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Published by Thurazor
This is a rulebook for terrain that is exciting to play for the 2nd Edition AD&D Campaign Setting of Birthright. This was a free download from the Wizards of the Coast website.
This is a rulebook for terrain that is exciting to play for the 2nd Edition AD&D Campaign Setting of Birthright. This was a free download from the Wizards of the Coast website.

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Published by: Thurazor on Jul 21, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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table of contents
Halder Alvisson’s Report. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2Wjulf’s Saga. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4The Land. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9Culture and Government. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14People of Hogunmark. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21Holdings. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26Rumors, Secrets, and Plots. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30Strategy and Advice. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32
Written by Carrie A. BebrisEdited by Anne BrownCreative Direction by Karen S. BoomgardenCover and Conceptual Art by Tony SzczudloInterior Art by Roel W. WielingaArt Direction by Bob GalicaPage Backgrounds by Starr MahoneyGraphic Design by Don DanowskiCartography by Roy Boholst and Dennis KauthTypesetting by Nancy J. KerkstraPrepress Coordination by Donna Woodcock 
With thanks to Anne Brown, Duane Maxwell, and EdStark for playtesting and suggestions; Matthew J. Nor-ton for introducing me to the Icelandic sagas; JonPickens, Cindi M. Rice, and Steven E. Schend for amost prophetic luncheon; and Alexander Bebris forexploring with me the untamed beauty of Alaska.
& D
,AD&D, D
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hen Queen Freila departed on avision quest, all thought she wouldsoon return. Instead, her death hasplunged Hogunmark into chaos; its many jarlsnow squabble over who among them is therightful ruler. Your character has a strongclaim, but is tainted by charges of treason.Can your PC unify the domain’s warring clansbefore the White Witch sweeps in to takeHogunmark as her own?
what you need to play
This domain sourcebook is an accessory forthe B
campaign setting. You oryour Dungeon Master (DM) need theB
boxed set, as well as the AD&D
Player’s Handbook 
Guide.The Rjurik Highlands
campaign expan-sion is also strongly recommended.
how to use thissourcebook
domain sourcebook detailsthe people, land, customs, and culture of Hogunmark, a Rjurik domain on Cerilia’snorthern frontier. Queen Freila, the rulerdescribed in
The Rjurik Highlands
accessory,has died, leaving the domain without a clearsuccessor. This book assumes your playercharacter (PC) is one of her six landed jarls(though you can play a different type of char-acter if you choose). Your PC has thestrongest claim to the thone—but still mustprove worthy of it.Players of nonregent characters who live inor come from Hogunmark will also find thisdomain sourcebook useful. The independentstreak known to Hogunmark’s people makesthis domain an ideal home for any adventurer.Once you’ve finished reading this source-book, pass it along to your DM. Explain whatyou want to keep or change about the domain,and point out adventure ideas that are impor-tant to your character. With your DM, decideon material that will make Hogunmark thedomain you want your PC to rule while fittingyour DMs vision of the campaign.Note that many character descriptionsherein use abbreviations to denote race, class,gender, bloodlines, and so on. These standardB
abbreviations are detailed in the
Ruins of Empire
book in the boxed set and in
The Rjurik Highlands
Domain Sourcebook 
U.S., CANADA, ASIAPACIFIC, & LATIN AMERICAWizards of the Coast, Inc.P.O. Box 707Renton, WA98057-0707+1-206-624-0933EUROPEAN HQWizards of the Coast, BelgiumP.B. 342300 TurnhoutBelgium+32-14-44-30-44
y lord, allow me to express my shock and sadness upon hearing of QueenFreila’s death. I was in Aaldvika whenI heard the news; as I traveled to Veikanger Imade several stops to survey popular opinionand spread a little cheer where I could. Withyour permission, I will relate the tales and con- jecture currently circulating the realm.
the queen’s quest
wave of unease crashes upon Hogun-mark’s shore tonight, as people fearwhat Queen Freila’s untimely death por-tends. When the queen left on her vision quest,her advisers and jarls seemed confident of hersafe return. Not since Hogunmark’s first kinghas a ruler experienced a prophetic dream; allbelieved the queen to be graced by Erik with thedoom of true fate. Her subjects grieve that shedied before fulfilling her destiny.All know the essentials of Freila’s departure.During the Festival of Midwinter Night, thequeen announced that she had received aprophetic dream from Erik, and that she wouldleave on the morrow to fulfill a quest heentrusted to her. Freila refused to divulge anydetails of the quest’s nature. I can tell you thatmany of us were relieved when, at the urgingsof Njorna the Seer, the queen invested you,my lord, with the regency of her holdings,even though she remained attached to therealm itself. Njorna, as you recall, recom-mended you specifically, but the queendecided for herself how much power togrant you at this time.Then, two days ago—scarcely aweek after Freila’s departureNjorna experienced a visionwhich she interpreted tomean that Freila haddied. News of Freila’sdeath thusarrived insuch anunusual mannerthat some are beginningto speculate about the circum-stances of her quest
her death. Thequeen told no one the details of her mission,nor even the direction in which she traveled.And for her to leave with winter’s wrath anever-present threat seemed questionable judg-ment for a wise leader—Freila lived all her lifein Hogunmark and well knew the hazards of winter travel.It is understandably hard for those who lovedFreila to trust unquestioningly the words of herseer. Though Njorna has served the domain for along time, her mysterious trances and fits leadone to wonder whether her visions come fromErik or a darker, more sinister power. How,then, can anyone accept with certainty that thequeen died as revealed in Njorna’s visions?Already, rumors suggest that perhaps Njornamisinterpreted her latest dream, or even some-how manipulated the queen into taking the jour-ney in the first place. Who knows, people specu-late, how this strange woman’s powers work, orof what they are capable?As suspicion falls on Njorna, its shadow taintsyou as well. Hruthwulf, the queen’s steward, hascontacted several jarls with the news that thequeen invested you only after Njorna’s urging.According to Hruthwulf, he administeredFreila’s holdings during all of her previousabsences and was prepared to do so this time.He is suspicious that Njorna insisted that thequeen invest someone with her regency; thatsuspicion carries over to you, as the recipient of her holdings. Hruthwulf further implies thatonly reluctantly did the queen agree to a partialinvestment. This half-measure, some surmise,demonstrates the queen’s reservations aboutNjorna’s motives and your involvement.I am told that the seer now confines herselto her quarters, as visions are coming uponher more frequently and she is having increas-ing difficulty interpreting them. Hruthwulf,meanwhile, harbors great suspicion and mis-trust toward you and Njorna, and busies him-self searching for evidence of conspiracy.
domestic affairs
he other jarls impatiently await theJarls Council that will convene inapproximately three months—as soonas the spring thaw permits safer travel. At thattime they will choose Hogunmark’s next ruler.Prepare yourself for a fight, my lord, if you
intendto pursue yourclaim to the throne.Your own clan will almostcertainly support you, but you know thatthe hatreds rooted in the Clan Wars so manycenturies ago still run deep. The blood feudbetween the Yngvi clan and the Rolulf clan stillsimmers, and the Heimdjor clan becameinvolved when they allied with the Yngvi twocenturies ago. The Jarvyll has maintained anuneasy truce with the Otryff since the marriageof their oldest children four years ago, but it issaid that the Otryff’s son beats his wife and thather father may soon break the peace. Jarl Jarvyllcould be supported in this endeavor by theHjarni clan, who are ancient allies of the Jarvyllbut who might not want to jeopardize their owntenuous peace with the Rolulf clan, who areallied with the Otryff. This intricate web of alliances and ancient hatreds will make diplo-macy a challenge indeed.Your clan’s allies may support you if the costis not too dear; your clan’s enemies will opposeyou on principle alone. Some will seek tostrengthen their own claims by sowing seedsof doubt about you in the minds of neutralparties—and the circumstances of the queen’sdeath provide fertile ground for conjecture,expectation, and surmise.The jarls of Hogunmark’s four nomadicclans, though they possess no voting power,have both an interest in and opinions aboutthe succession. Expect even Axel Tjarlhan,leader of the reclusive Jarnkasspel clan, toattend the council. You can also count onGunnar, leader of the Aegilsgaard, to partici-pate in the discussions—and to wield a fairamount of influence in them. All the other jarls hold great respect for Gunnar’s old war-rior opinions.
external threats
horjak the Green, whose wise counselHogunmark’s rulers have always val-ued, told me that he has been listeningto the land to discern its mood. “The wind car-ries a song of disquiet,” he said, “whispering of change and tumult.” I sensed that he spoke of the kingdoms internal strife as well as outsidethreats. The White Witch has snatched threeof Hogunmark’s provinces since coming topower; all know that she would dearly love toannex our entire domain. Before embarkingon her quest, Queen Freila hinted that she leftto aid the fight against a dark power. Whatdarker enemy does Hogunmark have than thepriestess of an evil goddess with the essence of a still more evil god in her veins?Hogunmark also faces threats from the south.The Scarlet Baron grows ever more bold in hisraids on Valkheim. Though the Aegilsgaard clanskillfully defended the province against the orogleader’s last attack, some say the baron hasrecently allied himself with a powerful sorcererwho uses death magic to aid the Blood Skulltroops in battle. Hogunmark has lost much landthrough the centuries to practitioners of wiz-ardly magic; a new spellcaster in the region doesnot bode well for the domain.Hruthwulf cautions that the bandits of Rjuvik might take advantage of Hogunmark’s currentleaderless state to front an assault and attemptto expand their border—and the only provincein Hogunmark that shares a border with Rjuriis the one in which the capital lies. The realm’sother city, Aaldvika, faces a far more unusualcrisis: If Vika Glacier continues to calve, ice-bergs could eventually render Hogunmark’s onlyport inaccessible, forcing Hogunmark to createa new link with the outside world.Fortunately, Jankaping appears to pose lit-tle threat to Hogunmark, as King Alnor’s king-dom absorbs his full attention. However, withthis western neighbor tottering on the brink of civil war, no aid is likely to be forthcoming,either.
the path ahead
tempest lies ahead, my lord. Thevisionary has seen it; Thorjak hasheard it; even the jarls seem to feel it.The people know not where to turn, and maycling to anyone who offers a steady hand. If you truly believe yourself capable of leadingHogunmark through this critical time, youmust prove your worth before the clansfall sway to another.You know that as a skald, I mustremain a neutral party in all matters.Though I cannot choose sides, I dooffer my assistance and diplomaticskills in resolving the situation.May I someday tell this talewith a happy ending.Ever at your service,Halder Avisson

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