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Campylobacter Jejuni(Microb Notes)

Campylobacter Jejuni(Microb Notes)

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Published by puteri90

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Published by: puteri90 on Jul 21, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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morphologyG-ve Slender,curved or spiralrods,that appear in comma,Sshaped or Gull wingsG-ve ,spiral shaped (helical rod)Motile + tuft of polar flagellacultureMicroaerophilic,thermophilic,req ared conc of O2 in atmosphere npreferably,10%added CO2,37’Cbetter 42-43’C,skirrow’smedium(lysed blood agarcontaining vancomycin,polymyxin ntrimethoprim)Microaerophilic,37’C,bloodAgar,choc agar,skiroww’sselective mediumBiochemicalCatalase,oxidase +veUnable to attack CHOCatalase,urease,oxidase +vePathogenesisEdematous exudative enteritis of  jejunum,ileum n colon,with cellularinfiltration n ulceration of mucosa. They enter,multiply in and damagethe mucosal cells and hence againaccess to the blood stream.Produce 2 exotoxin: heat labile &cytotoxinHighly adapted org,live on gastricmucosa,esp G antrum n fundus,not invade epithchronic gastritis,pepticulcer,gastric carcinomamain virulence factors:urease,protease vacuolatingcytotoxins which cause damage tohost cellsMode of infectionConsumption of poultryfoods/unpausterised milkContact with anlimals icludg dogsOral-oralFaecal-oralCommon env sourceLabdiagnosisSelective plating mediumIncubated at 42’C under microphiliccondition for 48 hrs.Examine plate for effuse dropletlike colonies that catalase &oxidase +ve•invasive: gastroscopy & antralbiopsy specimens>direct urease test>Culture on skirrow’s medium>histopathological exams•non invasive:>urea breath test>ELISA TreatmentErythromycin (namely those withlong persistence of symptoms,frequent bloodydiarrhea/high fever) Triple theraphy of metronidazole,clarithomycin (eff in acidic Ph),omeperazole(protonpump inhibitor)
Vibrio choleraPseudomonas aeruginosa
morphologyShort G –ve rods (comma shaped)rapid,darting motility non sporing,noncapsulatedG –ve motile bacilluscultureFac anaerobes,37CGrows well on ordinary culture mediaOptimum pH 8.2SEV SELECTIVE MEDIA: TCBS (Ph 8.6 much more favourableto the growth of vibrios)V Cholerae & El – Tor Biovar >yellowcolonies dt fermentation of glucosev.parahaemolyticus & non sucrosefrementing vibrios > blue/greencoloniesPyocyanin, pyoverdin, pyorubin, pyomelaninGrows readily on many types of media(42’C)NLFCetrimide agarBiochemicalFrments glucose,mannose,notarabinoseOxidase +veProduce indoleXferments glucose but may oxidaseglucoseOxidase +vesensitivity•Killed by moist heat at 56’C in 30min,survice for 1-2 weeks inclean,non acid,fresh or seawater.many survive up to few days onmoist fruits,vegetables,fish n cookedfoods.•Both classical N el-tor biovars aresensitive to a wide range of antimicrobial drug,icludngsulphonamides,chloramphenicol,tetracycline,ampicliin,kanamycin,trimethoprim.recently, strains resistant to oneor more appear.Love wet, hate dry & heatRESISTANCE to chemical antibacterials(dettol, cetrimide, quarternaryammonium compound)Pathogenesis•Under natural conditions,V C ispathogenic only for humans.not aninvasive infections.do not reach bloodstream,remains in intestinal tract.•Virulent VC attach to microvlli of brush border of epith cell,multiply nliberate heat labile choleraenterotoxin (manifestation of cholera)Infections of wounds and burnsMeningitisUTIRTIOtitis externa iin swimmersInfection in eyeFatal septicemiaLabdiagnosisFaecal specimen by:1.rubber cathether into a sterilecontainer2.rectal swab3.collection from a bed pan should beavoided•microscopy•culture•molecular methodsSPECIMENSSmearCulture-blood agar-MacConkey’s agar-cetrimide agar Treatment•Water n electrolyte replacement tocorrect severe dehydration n saltdepletion•tetracyclineCombination of newer penicillins andan aminoglycosideImipenem & ceftazimide (3rg gencephalosporins)=vaccine

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