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Table Of Contents

2.1 Rotations and Intrinsic Spin
2.2 Massless Particles with Spin Zero
2.3 Massless Particles with Spin One
3 Maxwell’s Equations
3.1 Vector and Scalar Potentials
3.2 Gauge Invariance
4 Relativistic Formulation of Electrodynamics
4.1 Lorentz Scalars and Vectors
4.2 Covariant and Contravariant Derivatives
4.3 Lorentz Transformations
4.4 Invariant Form of Maxwell’s Equations
5 The Simplest Classical Field Theory
5.1 The Continuum Limit
5.2 Normal Modes
5.3 Rules of Canonical Quantization
5.4 The Algebra of Boson Operators
5.5 The Classical Limit
6 Classical Field Theory
6.1 The Hamiltonian Formulation
7 The Electromagnetic Lagrangian
7.1 Conservation Laws for Electromagnetic Fields
7.2 Massive Spin-One Particles
8 Symmetry Breaking and Mass Generation
8.1 Symmetry Breaking and Goldstone Bosons
8.2 The Kibble-Higgs Mechanism
9 Quantization of the Electromagnetic Field
9.1 The Lagrangian and Hamiltonian Density
9.2 Quantizing the Normal Modes
9.2.1 The Energy of the Field
9.2.2 The Electromagnetic Field
9.2.3 The Momentum of the Field
9.2.4 The Angular Momentum of the Field
9.3 Uncertainty Relations
9.4 Coherent States
9.4.1 The Phase-Number Uncertainty Relation
9.4.2 Argand Representation of Coherent States
10 Non-Relativistic Quantum Electrodynamics
10.1 Emission and Absorption of Photons
10.1.1 The Emission of Radiation
10.1.2 The Dipole Approximation
10.1.3 Electric Dipole Radiation Selection Rules
10.1.4 Angular Distribution of Dipole Radiation
10.1.5 The Decay Rate from Dipole Transitions
10.1.6 The 2p→1s Electric Dipole Transition Rate
10.1.7 Electric Quadrupole and Magnetic Dipole Transitions
10.1.8 The 3d→1s Electric Quadrupole Transition Rate
10.1.9 Two-photon decay of the 2s state of Hydrogen
10.1.10 The Absorption of Radiation
10.1.11 The Photoelectric Effect
10.1.12 Impossibility of absorption of photons by free-electrons
10.2 Scattering of Light
10.2.1 Rayleigh Scattering
10.2.2 Thomson Scattering
10.2.3 Raman Scattering
10.2.4 Radiation Damping and Resonance Fluorescence
10.2.5 Natural Line-Widths
10.3 Renormalization
10.3.1 The Casimir Effect
10.3.2 The Lamb Shift
10.3.3 The Self-Energy of a Free Electron
10.3.4 The Self-Energy of a Bound Electron
10.3.5 Brehmstrahlung
11 The Dirac Equation
11.1 Conservation of Probability
11.2 Covariant Form of the Dirac Equation
11.3 The Field Free Solution
11.4 Coupling to Fields
11.4.1 Mott Scattering
11.4.2 Maxwell’s Equations
11.4.3 The Gordon Decomposition
11.5 Lorentz Covariance of the Dirac Equation
11.5.2 Polarization in Mott Scattering
11.6 The Non-Relativistic Limit
11.7 Conservation of Angular Momentum
11.8 Conservation of Parity
11.9 Bi-linear Covariants
11.10 The Spherically Symmetric Dirac Equation
11.10.1 The Hydrogen Atom
11.10.2 Lowest-Order Radial Wavefunctions
11.10.3 The Relativistic Corrections for Hydrogen
11.10.4 The Kinematic Correction
11.10.5 Spin-Orbit Coupling
11.10.6 The Darwin Term
11.10.7 The Fine Structure of Hydrogen
11.10.8 A Particle in a Spherical Square Well
11.10.9 The MIT Bag Model
11.10.10 The Temple Meson Model
11.11 Scattering by a Spherically Symmetric Potential
11.11.1 Polarization in Coulomb Scattering
11.11.2 Partial Wave Analysis
11.12 An Electron in a Uniform Magnetic Field
11.14 The Limit of Zero Mass
11.15 Classical Dirac Field Theory
11.15.1 Chiral Gauge Symmetry
11.16 Hole Theory
11.16.1 Compton Scattering
11.16.2 Charge Conjugation
12 The Many-Particle Dirac Field
12.1 The Algebra of Fermion Operators
12.2 Quantizing the Dirac Field
12.3 Parity, Charge and Time Reversal Invariance
12.3.1 Parity
12.3.2 Charge Conjugation
12.3.3 Time Reversal
12.3.4 The CPT Theorem
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Published by: Enoch Rajesh on Jul 22, 2011
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