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Al Selden Leif - Pagan - Spells - Bad Habits (10)

Al Selden Leif - Pagan - Spells - Bad Habits (10)

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Published by LuschersUnderworld

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Published by: LuschersUnderworld on Sep 17, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Bad Habits,Addictions BreakingSpells
To eliminate an unwanted habit, make a poppet of yourself out of cloth, straw, or a carvedcandle. Make symbols or words on it to indicate what you want to release forever,allowing anger to build within you that you have practiced this unwanted behavior. Callupon Pluto or Hecate to assist your resolve to fully carry out change in you life.Then, using a safe container such as an iron cauldron or metal bowl, anoint the poppetwith a few drops of oil of myrrh, pennyroyal, rosemary, or rue, and then carefully set iton fire, visualizing the release of your unwanted habit or trait forever.Burn the poppet to ashes, and then take the ashes to a place where you have no need to beat any time soon. Bury it, turn firmly, and walk away. Don't look Back.
Items needed: wooden clothespin, black felt-tipped marker, small piece or pieces of paper on which you have written the bad habit (s) or trait (s) you wish to dispel, some black thread, a pin, black pepper.Shield, ground and center, cast circle, charge of the Goddess. Sit quietly and meditate onchanges you wish to occur. Raise power by chanting the following:
"This spell I do, within my rights to be free Darken my house no more! Begone! Begone from me!" 
Color clothespin with black pen and tie pieces of paper (mentioned above) around theclothespin and secure with black thread. Sprinkle clothespin with pepper, and then stick  pin into clothespin while repeating the same chant. Raise energy with chant and send off.Ground, cakes and wine, thank the Goddess, open the circle. Bury the clothespin near your front door.
With water colors or chalk, draw or write the bad habit on a piece of paper. Immediatelytake it out into the rain. Let the rain dissolve and disperse the water colors or chalk. Soshall your habit dissolve, cleansed by the sanctifying rain.
For getting rid of bad habits, overcoming obstacles, riding yourself of unwanted energy.Take a black candle which has been ritually cleansed and some anointing oil which hasalso been ritually blessed.Do not use anything for this which has not been cleansed or blessed already. Dependingon the desired result, you should choose an oil which corresponds to this end. At the timeof the new moon, or when it first begins to wane, cast a circle or use your 9' cord tocreate a sacred space. Place the black candle (preferable a taper) on the altar with the oil.Have no unblessed/uncleansed tools in this ritual. Cast the circle. Call the Goddess andher consort. Use a burin to engrave the candle with the spell you wish to cast. Now,anoint the candle using the oil. While you anoint the candle with the oil, speak thesewords out loud or silently:
"Tonight no moon, tomorrow the first one. Let this be eroded till my will be done.Candle burn down to remove all ill. Let this spell be cast by the power of my will." 
And once you have anointed the candle, place it in a safe place to it can burn downcompletely.
There are many aspects of our lives which we would like to improve, but we just can'tmuster up the willpower. In your time of need, a crystal can come to your aid. You can program a crystal to help you lose weight stop smoking or overcome any negativeattitudes about yourself. For example, you want to stop eating chocolate but just can't.You know you should stop for health reasons but you don't have the will power. Try programming a crystal by telling it something like,
"I have completely lost any desire for chocolate." 
Wear the crystal around your neck or keep it in a pocket. Whenever you want chocolate,touch your crystal and feel the urge dissipate. To get the most out of your crystal, youneed to get the right crystal in the first place. Pick a crystal by attraction, by being drawnto touch it, and then hold it loosely in your left hand. Notice the impressions, colors,sounds, and feelings you pick up. No two crystals are the same. Each crystal has its ownunique vibration, and each will resonate differently. It should feel alive in your hand,vibrate, or radiate. In other words, it should feel good. Before you use your crystalscleanse it. The easiest way to clean your crystal is to hold it in the bright sunlight andorder it to be completely cleansed. when, program it with your desired goal. Now, you'reready to enjoy your crystal!

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