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Al Selden Leif - Pagan - Oils - Properties and Uses

Al Selden Leif - Pagan - Oils - Properties and Uses

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Published by LuschersUnderworld

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Published by: LuschersUnderworld on Sep 17, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Properties and Uses
Angelica- Protects.Ambrosia- To attract love.Apple Blossom- Happiness, love, friendship.Anise- Protection, purification, increases clairvoyant abilities.Abramelin- Spirit contact, tool consecration.Apricot- An aphrodisiacAlmond- Money, prosperity, wisdom.Allspice Berry- Aphrodisiac.Allspice- Money, Luck, HealingAlmond- Money, Prosperity, WisdomAltar- To purify space, Consecrate tools, Clean objectsAmber- For Stability, Self-Confidence, PeaceAmbergris- To awaken love and emotionAnimal Healing- For animal healing spellsAnise- Protection, Purification, YouthAnointing- For anointing candles, amulets, and tools for ritualApple- Blossom for love and frienshipAquarius- Friendship, Science, Cooperation, DiplomacyAries- Initiative, Self Esteem, Courage, AmbitionAttraction- For magnetic attraction, Bring love, Money and Friendship.Balsam Peru- Exotic aroma, anchoring, strengtheningBad Dreams- To banish nightmaresBalance- To help activate a balance between the spiritual and physical self Balm of Gilead- Attract new love, Mend broken heart, Protection, HealingBanana- Used to rid of a situation that is holding you downBanishing- To banish negative energyBasil- Prosperity in businessBay Leaf -EnergizingBayberry- Money, Good luck, Peace, Harmony, Well being, Prosperity, Men's AttractionBeltane- Festival of sexuality and fertility, The young godBenzoin- Purification, ProsperityBergamot- Money, Hex-BreakingBlack Pepper- Protection and to promote courageBlue Cohosh- Eases emotional painBlues Away- To drive away sadness, DepressionBlue Sonata- Attracts Romance, Heightens Creativity and Inspiration.Business Success- To draw Customers and MoneyCamphor- To awaken past life memories, Stimulate psychic awarenessCancer- Love of home, Sensitivity, TenacityCanola- Cleanses your home of negativity.Capricorn- Organization, Ambition, Position, JusticeCardamom- Supplying energy to love and sexually oriented formulaeCarnation- Protection, Strength, Healing, VitalityCascarilla Bark- This is a stress reducing oil, and is good for meditation. Warning Do not
use any oil from the seeds as this oil is a strong purgatory.Cashew- Helps rid stress (rubbed on throat or wrists).CatMint- UpliftingCedar- Healing, Courage, Purification, Protection, Money, Hex-BreakingChampaca- Flower and Leaf of This oil is another one for mental clarity and alertness, italso has euphoric and calming properties.Cherry- Divination, Love- Cherry Blossom- Aids in becoming cheerful & good-humored.Cinnamon- Lust, Love, Success, Power, Psychic Awreness, Healing, Protection,ProsperityCitronella- UpliftingCivit- Love, passionClove- Money, Love, Lust, Exorcism, ProtectionClover- Protection, Money, Love, Fidelity, Sucess, ExorsismCoconut- Used in Protection spellsCommanding- For aid in taking commant of a situation, event, or personCommunication- To increase one's ability to communicate with othersConcentration- To increase one's ability to concentrateConquering- To overcome obstaclesConsentration- To increase one's ability to concentrateControlling- For controlling events and peopleCopal- Purification, LoveCoriander- Love and healing mixtures.Cornmint- Used to assist in clearing the air passages. Some say it is useful in speeding upthe metabolism, and for refreshing, reviving, energising, and generally sharpeningthe senses. Warning Can be irritating to the skin and can overstimulate thenervous system.Cumin- Protection, fidelity, exorcism, anti-theft. A sharp, spicy aroma. May be used for those who have mental or physical exhaustionCyclemen- To draw love and truthCypress- For comfort and solace, To ease feelings of Loss.Divination- For aid in DiviningDittany of Crete- Astral projectionDragon's Blood- Power Amplifier, Protection, Love, Banishing, PotencyDreams- To increase dreams and control themDrive & Bind- To drive a trouble maker away and keep him awayElecampane- Used for mood uplifting and to help breathing for some asthmaticsEucalyptus- Healing, ProtectionEyebright- Enhances your psychic awareness.Fast Money- Draws money quicklyFrankincense- Spirituality, Protection, Exorcism, ConcecrationFrankincense and Myrrh- Protection, healing, increases spiritualityFull Moon- To celebrate the Full MoonGalangal- Courage, Strength, Avoiding Legal ProblemsGardenia- Love, Peace, Healing, SpiritualityGemini- All literary affairs, Intellectuality, VersitilityGeranium- Fertility, Health, Love
Ginger- Success, Power, Money, LoveGinseng- Attracting Love, Luck, HealthGoldenrod- Used for bee stings and is a calming and warming oil. Use to encouragecommunication and meditationGrape- Fertility, Garden MagicGrapefruit- Powerful purifier; added to purification fragrancesHazelnut- To gain wisdom, anoint your third eyeHealing- To help you or others heal after illness or injuryHeliotrope- To attract Money or Gain Power Hemlock- Induce Astral Projection, Purify Magickal knives or swordsHibiscus- Love, Lust, DivinationHoneysuckle- Money Drawing, Psychic Awareness, Memory, Healing, Power HonestyHyacyinth- Love, ProtectionImbolc- Festival to honor the Goddess BrigidJasmine- Love, Prophetic Dreams, Money, Sleep, Love, Healing, Health, MeditationJohn the Conqueror- Money, Love, Happiness, Hex-Breaking, ProtectionJuniper- Protection, purification and healing blendsJupiter- Confidence, Business, Success, PerserveranceKeep Away Trouble- Protection from various outside sourcesLavender- Chastity, Love, Peace, Happiness, Clarivoyance, Longevity, Sleep, ProtectionLaw Stay Away- To keep away police from your dooLemon- Longevity, Purification, Love, FriendshipLemongrass- Lust, Psychic Powers, Snake RepelantLemon Verbena- Love blendsLeo- Vitality, Dignity, Authority, LeadershipLibra- Artistic Ability, Balance, PartnershipLilac- Protection, BanishingLilly of The Valley- Peace, Harmony, LoveLime- Keeps love faithful, loyal.Litha- Summer Solstice, Celebrates the Sun King, Height of GrowthLotus- Spirtuality, Love, ProtectionLotus Bouquet- Promoting spirituality, healing or meditationLove- Draw Love, Draw TruthLughnassadh- First HarvestMabon- Autumn Equinox, Second Harvest, ThanksgivingMagic- Enhances all Magickal worksMagnolia- Peace, Nature Spells, Hair GrowthMandrake- Fertility, Protection, Money, LoveMarigold- Powerful oil used for protectionMars- Energy, Aggression, Passion, EnthusiasmMercury- Intellligence, Reason, CommunicationMint- Attracts money, love, protection, brings customersMistletoe- Protection, Love, Fertility, Health, ExorcismMoney- Draw Money and ProsperityMoon- Change, Imagination, Moods, ReceptivityMother Earth- Enhances Enviornmental Magic

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