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Selangor Times 22 July 2011

Selangor Times 22 July 2011

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Published by uppercaise
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Published by: uppercaise on Jul 22, 2011
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 July 22 — 24, 2011
issue 34
 Yellow Dinner: A night toremember
councillorlodges report against riotpolice
reward andpunishmentto get arrears
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MPSJ’s whistleblower policy blows hot air
inormation is being viewed as ahal measure.“Te council should look at the whistleblower system again andimprove it beore it backres. Teyshould start it o on the right oot-ing because this is a serious matter,”said councillor Loi Kheng Min.During the council's ull boardmeeting last month, Loi and his el-low councillors had urged MPSJ toappoint independents or third par-ties such as an ombudsman to re-ceive complaints, but the suggestionell on dea ears.MPSJ legal adviser Anita Abd Jalil claimed the WhistleblowerProtection Act 2010 (711) onlyallows the appointment o internalocers.Her rationale is that the Actempowers MPSJ’s legal departmentto prosecute ocers who leak sen-sitive inormation that may causeharm to whistleblowers.However, her reading o the Acthas been disputed by two seniorlawyers.“Based on the Act, the chosen point-person is not limited to onlyoicers within the council,” saidlawyer Balan Nair.He pointed out that the law, which was written up to protect allinormants, states that a person maymake a disclosure o improper con-duct to any enorcement agency.he deinition o enorcementagency means any ministry, depart-ment, agency or body set up by theederal, state or local government which has investigative and enorce-ment powers.Te 60-year-old litigation lawyersaid this means MPSJ can appoint
Brenda Ch
suBang JaYa:
Te decisiono the Subang Jaya MunicipalCouncil (MPSJ) to appoint itsown ocers to investigate com- plaints o graf and maladministra-tion in the council has received thethumbs down. While making history on June 29as the rst local government to im- plement a whistleblower policy,MPSJ’s move to appoint three oc-ers rom its Human Resource De- partment to receive and investigatethird parties with enorcement powers to oversee the whistle-blower system.“Private individuals or bodiescan be appointed by MPSJ to orman independent unit to receive andinvestigate inormation rom the public and council sta,” said SeahChin Lee.Te 52-year-old lawyer said theinvolvement o independent third parties who are not working di-rectly under MPSJ will instillcondence in the system.
pticits f th rly f Lif wlkt uivsiti Kbs Mlysistdim i Bi lst Stdy, whichftd 300 cc svivs whthd t sh stis  thi
battles with the big
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Move in the right direction,
but fnetuning needed
(603) 5510 4566
(603) 5523 1188
KL Chan
Neville Spykerman
Tang Hui Koon, Chong Loo Wah, Gan Pei Ling,Basil Foo, Alvin Yap, Gho Chee Yuan, Brenda Ch’ng
Nick Choo, James Ang
 Jimmy C. S. Lim, Chin Man Yen
Timothy Loh, Ivan Looi
Faekah Husin, Arfa’eza Abdul Aziz
MogFriday Saturday Sundayafeoongh
Selangor WeaTHer
Malaysian meteorological department
To place your
Timothy Loh
019-267 4488,
Ivan Looi
014-936 6698
July 22 — 24, 2011
Gho Chee Yuan
While there’s anair o excitement in Pulau Ketamover their upcoming village headelections, it is business as usual orolks in Jenjarom.Residents o both New Villagesare scheduled to go to the polls orthe historic elections on Sunday.Nomination will start rom10am to 11am at both Chinese New Villages.Te campaign period will last ora week, and villagers are expected tocast their vote to elect a village chie on July 31.Te winning candidate will beoicially appointed by the stategovernment as the chie o the vil-lage security and development com-mittee (JKKK).
Mixed reactions ahead of historic village head elections
“Te public and even MPSJ sta  would eel protected, and are morelikely to expose maladministration orcorruption i they can be assured thatthose receiving the inormation arenot biased.”his sentiment was echoed byMPSJ councillors, who ear the policy will only be a acade under its currentormat.“I don’t see how this policy is going to successully combat wrongdoings i both sta and public are supposed to whistle-blow back to the council,” saidcouncillor R Rajiv.He thinks MPSJ’s move or imple-menting this policy is an exemplary one,but there is still more room or netuning.During MPSJ’s ull board meeting last month, Rajiv had proposed or theState Audit Department to be the ap- pointed representative to receive inor-mation and conduct investigations.Meanwhile, Loi is urging MPSJ toreview and hold a proper brieng withall their sta about how the system works.He suggested or hotline numbers,easily accessible orms, and a whistle-blower box or the public and sta todrop their inormation in.“Te box should be locked and onlybe guarded by one person who willcollect all the orms and process thembeore sending them o or investiga-tion,” he said.He suggested that MPSJ should al-low the whistleblower system be con-ducted in three stages, none o whichshould involve heads o departments.Te rst stage is or a neutral om-budsman to receive complaints; then toa third-party oversight committeeormed by the council; and nally orthe internal audit committee to review.Tis internal audit committee shouldcomprise ve MPSJ councillors who will have the nal say in the whole in- vestigation.MPSJ councillor Edward Ling SiekMeeng also held the view that the coun-cil was moving in the right direction,but that independent individuals shouldoversee the system.“Appointing the head o MPSJ is likeasking them to check themselves or wrongdoings,” he said.Councillor Loka Ng added thatthe committee who oversees this systemshould have no vested interest in coun-cil aairs, and should be able to conducta air and unbiased investigation.
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Selangor mournsDr Lo Lo’s passing
Te state is saddened by the death o DrLo Lo’ Ghazali on Sunday night, said the Menteri Besaron Monday.“On behal o the state and its people, I would like toexpress our condolences to her amily,” said an Sri KhalidIbrahim in a press statement.He described her as an inspiration to all her duties asan elected ocial was “exemplary”; especially women, wholooked up to her or her sincerity as well as courage inghting or the rights and welare o the people.Te Member o Parliament or itiwangsa succumbed tolung cancer aer a long battle with the disease. She was 53.
MPPA dives into picture controversy
Controversycontinues to rage over the ront page picture o a man throwing a tear gascanister during the Bersih 2.0 rally two weeks ago.Te photo showing a man wearing at-shirt and a cloth wrapped around hishead on July 9 was on the ront pages o 
New Sunday Times 
Berita Minggu
aday aer the rally.On Wednesday, the Malaysian PressPhotographers Association (MPPA)lodged a police report over claims that the photo, shot by a NS photographer, wasdoctored.MPPA president Mat Salim Shaari, wholodged the report at the Cheras policeheadquarters on Wednesday, deended the authenticity o the photo.He said the allegations could tarnish the image o MPPAand their 400 members, most o whom are photographersin media organisations.he man at the centre o the controversy, Abdul RazakEndut, identied himsel as the man in the photo during a Pas ceramah on July 16.Razak, a member o Pas Unit Amal,denied he was carrying a knie in hisother hand.He said the knie was actually a Malay-sian fag, in response to the caption in
Berita Minggu
that read: “Seorang peru-suh membawa pisau dalam perhimpunanharam” (A rioter brings a knie to illegalrally) and “Perusuh guna senjata, batu,lawan polis” (Rioters use weapons, rocksto ght police).He also denied throwing rocks atthe police.“When the FRU red tear gas, I sawthe wind blowing towards the demonstrators ... I pickedup a canister and tossed it to a eld with the hope that thedemonstrators would be sae,” Abdul Razak told news website Malaysiakini.com.He said it would have been impossible or him to bring a knie rom ermeloh into Kuala Lumpur as he had to passthrough three roadblocks along the way.
Selangor Times 
was inormed thatthree candidates in Pulau Ketamhave requested or the nominationorm, but villagers are expecting atleast six candidates to contest in theinaugural local election.In Jenjarom, only incumbent vil-lage head an Ching Han has ex- pressed interest to take part in theelections.However, an may not qualiy tostand in the elections as the addresson his identity card is not located within the village.an lives in Jenjarom town but notin the vicinity o the Chinese New Village.Meanwhile, ederal government-appointed village heads have said they will not participate in the electionsconducted by the Pakatan Rakyat(PR)-led state administration.Klang District Oicer DatukBakhtiar Hussin, the returning o-cer or the elections in Pulau Ket-am, said 3,568 voters will be eligibleto vote in the upcoming polls.As or Jenjarom, there are 5,554 voters, while Pandamaran has themost voters at 13,896.Pandamaran’s village elections will be held rom Aug 7-14.All candidates will have to payRM1,000, with RM500 as electoraldeposit to the district oce and an-other RM500 or the local council.Tose who ail to secure less thanone eighth o the total votes will losetheir rst RM500, while candidates who ail to clean up their campaignmaterial post-elections will losetheir second RM500 to the localcouncil.Selangor is the rst state to hold village polls, and the state is consid-ering electing all JKKK chiesrather than appointing them i the polls are successul.Te three elections are being car-ried out without the Election Com-mission’s assistance.Te state hopes that the move tohold village elections will be a pre-cursor to the restoration o localgovernment elections in Selangor.Local government elections weresuspended and later abolished by theAlliance in 1965 due to the Conron-tation – an undeclared war betweenMalaysia and Indonesia over the u-ture o Borneo rom 1962 to 1966.However, local elections were notreinstated aer the Conrontation.PR had promised to reinstatelocal government elections i they were elected during the 2008 gen-eral election.
 ⁄ July 22 – 24, 2011

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