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Published by Uri Koren

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Categories:Types, Research, History
Published by: Uri Koren on Jul 21, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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"The Process of Alignment—Why the Brain?" by Wendy Glaubitz and René Fugère
Alignment—the true essence of effectiveness in meditation depends on the depth to which our consciousness is open to this phenomenon. As students or seasoned practitioners of meditation, wesoon come to realize that the alignment of our personality vehicles to the Overshadowing Spiritual Soulis the key element in accessing the higher frequency levels of the Spiritual Triad and in creating achannel for the downward movement of these higher energies into embodiment. Through the processesgiven to us in the Bailey books and other similar sources, we have been given keys to active creativemeditation involving the building of the antakarana—the dual bridge between the lower mind, higher mind (Soul Light) and the Overshadowing Spiritual Soul, often called the Higher Self.As the 20
century progressed, the process of alignment in meditation became more specific as to the precise mechanism involved. And we see hints throughout the Bailey books of the creation of a certainlight in the 3
ventricle of the brain as playing an essential role in the alignment between the personality and the Higher Self. For those of us who have experienced meditation as a more mystical practice, we might be surprised with the importance of the brain in the alignment procedure. So wemight therefore ask the question, "Why the brain?"If one loves treasure hunts then this is the perfect question to ask. D.K. never says directly why the brain is called into play in the process of alignment. Yet there are many clues and referrals to thesignificance of this connection found throughout the "blue books", if one has the patience to look, thezeal for more clarity, and the knowledge that the finding will indeed reveal a great treasure! One veryimportant clue resides in the words "the cave in the head." Yet, if one searches the AAB books, theword "cave" comes up very seldom. The word "brain" is more prevalent with over 1000 entries foundthroughout the books. Another phrase to follow for interested searchers uses D.K.'s words "Light in thehead". Many students of Treatise on Cosmic Fire, Treatise on White Magic , Letters on OccultMeditation , Esoteric Psychology II , and Rays and Initiations have been intrigued by the words"cave", "brain", and "Light in the head", enough to embark on this intensive search.A more recent writer on the subject of the esoteric significance of the brain was Lucille Cedercranswith her series of Wisdom texts whose sources are the Masters Morya, D.K., and Rakoczy. These books began to come into production within a few years of the transmission of the last Alice Bailey books –around 1952. One of the more well known of these writings is The Nature of the Soul. (Refer to the website "www.wisdom impressions, com" for more information). In these writings, the conceptof the "cave in the head" was finally addressed very directly and very clearly, and one can see therelation between this "cave" and D.K.'s reference to the "Light in the Head." This cave is actually thethird ventricle of the brain, at the posterior aspect of which is found the pineal gland and at the anterior aspect, the hypothalamus and pituitary glands. Below are three quotes found on page 348 to 352 of theabove mentioned book:1."The brain is in actuality a focus in substance of the incarnating consciousness. We say "theman in the brain". What we mean is "the focus of the Soul in substance, the man in his "house."The brain is a condensation of mental, astral, and etheric matter, created by a focus of thesethree frequencies of matter through the cave in the center of the head. The pineal and pituitaryglands are the positive and negative polarities, which set up an interplay of force resulting in the birth of consciousness within, or its reflection upon this condensed matter that we call the brain."2."The cave in the center of the head is occultly defined as that place where land, air, and water meet, because this is the center in which etheric, mental, and astral substance is focused (in that
order) for condensation into form. The brain might be called the master-form, the instrumentthrough which the focused substance is condensed into intelligible appearance in the lower mental, astral, and etheric-physical worlds." 3."As the probationer practices the daily meditation, he lifts the frequency of this brain, changingthe cellular construction of it in such a way as to alter the forms already impressed upon it. Thisis possible because his meditations act upon the etheric, mental, and astral substance beingfocused into and through the cave. He can alter his own brain because he is working from thatcenter which is its cause. The substance of the vehicles is conditioned through the brain itself from the center (the cave), which brings it (the substance) into first focus. Thus is the cave theheart of a man's being. It is the very center of his three vehicles and is constructed of ethericlight substance in all three frequencies of the lower worlds. In other words, it is here that theetheric, mental, and astral substance meet."At a point within the third ventricle close to the pineal gland, a small center of radiating light comesinto existence as the head center of a person who is on the spiritual path begins to open. One canimagine this light as a small golden sun which is the reflection of the Soul within the "heart" of thesethree personality vehicles. Cedercrans writes the following statement on page 59 of Applied Wisdomabout this relation between the head center and the cave:"Before the development of discipleship is reached, the head center (from the perspective of theincarnate consciousness) is not active. According to its rate and degree of activity, it reflectsitself, or it comes down in a funnel shape, into the head, creating within the cave in the center of the head that place where the incarnate consciousness focuses himself and identifies as thespiritual man, or as the Conscious Soul. In other words, the cave is a center of synthesis, a partof the head center, and in truth a reflection of its activity (the activity of the head center) withinthe physical instrument." P. 59This place in the cave at the bottom of the funnel becomes a lighted center as the head center itself opens naturally through the process of meditation. In the book Nature of the Soul (pages 168-171), ameditation practice is outlined for the reader incorporating the cave as the location of this lightedcenter. The meditator is asked to visualize a line of light going from the ajna ( in which the 5 centers onthe body are integrated) to the cave in the center of the head and another line of light upward from thecave to the head center. A lighted triangle between these three points is visualized. The reader is thentold, "As soon as a focus in the cave has been achieved, you are ready for deep meditation."In Applied Wisdom, this lighted center is referred to as a "small golden sun:""Hold all of this knowledge within your mind as you work with the technique. The line of lightis then invoked down through the head center and into the cave in the center of the head. Thenvisualize within the cave a small golden sun which is the reflection of the Spiritual Soul withinthe instrumentality. A line of light is then brought down into the golden sun and anchoredwithin its center. The impact of this light upon the small golden sun within the cave increases itsintensity, increases its radiation, causing the light from the small golden sun to radiate, via theetheric network, into and through the three bodies — the mental body, the astral body, and theetheric — so that the substance of the mental body is quickened, livened, clarified, brought intoa lucid relationship within the Spiritual Soul by the radiation of light from the small golden sun.Remember that this has been caused by the impact of the higher alignment via the alignmentupon that sun." p. 59
This relationship between the Light in the head and the head center is the essential connection needednot only for alignment to the higher frequencies of the Soul and Spiritual Triad, but for themanifestation of the impressions received during meditation and for the outward flow of energiesthrough the personality vehicles from the Soul. We have here the mechanism for invocation andevocation, so often referred to in the Bailey books. Here is another quote from Applied Wisdom. Themessage in this passage is remarkable in its implications:"The head center constitutes that center in etheric substance of your instrumentality which is inthe same vibratory realm as your home, so to speak, in the Ashram (on the Buddhic level). Thisis a secret little known — an occult fact — its revelation brings the realization that continuity between the Soul in the Ashram and the Conscious Soul Incarnate is but a matter of utilizationof these two centers, their alignment, the gradual growth of a magnetic field between them andeventually their mergence into one another, until the Thousand-petal Lotus is manifest as the physical materialization or manifestation of the Spiritual Soul in the Ashram."Realize then, as you utilize that line of light between the cave and the head center, thetremendous meaning involved here — that the path between the cave and the head center is the path of evolution between and just prior to the Third Initiation and the completion of the FourthInitiation, that contained within it, between head center and the cave is the vast body of Wisdomwhich will constitute your state of consciousness as you stand before the One Initiator toreceive the touch of the Rod of Initiation to emerge a Master.This small bit of space between the cave and the head center which has to be brought into your conscious awareness and reflected outward, made manifest in your life and affairs throughhowever many incarnations you take on the Path of Discipleship, that you have not to rushfrantically or deliberately or any other way about the face of the earth seeking heaven or seeking truth or seeking the Wisdom — that it is all contained right here in this small space,strange as it may seem, it is contained here, that you will, through your conscious utilization of this vast body of Wisdom, manifest it outwardly in many small and a few large acts of service,until naught remains between the two centers but a radiation of Light and your own expandedconsciousness." p. 80These above statements found in the Cedercrans books can be supported by the teachings of D.K.found throughout the Bailey books. We include the following example found in Treatise on WhiteMagic:"A certain amount of at-one-ment between the soul and its mechanism is essential, and thatinner triplicity, usually dormant in the majority, of soul-mind-brain must be in alignment andactive.At present all the souls of the group of mystics do work in unison; a number have succeeded in bringing the soul and the mind also into a close and established relation, but as yet the lowestaspect of this aligned and linking triangle, the physical brain, remains totally unresponsive tothe waves of force emanating from the higher aspects of the disciples engaged thus in laying thefoundations of the new age civilisation.It is therefore largely a matter of perfecting the mechanism of the brain so that it can rightlyregister and correctly transmit the soul impressions and the group purposes and recognitions.This involves:

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