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Greyhound Free Patt.

Greyhound Free Patt.

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Published by claire_garland
Greyhound Free Patt.
Uploaded by: claire_garland — Freebee knitted greyhound pattern. See www.dotpebbles.blogspot.com for more details...
email me @claire.garland@btopenworld.com if you can't download this, I know a few have had problems!
Greyhound Free Patt.
Uploaded by: claire_garland — Freebee knitted greyhound pattern. See www.dotpebbles.blogspot.com for more details...
email me @claire.garland@btopenworld.com if you can't download this, I know a few have had problems!

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Published by: claire_garland on Jul 21, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Muzzle, head, body & legs
make as one piece 
Beg with the tip of the nose leave a long tail end and cast on 4 sts, usingsize 3mm (US size 3) needles.
1st row 
(WS) P.
Row 2
(inc) Kfb, k2, kfb. 6sts
Row 3
Purl into front then knit into back of st to increase one stitch,(pfkb), p to last st, pfkb. 8stsRep last 2 rows once more. 12sts Work 6 rows st st, ending with a WS row.
Shape front of head Row 12
(inc) K4, [kfb] four times, k4. 16sts
Row 13
Shape jaw Row 14
(inc) Kfb, k to last st kfb. 18sts
Row 15
(WS) P.
Dot pebbles #freebee
 pattern page 1
GreyhoundThe Princess Snowdrop
FINISHED SIZE33cm/ 13in long from heel to neck x 30cm/ 11
in wide, arms outstretched YARN
50gm ball DK (light-worsted) weight
Shown in 
MC - Rowan Pure Wool DK shade 13 Enamel (MC)NEEDLESset size 3mm (US size 3) double pointed needlesTENSION24 stitches and 35 rows counted over a 10cm/ 4in square working stocking stitch in main colour and using size 3mm (US size 3)double pointed needlesNOTIONSsmall circles felt in eye colour and tiny seed beads for theeyes, black sewing thread and needle, 5 small safety pins for holdingstitches, tape measure, toy filling
Special instructions and abbreviations can be found at the end of the patterns 
Dot pebbles #freebee
 pattern page 2 
Knit and divide all 18 sts over 3 dpns as follows: N1 - k6, n2 - k6, n3 - n6.RS of knitting facing join for working in the round.Keep tension fairly tight in first rnd.
(inc) K9, m1, k9. 19sts
Shape back of head Rnd 17
(dec) K16, skpo. Turn and work on sts for Head Back as follows:
Row 18
(dec) Sl1, p13, p2tog, turn. 17sts
Row 19
(dec) Sl1, k11, skpo, turn. 16sts
Row 20
(dec) Sl1, p8, p2tog, turn. 15sts
Row 21
(dec) Sl1, k4, skpo, turn. 14sts
Row 22
(dec) Sl1, p2, p2tog, turn. 13sts
Row 23
Sl1, then k8 sts to beg the rnd. Place marker. Join for working inthe rnd.
K13.Rep last row once more.
Shape neck Rnd 26
Kfb, k4, k3tog, k4, kfb.
Rnd 27
K13.Rep last 2 rows twice more, re-arranging the sts: N1 - 3sts, n2 - 7sts, n3 -3sts.
(inc) [Kfb] twice, k3, k3tog, k3, [kfb] twice. 15sts
Rnd 33
(inc) [Kfb] twice, k4, k3tog, k4, [kfb] twice. 17sts
Rnd 35
K17.Place marker,work 5 rndsstst(every rnd k). Remove marker.
Divide for front Rnd 41 into rnd 42
K4, slip last 8 sts off needles onto a safety pin, k9.Turn. WS facing work back and forth as follows:
Front legsRow 42
 WS facing, cast on 22 sts at beg of next 2 rows. 53sts*
Shape feet Row 43
(WS) P5, turn.
Row 44
Sl1, k3, turn.
Row 45
Sl1, p2, turn.
Row 46
Sl1, k1, turn.
Row 47
Sl1, p to end.
Row 43
K5, turn.
Row 44
Sl1, p3, turn.
Row 45
Sl1, k2, turn.
Row 46
Sl1, p1, turn.
Row 47
Sl1, k to end. Work 3 rows st st.
Inside front left leg Row 51
K22, turn. Working on these last 22 sts for inside left leg, cont in st st for 3 rows.
Shape inside left foot Row 55
(RS) K5, turn.
Row 56
Sl1, p3, turn.
Row 57
Sl1, k2, turn.
Row 58
Sl1, p1, turn.
Row 59
Sl1, k19 to end of Inside Leg. Turn.Bind off22 sts.
Row 51
 WS facing, rejoin yarn to foot end of Right Leg. P22. Turn
Inside front right leg 
 Work 3 rows st st, so ending with a RS row.
Shape inside right foot Row 55
P5, turn. .
Dot pebbles #freebee
 pattern page 3 
Dot pebbles #freebee
 pattern page 4 
Row 56
Sl1, k3, turn
Row 55
P5, turn.
Row 56
Sl1, k3, turn.
Row 57
Sl1, p2, turn.
Row 58
Sl1, k1, turn.
Row 59
Sl1, p19 to end of Inside Leg, turn.Bind off 22 sts.Leave 9sts from Back onto the needle as you return to Front as follows:
Slip 8 sts at neck off safety pin onto 3mm (US size 3) dpns.
Row 42
RS facing rejoin yarn. K across. Work 7 rows st st.
 Join Front to Back Row 50
(RS) Divide as follows: N1 - K8sts, n2 - k4sts,, n3 - K5sts.RS of knitting facing, join for working in the rnd Pull tension tight as you kacross junctions.
Shape tummy Rnd 51
(inc) K8, [k2, m1] twice, k1, [m1, k2] twice. 21sts
Rnd 52
Rnd 53
(inc) [K2, m1] six times, k2, kfb, k2, (m1, k2) twice, m1. 31sts
Rnd 54
K31.Rep last rnd six times more.
Rnd 61
(dec) K2tog, k7, k2tog, k20. 29sts
Rnd 62
(dec) K2tog, K5, k2tog, k20. 27sts
Rnd 63
(dec) K2, k3tog, k2, k2tog, k2, k2tog, k8, k2tog, k2, k2tog. 21sts
Rnd 64
Rnd 65
(dec) K1, k3 tog, k17. 19sts
Rnd 66
Rnd 67
(dec) K3tog, k16. 17sts

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