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Ministry to God

Ministry to God

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Published by The Corrigan Family

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Published by: The Corrigan Family on Jul 23, 2011
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The Highest Call of Every Believer is to Minister to God as a Priest
“ ‘Now then, if you will indeed obey My voice and keep My covenant, then you shall be My own possession among all the peoples, for all the earth is Mine; and you shall be to Me a kingdom of 
 priests and a holy nation.' These are the wordsthat you shall speak to the sons of Israel." Ex. 19:5-6 
The passage from Exodus 19 is the LORD’s covenant vows that He made with the children of Israel after He brought them out of Egypt. This passage can be likened to the covenant ceremony when Israel stepped into thecovenant that the Lord told Abraham about in Genesis 15. These verses are the Lord’s “wedding” vows when Heofficially betrothed Himself to the nation of Israel forever (Jeremiah 2:2). The vows describe Israel as the Lord’shighest treasure, and what He was vowing to make them into, a kingdom of priests.
Here we see the purpose of this covenant. Here we see the heart of why the covenant exists; we see the purpose of God’s betrothal to man; we see what the end result of what this covenant will produce - The entire purpose for God’s covenant with man is the Lord wants a Kingdom of Priests. This promise is like like every other promise inthe bible for the Jew first and then the gentile.1.Instead of having a few set apart people that serve as priests on behalf of the rest of the people, the Lordsintention for covenant was He wanted a kingdom where every single person would function as a priest.
O priests who despise My name. But you say, 'How have we despised Your name ?' 7 "You are presenting defiled food upon My altar. But you say, 'How have we defiled You?' In that you say, 'The table of the LORD is to be despised......10"Oh that there were one among you who would shut the gates, that you might not uselessly kindle fire on My altar ! I amnot pleased with you," says the LORD of hosts, "nor will I accept an offering from you. 11 "For from the rising of the suneven to its setting, My name will be great among the nations, and in every place incense is going to be offered to My name,and a grain offering that is pure ; for My name will be great among the nations," says the LORD of hosts. Malachi 1:6-7, 10-11
In the passage above from Malachi ch. 1 the Lord is rebuking the priesthood in Israel for dishonoring their duties as priests and not taking their priesthood seriously. Israel’s priesthood became disconnected from the awe having theHOLY one dwell in their midst and thus started to despise their unique privilege to be the only people on the earthwho were able to stand before and minister to the one true God. They Lost the fear of the Lord and began to takeHis presence for granted.
The Lord tells them in Malachi 1:11, that because they have despised their priesthood the Lord was going to go andoffer the ministry of the priesthood to someone who would actually appreciate His presence... the gentile nations of the earth. This prophecy would have been an utter shock to the nation of Israel based upon the protocol of the Lawof Moses that said that no gentile foreigner could even come near the inner courts of the temple much less becomethe priests of the temple! A gentile priest was the last and most ridiculous ideas to the jewish mind; and God basically tells them, “OK since you are communicating to me through your actions that you don’t want this priesthood then I am going to give it to the least likely ones....the gentiles. He tells them in essence that when the plan of redemption is all said and done, that He will have a priesthood who will offer pure sacrifices of praise inevery place in every nation, in every people group, and everywhere upon the planet....forever. Why? Because Hisname will be seen as great and all the people all over the earth would build “altars” of worship and prayer unto Hisgreatness (i.e. Is. 2:11-12; Ps. 46:10; 22:27; 66:1-4; 67:3-7; 86:9; 138:4-5; 148:13)
"Behold, the days are coming, says the Lord, when I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel and with thehouse of Judah-- not according to the covenant that I made with their fathers in the day that I took them by the hand tolead them out of the land of Egypt, My covenant which they broke, though I was a husband to them
 , says the Lord. Jeremiah 31:31-32 And when He had taken some bread and given thanks, He broke it and gave it to them, saying, "This is My body which is given for you; do this in remembrance of Me." And in the same way He took the cup after they had eaten, saying, "Thiscup which is poured out for you is the new covenant in My blood. Luke 22:19-20
One Thing Internship
Tools for the Prayer Room 4.11.11
1.Israel broke the Exodus 19 covenant with the LORD which provoked the LORD’S heart to anger like a jealous husband. However, the Lord didn’t give up upon the nation of Israel...He gave a new covenantthrough the blood of Jesus Christ which would also allow all the gentile nations of the earth to be graftedinto the remnant of Israel so that all the nations could enjoy covenant with the Lord. The central reason for the new covenant was the Lord wanted to provoke Israel to jealousy by giving their priesthood to thegentiles. The Lord knew that when Israel sees the gentiles functioning as priests in the presence of the Lord being filled with the Holy Spirit it would cause Israel to say...”
 Hey the Lord promised that we would be akingdom of priests but look all the gentiles are doing it and look at how awesome the promise of God is
..”This provoking to jealousy will cause Israel to enter back into covenant with God. In other words thereason why the Lord allowed the gentiles to be included in the new covenant was so that Israel would toreturn to Him. (Ex. 20:5, 34:14, Deut. 6:15; Ps. 117:1; Is 9:1, 11:1, 42, 49:6, 60 Jer. 16:19, 31; Zech 12-13;Mal. 1; Luke 22:20; Acts 1-15; Rom. 9-11; 2 Cor. 3, 11:2; Heb. 8-9).a.The centerpiece in God’s heart in the plan of redemption is the nation of Israel. The churches main purpose in the great commission will come to conclusion when the entire nation of Israel is provokedto Jealousy and
“All of Israel is saved.” -
Romans 11:26
 And they [the company in heaven] sang a new song, saying, "Worthy are You to take the book and to break its seals; for You were slain, and purchased for God with Your blood men from every tribe and tongue and people and nation. "Youhave made them to be a kingdom and 
 priests to our God 
; and they will reign upon the earth." Rev. 5:9-10
In this passage in Revelation 5:9-10 we see the fulfillment of the Lord bringing forth a kingdom of priests just as hesaid He would in Exodus 19, and Malachi 1:11. This shows us that the new blood covenant of Jesus Christ fulfillsthe intentions of the old covenant. The old covenant failed to produce God’s dream of a kingdom of Priests but thenew covenant succeeds in giving God that dream. The desired end result of both old and new covenants has always been the same; to produce a kingdom of priests. The Lord never changed His mind, having a kingdom of priestswas always His intention. Remember Christ didn’t come to abolish the law and the prophets but to fulfill them -Matt. 5:17. So the New Covenant doesn’t eradicate the old covenant it fulfills the intensions of the old covenant.(Remember that the definition of the church is those that have entered into the new covenant.)
The new testament that the church clings to so much was never meant to stand alone but is the fulfillmentof the old testament. Therefore you cannot understand what the new testament is fulfilling withoutunderstanding what the old testament was prophesying.
In this passage in Revelation 5:9-10 we see a description spoken in heaven about the end-time church who are on theearth. The church is being defined in this passage above, from heaven’s perspective, as the very kingdom of priestsdescribed in Exodus 19. Heaven breaks out in a new song basically saying “
 Praise you Jesus for look you have produced the kingdom of priests that you wanted way back in Exodus 19, and here they are
.” This passage proceedsthe return of Jesus & the end time judgments. It shows us that there will be a saved remnant in every
on theearth before Jesus returns. So this passage tells us this that the end time church will step into her primary function asa kingdom of priests before the Lord’s return.
Summation of God’s Covenant with Man: The Lord’s primary intension for having relationship with people throughcovenant was to bring together a corporate group of people called the church who’s primary occupation for eternitywould be to function as a kingdom of priests.1.So, why would the LORD want a kingdom where everyone is a priest? To understand “why” we mustunderstand His heart’s desire of what a true priest is, and how they are meant to function.
"Now take Aaron your brother, and his sons with him, from among the children of Israel, that 
he may minister to Me as priest.” Ex.28:1(NKJV)"But the priests, the Levites, the sons of Zadok, who kept charge of My sanctuary when the children of Israel went astray from Me, they shall come near Me to minister to Me
; and they shall stand before Me..." says the Lord God.” Ezekiel.44:15(NKJV)
The fist and primary function of a priest is to draw near to the LORD to minister to HIM. In the passages above theLORD set apart priestly people from the rest and gave them the unique privilege and occupation to stand in His very presence to minister to His heart.
1.So how do we minister to God? Many don’t understand the concept of ministry to the LORD, after all whywould the LORD need to be ministered to? What is the LORD’s heart motive of why He wants to beministered to? How can we offer anything to God to minister to Him?2.To unpack ministry to the Lord we have to understand Gods purpose for creation.
You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your strength. Mark 12:30 (NKJV)
3.The scripture above is the eternal first and great commandment and gives us insight into God’s heart. Thecentral purpose for God creating was His desire to share a love exchange with people who would choose tolove Him voluntarily (with their free will).4. Each person has the ability to give God something that is most precious to Him; something that Godactually doesn’t already have….their love. He doesn’t force man to love Him; He stands at the door of every man’s heart and knocks to see if they will open to Him. He could take the human heart by force, butHe doesn’t He allows man to choose to Love Him. When people give the Lord voluntary love it ministersto Him by bringing great pleasure & delight to His heart because they are choosing to Love Him when theydon’t have to. Love isn’t really love unless there is a choice....mandated emotions wouldn’t be authenticlove they would be robotic. God wanted voluntary love not mandatory love. If a person chooses not to giveGod their heats in love then God can never experience love from that heart that He created; this means hewouldn’t be able to experience the fullness of His creation. No one else has the capacity to love & expresslove to God in the same way as you do. You have a unique & precious offering that you can give to Godthat no one else can ever give for you - love from your heart. You have a ministry to God that no one elsecan replicate. (Ps.16:3,149:4, Prov. 8:31; Is. 62:4; John 17, Rev. 3:20).
What was the LORD’s main purpose in producing voluntary lovers of Himself? What is the Lord’s motivation behind this? John 14:21 tells us that we demonstrate love by obeyingGod’s commands. But could there be an even greater purpose on God’s agenda than producing people who loving &obeying Him? What is all of this unto? The answer can start to unfold to us as we meditate upon Revelation 5:9-13.
"Who is worthy to open the scroll and to loose its seals?" And no one in heaven or on the earth or under the earth wasable to open the scroll 
 , or to look at it. So I wept much, because no one was found worthy to open and read the scroll, or tolook at it. But one of the elders said to me, "Do not weep. Behold, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, has prevailed to open the scroll and to loose its seven seals… Now when He had taken the scroll, the four living creatures and the twenty-four elders fell down before the Lamb, each having a harp, and golden bowls full of incense, which are the prayers of the saints. 9 And they sang a new song, saying: "You are worthy to take the scroll…. 13 And every created thing which is in heaven and on the earth and under the earth and on the sea, and all things in them
 , I heard saying, "To Him who sits on the throne, and to the Lamb, be blessing and honor and glory and dominion forever and ever.""Rev.5:2-9, 13 (NKJV)
1.In this passage there is a search throughout all created order for a man worthy to receive the scroll which isthe title deed of the earth. The one who has the scroll has power to release God’s redemptive battle plan tocleanse the earth from everything that hinders love and to rule & reign on the earth forever. This searchincludes every human soul past, present, & future.a.God created the earth to be ruled & governed by man in partnership with Himself. He ordained man tocarry out all His plans on the earth. Even after the fall of man the Lord had to stay within the legalconfines of how He created the earth to function by finding a person to partner with Him to accomplishHis plan of redemption. Adam was given the unique privilege to govern & rule over the earth in perfect unity with God. Adam was originally created to never die. If Adam could have carried out theLord’s command to subdue and take dominion of the earth while filling the earth with offspringwithout ever sinning then He would have naturally been the chief governor of the planet. In other words, if Adam never would have fallen into sin he would have been ruler of the earth forever. Thisshows us that God ordained the earth to be a kingdom forever ruled by one man in partnership withHimself. (Gen. 1:26-28; Ps. 8:6) b.God also created the earth to be a place where He Himself could dwell having the fullness of the spiritrealm and the natural together in one reality. His intensions were for creating were to dwell with manupon the earth.

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