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Web Based Hrms

Web Based Hrms

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Published by mritroy

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Categories:Types, Business/Law
Published by: mritroy on Jul 22, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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It is difcult to predict the future. People who are able to see ahead are the oneswho are able to work quickly, reorient change and gear themselves up to meet thechallenges of a better future……doing this is becoming
.People are the key asset in any business. To manage efciently, you should have agood human resource management system, providing this kind of software to youremployees allows them to the feel the freedom and success of being
.Don’t let existing forms and procedures deter you from doing your actual job.Concentrate on highly pay off activities. It’s the only way to structure your future.Move to a
mode. Take charge of your own destiny.
 “make optimum use of your 
time, money
energy !
This is a perfect platform to reinvent your HR processes andcollectively contribute to the achievement of the objective
Human Resource Management is evolving rapidly. Failing to nothave a carefully crafted human resources management strategycan & will lead to the failures in the business process itself.The outlook towards HR has undergone a massive shift frombeing a mere administrative task to taking on the role of aleader and a key business partner.
Human Resource Management software, helps youto get from where you are to where you want to be. It identiesthe resources required to get you there.It condently takes on this challenge and opens up innumerableopportunities to change the picture of your organization’s HRrequirements.
What is Proactive?
A very comprehensive & advanced solution software for moreefcient management & development of Human Resources.Proactive is a web based Human Resources ManagementSoftware that automates processes designed to boostperformance. It maximizes prots by effecting rapid savingsin terms of time, money and energy.
Key Benefts
User-friendly software:
A total web-enabled solution,Proactive is module based and user-responsive Software. Itcan be integrated into the existing intranet or implemented as astand -alone portal. Get over the usage of an outdated, manualand time taking processes. Be
Better planning & critical actions:
By automating theadministrative processes in an organization,
helpsto focus on more critical & strategic tasks.
Streamline HR infrastructure & decreased cost:
Streamlinethe existing HR processes by reducing the workload on recurringactivities. With reduced time spent on repetitive work, qualityof HR services offered will be enhanced.
 Automate critical HR workflow:
Supports payrolladministration, time, attendance management, manpowermanagement. It also supports strategic HR processes, suchas skill management, competency management, recruiting,developing, training and retaining.
Stimulates transparent & lucid workow:
Allows bothemployees and managers anywhere/anytime to access functionalbusiness processes, as well as information & knowledge throughself-service facility.
Ensures efciency & satisfaction:
Exceptional employeeservices leads to greater employee satisfaction and hence aPerformance Booster!
Time Management:
Signicantly reduces the amount of timeyour HR department spends managing employee information.It makes every work very efcient and hassle free
Software Customizing:
Fully customizable to benet thespecic needs of your organization. Keeping with the respectivebusiness, policies, philosophies and practices. Our goal isto provide your organization with a solution that will be costeffective without having to make any changes.of your business.
is a free expression of efciency as it helps your organization to meet its strategicgoals.
leverages technology to streamline & speed up processes, reduce costs & increase efficiency.
Key Modules
Personal Details
Claims & Reimbursement
Travel Management
Leave Management
Training Management
Performance Managemen
Self Service
Document Management
QuickBook Integration
Key Features
Streamline HR processes
Improve employee efciency and productivity
Improved access to information and itscommunication Reduced transaction processing timeand therefore huge cost svings
Workow through mailing, approvals, escalations
Reduce workforce reliance on HR and its manual
Lesser paperwork
Controlled access to information
Knowledge sharing
Interface to payroll Systems
Record employee details
Store training information
Document performance reviewsRetrieve information quickly
Secure private personnel and organization records
offers the following modules under the paradigms of  “employee self service” and “extended company”….
I. Administration :
The part of the system where the HRManager or, other appointed personne, performs all systemadministration tasks. This includes dening company structure,pay rates and other information that serves as the backbonefor the rest of the system. Security issues are taken care of through this module as well as dening user rights.
Define Company Information (general information,company structure, locations, policies, schemes, forms,location specic yearly holiday list, training calendar etc)
Dene Job information (job titles, designation, pay grades,employment status etc)
Date of joining
Qualication (Education)
Dene memberships and membership types
Dene nationalities
Dene users
Provide employee code
Configure/subscribe e-mail notificationsGreetings
News ashOrganization announcements
II. Personal Details :
is one of the most tedious worksfor most of the HR heads. Proactive comes to your rescue withits unique software, making the process in a self- service modehighly, which makes it organized & lucid. Proactive ensuressecurity of critical data & employee privacy.
Personal DetailsIdentity DetailsFamily DetailsEducational Details
Communication Details
Medical Details
Vacation/Holiday Leave Details
Worksman Comp/Mediclaim Info
Social Security number and other Tax InfoMeaning employees should get in charge of managing HRprocesses themselves whenever possible. Leading to reducedadministration costs and increased service.

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