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Current Affairs & GK March 2011

Current Affairs & GK March 2011

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Published by RamanaButterfly
These general awareness questions are very helpful for all Competitive exams.........
These general awareness questions are very helpful for all Competitive exams.........

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Published by: RamanaButterfly on Jul 22, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Page 1
March 1 week:
1. Who is the new Secretary -General of SAARC?(a) Fathimath Dhiyana Saeed(b) Arsad Jafari(c) Vinayak Balaswami(d) Nitesh Kumar(e) None of these2. Ireland's Kevin O'Brien has brokenwhose record of fastest century in cricket World Cup?(a) A dam Gilchrist (b) Sachin Tendulkar(c) Mathew Hayden(d) Kapil Dev(e) None of these3. What is the name of Egypt's PrimeMinister, who recently resigned after theunrest?(a) Ahmed Shafiq(b) Ashaq Rubeka(c) Jafir Kidari(d) Yunus Ahmed(e) None of these4. The Central Information Commission(CIC) has called or disclosing the norms inall future public private partnershipprojects undertaken by the central andstate governments. The head of the CIC is?(a) Satyendra Nath Mishra(b) Rahul Shukla(c) Rohit Bist (d) P.C. Jain(e) none of these5. The three-week long India festival -'Maximum India' kicked off in(a) Washington(b) Paris(c) Amsterdam(d) Frankfurt (e) None of these6. India today successfully test-firedsophisticated AAD interceptor missile fromthe Wheeler Island off Odisha coast. AADstands for(a) Advanced Air Defence(b) Air to Air Defence(c) Air to Air Destroyer(d) Air and Aernautics Defence(e) none of these7. International Children Broadcasting Dayis celebrated on..(a) March 1(b) March 6(c) March 7(d) March 2(e) Feb 288. The U.S. Air Force has launched anexperimental robotic space plane on asecret mission. The name of this pilotlessOrbital Test Vehicle is...(a) X-37 B(b) A rea-51(c) Secret- 11(d) US-11 C(e) None of these9. Which of the following companies isrunning in losses and costs are seen risingfor(a) Reliance Communication(b) Tata Mobile (c) Airtel(d) Indicom (e) Hutch10. Bollywood diva Madhuri Dixit will bethe global brand ambassador of BushFoods' basmati rice brand__(a) Neesa (b) Rajmahal(c) Hansraj (d) Desi Tadha(e) none of these11. The railway s have introduced modernluggage trolley s, operated by Rail YatriSevaks, for the convenience of seniorcitizens and ladies at (a) Howrah station (b) New Delhi station(c) Mumbai Junction(d) All stations of Eastern Railway(e) None of these
Page 2
12. The Delhi High Court recently orderedthe complete phase out of privately -ownedBlueline buses, blamed for accidents in thecapital, by(a) June 2012(b) December 2011(c) July 2012(d) December 2012(e) none of these13. Harish C. Mariwala, chairman andmanaging director of consumer goods firmMarico Ltd, has taken over as president of....(a) ONGC(b) FICCI(c) CII(d) NTPC(e) none of theseAnswers: 1 .a, 2.c, 3.a, 4.a, 5.a, 6.a 7 . b, 8.a,9.a, 10.a, 11 .a, 1 2.a 1 3.b
March 2 week:
1 . Who is Aruna Ramachandra Shanbaug?(a) A nurse seeking mercy killing(b) A lady who is raging crusade against euthanasia(c) The first lady speaker of SAARC(d) The only female commentator in theongoing WC 2011(e) None of these2. Women's Day is observed on(a) March 8(b) Feb 8(c) March 10(d) April 1(e) None of these3. Which of the following five states will gofor assembly election in mid 2011(a) West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Kerala,Pondicherry and Assam(b) UP, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Pondicherryand Assam(b) West Bengal, J&K, Kerala, Pondicherryand Assam(c) West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Kerala,Pondicherry and Tripurs(d) West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Kerala,Gujarat and Assam(e) None of these4. When was world international women'sday celebrated for the first time?(a) 1901(b) 1911(c) 197 1(d) 2000(e) None of these5. The Centre has set up a Mortgage Risk Guarantee Fund to cover the risk of---givento the poor.(a) education loans(b) home loans(c) subsided loans(d) agriculture loans(e) none of these6. The Centre has initiated a cancerdetection programme in how manydistricts in the country.(a) 100(b) 1000(c) 750(d) 600(e) none of these7. The breeding of white tigers is beingdone in(a) Panna tiger reserve(b) Corbett National park (c) Bandhavagarh(d) Kanha(d) none of these8. World Cup Squash 08-12 March 2011,held in(a) Chennai(b) Hyderabad(c) Dhaka(d) Chicago(e) Houston
Page 3
9. Recently the Supreme Court allowed asingle entrance test from next year for(a) Law(b) MBBS (c) Defence(d) CBI (e) none of these10. India recently signed air serviceagreement to start a direct flight from NewDelhi to Brasilia. Where is Brasilia?(a) Brazil(b) Peru(c) Libya(d) Chile(e) none of these11. India recently successfully test firednuclear capable ballistic missile___(a) Agani(b) Nag(c) Sultan(d) Dhruv(e) Eklaya12. Which of the following countries wasrecently hit by massive earth quake andTsunami?(a) Indonesia(b) Japan(c) Australia(d) China(e) Sri Lanka13. Who is Sasadhar Mahato, who was innews recently?(a) AIDAK supremo(b) New and controversial gov. of Assam(c) Top Maoists leader(d) 2G spectrum probing committee chief (d) none of these14. Tsunami warning was not issued forwhich of these countries after massiveearth quake measuring 7.9 on the Richterscale hits Japan?(a) Russia(b) Taiwan(c) Philippines(d) Hawaii(e) Sri Lanka15. What is UDRS?(a) Umpire Decision Referral System(b) Umpire Decision Review Syndrome(c) Updated Decision Review System(d) Umpire Directed Review System(d) none of these16. Where does mass nesting of rare OliveRidley turtles happen in India in the springseason(a) Kerela(b) Odisa(c) Gujarat (d) Karnataka(e) None of these17. Which committee reviewing thecontroversial Antrix -Dev as deal?(a) Goswami committee(b) Chaturvedi committee(c) Sri Krishna committee(d) Wahi committee(e) none of theseAnswers:1 .a, 2.a, 3.a, 4.b, 5. b, 6.a, 7 .a, 8.a, 9.b, 10.a,11 .a, 1 2.b, 1 3. c, 1 4. e, 1 5. c, 16.b, 1 7 . b
March 3 week:
1. What was the profession of Hasan AliKhan, who recently surrendered before theEnforcement Directorate in a moneylaundering case?(a) stud-farm owner(b) Dry fruits dealer(c) Merchant Banker(d) Citibank employee(e) none of these2. World Sparrow Day was observed on(a) March 20(b) March 19(c) Feb 20(d) January 21(e) none of these

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