice for humanity, and called for help for the poor as well. Many Christians believethat 2012 signals the coming of the Antichrist and his New Age Empire. One famous falseprophecy was shown by Harold Camping. He claimed that judgment day will come in May 21,2011. It didn’t come in that time. Some believe that globalists might use some event in 2012 topromote their agenda strongly. We will see what will happen in 2012. The New Agers view thisage as a transition from the Aquarius into the Piscean Age.The New Testament mentions that there is nothing wrong with determining the signs of the endtimes, but no human can know the exact day or hour of the end of this age or the 2
coming ofthe Messiah, only the Father knows. We have no choice to expose thedeplorable condition in the world. This condition deals with mineral wealth theftby Western/European powers, the epidemic police brutality, and the nefariousacts of the corporate elite existing in the world society. Also, the elite of the NewAge Movement (that is funded by the Western establishment) want the NewAquarian Age. The New Age also love population control and like mindedagendas.
Another sick person is advocating a global super plague to harm human beings in a populationcontrol agenda. His name is John Stafford. He admits to being pro-abortion. He believes in theoverpopulation hysterical myth.
Yet, Population Research Institute President Steven Moshersaid that the world isn’t overpopulated at all. Stafford is wrong to assume that the BlackDeath is necessary, which killed millions of innocent European human beings
. Staffordpromotes genocide. The history of population control in history deals with a group of people tryingto decrease numbers of a minority group via abortion, sterilization, forced abortion, anti-poorrhetoric, etc. Stafford’s words aren’t new at all. Dr. Eric R. Pianka gave a speech to the TexasAcademy of Science. He said in March of 2006 that he wanted to exterminate 90% of the world’spopulation via the airborne Ebola virus. Dr. Pianka wanted this since using AIDS will kill peopleslower. Ebola is very harsh disease that liquefying the internal organs that cause the body todissolves itself. Pianka gave lectures to prestigious universities worldwide. He wants to sterilizehuman beings too and Al Gore wants to stabilize population growth. In a 2009 New York Timesinterview , Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg told Emily Bazelon that,
…I hadthought that at the time Roe was decided, there was concern about population growth andparticularly growth in populations that we don’t want to have too many of.” T
hat’s eugenics since she hates the growth of populations that she feel is too many. LBJ wanted nations to have voluntary family planning programs back in 1967.
The National Security Council back in

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