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Artificial Intelligence Through Prolog - Neil C Rowe

Artificial Intelligence Through Prolog - Neil C Rowe

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Published by seraph1023

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Published by: seraph1023 on Jul 23, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Artificial Intelligence through Prolog by Neil C. Rowe
Artificial Intelligence through Prolog by Neil C.Rowe
Prentice-Hall, 1988, ISBN 0-13-048679-5Full text of book (without figures)
http://www.cs.nps.navy.mil/people/faculty/rowe/book/book.html [23/04/2002 17:38:27]
Table of contents
PrefaceAcknowledgementsTo the reader1. Introduction
1.1 What artificial intelligence is about1.2 Understanding artificial intelligence1.3 Preview2. Representing facts2.1 Predicates and predicate expressions2.2 Predicates indicating types2.3 About types2.4 Good naming2.5 Property predicates2.6 Predicates for relationships2.7 Semantic networks2.8 Getting facts from English descriptions2.9 Predicates with three or more arguments2.10 Probabilities2.11 How many facts do we need?3. Variables and queries
http://www.cs.nps.navy.mil/people/faculty/rowe/book/tableconts.html (1 of 8) [23/04/2002 17:38:31]
3.1 Querying the facts3.2 Queries with one variable3.3 Multi-directional queries3.4 Matching alternatives3.5 Multi-condition queries3.6 Negative predicate expressions3.7 Some query examples3.8 Loading a database3.9 Backtracking3.10 A harder backtracking example: superbosses3.11 Backtracking with "not"s3.12 The generate-and-test scheme3.13 Backtracking with "or"s (*)3.14 Implementation of backtracking3.15 About long examples4. Definitions and inferences4.1 Rules for definitions4.2 Rule and fact order4.3 Rules as programs4.4 Rules in natural language4.5 Rules without right sides4.6 Postponed binding4.7 Backtracking with rules4.8 Transitivity inferences4.9 Inheritance inferences4.10 Some implementation problems for transitivity and inheritance4.11 A longer example: some traffic laws4.12 Running the traffic lights program 4.13 Declarative programming5. Arithmetic and lists in Prolog5.1 Arithmetic comparisons
http://www.cs.nps.navy.mil/people/faculty/rowe/book/tableconts.html (2 of 8) [23/04/2002 17:38:31]

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