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Al Selden Leif - Pagan - Divination - Lucid Dreaming (42)

Al Selden Leif - Pagan - Divination - Lucid Dreaming (42)

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Published by LuschersUnderworld

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Published by: LuschersUnderworld on Sep 17, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Lucid Dreaming
The most important piece of factual information is, You are doing this naturally anyway,so all you have to do is become AWARE that you are doing it. Awareness has always been the keys to the doors of perception. And a induced OOBE where you are fullyconscious is just taking your physical consciousness, your logical left brain functionsalong for the ride.The left brain is vital to memory and recording this experience, also when the left brainand right brain are working, you become aware, that part of you that you associateyourself with that say's, "I think therefore I am."So I guess the key for successful anything in the dream state or OOBE is knowing you doit anyway in deep sleep, and all you have to do is join in on the adventure with your conscious awareness. The rest will fall into place. Since we are just going to flick aswitch to activate you in when your physical body sleeps, the key is awareness, and theaction is mind awake, body asleep.This is achieved without any fancy rituals, no meditating in ashrams, seeking the greatMakullu...eating special herbs etc...etc... those are focuses that can and do distort thisexperience with expectations and beliefs. The best technique I can offer is the mostnatural one you can think of. To let this experience occur with natural sleeping patterns sothat you can achieve it as you should naturally. It's called the "Lazy Human ReleaseTechnique" You will begin to pattern your awareness into the dreaming state as wespeak...when you sleep at night, all I ask of you to do is just this.Tell yourself:"I am going to sleep now. I know I will be dreaming.I am going to be aware of what happens when I fall asleep.I will remember what I dream in full conscious detail."Fall asleep normally, except for the fact that you are going to let yourself be consciouswhile it happens...if you are finding it difficult to relax and sleep because you are exertingto much alert mental control, let go and relax...play around with thinking in sounds andimages rather than words...speak the language of the right brain. Occupy as much of your left brain with your own sleep inducing techniques so that it follows a natural pattern tosleep as well.Instead of dreaming naturally you are controlling your dream just like you do when you breath...it happens naturally, but you can control it when you desire. Sometimes you'llhave to just let go and fall asleep hoping that you have triggered enough interest inyourself to pop awake naturally. If this is not working so smoothly, we can try toformulate more mental techniques to induce this state, but in the end, it all comes down tofalling asleep naturally, but just being aware in those states.2
Take the Monroe Institutes example. They use HEMI-SYNC, and follow a series of conditions that help, but this is again, a focus technique to do something that occursnaturally. And it does not require HEMI- SYNC to do this, but apparently HEMI-SYNChelps...I always think that it's a placebo(sp) effect...but if it works, great. And it does.We'll create a similar pattern but with using suggestion. While going back to sleep... If you are thinking to much and have too much on your mind, drop the excess baggage, itwill just get in the way. Here's a great technique using visualization to release your fears,anxieties, and concerns as well as anything else blocking your experiment.Visualize a bright white balloon glowing vibrantly with white light. Place the anxieties,concerns, fears, and anything else interfering with your experiment into the balloon.Attach a : This won't bother me anymore, it wont interfere with my OOBE. And let the balloon float up and away from your imaginative sight. Do a deep breathing technique tohelp relax you if your not relaxed enough.Breath around 10 to 20 deep breaths. As you breath in, visualize vibrant energy enteringfrom all parts of your body, and when you breath out, visualize used up, tired energy pouring out from every part of you and relax. Say an affirmation:I use a blend of the Monroe, and my own...you can review both and add to it like youwould a signature according to the desired experience you wanted." I will be fully conscious as I am now when my Body falls asleep. I will be fully alertand will remember in full conscious detail what I am experiencing. I desire to go out-of- body and explore this state with all my awareness."That is a great simplified one to program yourself if your not as successful with followingthe natural patterns of sleep into waking OOBE. as you phase between states of consciousness...it is multi-layered so expect different states of awareness to revealthemselves to you. I call one state Secondary Consciousness where SUPER-IMPOSEDREALSIM kicks in and you think you are awake. So you get up, eat breakfast and fretabout not going OOB. Then you wake up. That's a good example of your mental ability to project a reality. There is more to it though.3

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