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Mtuh Book of Dua With Arabic

Mtuh Book of Dua With Arabic

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Published by WisdomRider

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Published by: WisdomRider on Jul 22, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Kal-mah tayyibah (the Kalimah of purity)
La e-laa-ha il-laa-hu Mu-ham-ma-dur ra-soo-lul-laah
 There is none worthy of worship besides Allah; and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.
Kalimah shahaadah (the Kalimah of testimony)
Ash-ha-du al-laa e-laa-ha il-lal-laa-hu wa ash-ha-du anna Mu-ham-mad-an ab-du-hoo wa ra-soo-lu-hu
I bear witness that there is no one worthy of worship besides Allah; and I bear witnessthat Muhammad is his servant and messenger.
Kalimah Tamjeed (the Kalimah of glorification)
Sub-haa-nal-laa-hi wal ham-du-lil-laa hi wa-laa e-laa-ha il-lal-laa-hu wal-laa-hu ak-bar wa-laa haw-laa wa-laa quwwa-ta il-laa bil-laa-hil a-liy-yil a-zheem
Glory be to Allah and praise be to Allah. There is none worthy of worship besidesAllah. And Allah is the Greatest. There is no power and might except from Allah, TheMost High, The Great.
Kalimah tawheed (the Kalimah of unity)

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