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Xschism002 Int Lr

Xschism002 Int Lr

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Published by A Comic Book Blog

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Published by: A Comic Book Blog on Jul 22, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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All told, things were pretty good for the X-Men. Living off the coast of San Francisco on an island called Utopia, they had won the trust of the Cityby the Bay. Riding the wave of goodwill, X-Men leader Cyclops attendedan international arms conference with the goal of eradicating the mutant-hunting Sentinel programs that many countries have secretly held for years. This goal was destroyed by a telepathic terror attack on the summitby mutant teen anarchist Quentin Quire and new waves of anti-mutantsentiment now sweep the globe, causing these nations to bring theirSentinels out of mothballs. Little do the X-Men realize that all of these events have been manipulatedby the new Black King of the Hellre Club… twelve-year-old billionaire KadeKilgore.
 Jason Aaron – WriterFrank Cho – Artist
 Jason Keith – Colorist Jared K. Fletcher – LettererCho & Keith – Cover ArtistsFrank Cho & Morry Hollowell – Interlocking Variant Cover Artists
Irene Y. Lee – Production Jordan D. White – Assistant EditorDaniel Ketchum – Associate EditorNick Lowe – EditorAxel Alonso – Editor in Chief  Joe Quesada – Chief Creative OfcerDan Buckley – PublisherAlan Fine – Executive Producer
X-MEN: SCHISM No. 2, September 2011.
Published Monthly by MARVEL WORLDWIDE, INC., a subsidiary o MARVEL ENTERTAINMENT, LLC. OFFICE OF PUBLICATION: 135 West 50th Street, NewYork, NY 10020. © 2011 Marvel Characters, Inc. All rights reserved. All characters eatured in this issue and the distinctive names and likenesses thereo, and all related indicia are trademarks oMarvel Characters, Inc. No similarity between any o the names, characters, persons, and/or institutions in this magazine with those o any living or dead person or institution is intended, and anysuch similarity which may exist is purely coincidental. $3.99 per copy in the U.S. (GST #R127032852) in the direct market and $3.99 per copy in the U.S. and $3.99 in Canada (GST #R127032852)through the newsstand; Canadian Agreement #40668537.
Printed in the USA.
ALAN FINE, EVP - Ofce o the President, Marvel Worldwide, Inc. and EVP & CMO Marvel Characters B.V.; DANBUCKLEY, Publisher & President - Print, Animation & Digital Divisions; JOE QUESADA, Chie Creative Ofcer; JIM SOKOLOWSKI, Chie Operating Ofcer; DAVID BOGART, SVP o Business Aairs& Talent Management; TOM BREVOORT, SVP o Publishing; C.B. CEBULSKI, SVP o Creator & Content Development; DAVID GABRIEL, SVP o Publishing Sales & Circulation; MICHAEL PASCIULLO,SVP o Brand Planning & Communications; JIM O’KEEFE, VP o Operations & Logistics; DAN CARR, Executive Director o Publishing Technology; SUSAN CRESPI, Editorial Operations Manager; ALEXMORALES, Publishing Operations Manager; STAN LEE, Chairman Emeritus. For inormation regarding advertising in Marvel Comics or on Marvel.com, please contact John Dokes, SVP o Integrated Sales& Marketing, at jdokes@marvel.com. For Marvel subscription inquiries, please call 800-217-9158.
Manufactured between 07/01/2011 and 07/12/2011 by R.R. DONNELLEY, INC., GLASGOW, KY, USA.

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