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The Making of 'This Loud Morning' (Transcript by Close Your Eyes)

The Making of 'This Loud Morning' (Transcript by Close Your Eyes)

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Published by Closeyoureyes
Transcript of 'Making of' DVD that accompanies This Loud Morning (Deluxe version)
Transcript of 'Making of' DVD that accompanies This Loud Morning (Deluxe version)

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Published by: Closeyoureyes on Jul 23, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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David: 10th of June [2011]. Myself and the band  we've been holed up on Calabasas working on mysophomore record. And it is been an experience. I think everything happened so fast since Idols  I thinkwe put the first record out start to finish in 4 ½ months. And so when we finished touring on the firstrecord, I immediately went into working on the second record. And it became this thing of  you know,we didn't want to put a time frame on it. And I said "Ah, that's cool"  you know, take some of thepressure of' and  Little did I know that we were going to spend over a year on this record.
[Clip of band in studio, Right Here With You playing in background]
David: And looking back on it now - I don't know that we could have done this record any other way. Ithink the end result is one of the most interesting, original records I think I've ever been a part of. I'mreally, really  the word is stoked. I'm really stoked for everybody to hear this record.
[Clip of David and Matt S listening to a piece of music on David's mac]David: There's  You know what, there's something at the beginning of the bridge that I actually like and then it just kinda goes away. And I don't  [plays a snip]
David: You know, I think by having more time with this record, it opened us up to trying different things,and really zoning in on the 'right' moments, and the 'right' parts and the 'right' instruments. You know,the last record was such a gut call with everything. It was just like 'If it sounds good, we're doing it'.There are aspects of that that really work for me. Historically I've never  The first record was thelongest I'd ever spent on a record at that point.
[Clip of Matt S at soundboard, David in recording booth]Matt S: We're not getting our tapes on that last ___ It's not coming out clear. I can hardly understand it.One more time." David: Okay. [sings chorus from Fade Into Me]Matt S: Yeah man, that was good. One more for safety and that's it.David: Okay 
David: You know, especially working with someone like Matt Serletic, who has such a mindset that leadsit so  you know, everything has to be so thorough and so intricate. And I remember walking into pre-production [and spending three days on kick-drum patterns, and I was like 'Oh God, this is gonna take awhile' [laughs]
Pre-Production Day 1 (June 27, 2010)
[Clip of Matt S and band in pre-production]Matt S:  to the right cymbal, so eight bars earlier Kyle: So it's like up the ante right there? Matt S: Once you probably go to that right cymbal halfway through that first chorus, I mean that third chorus, sorry 
David: You know, working with Matt was a departure for me. Every stage of this record  they were allnecessary, but I think, going through it, I got really easy to get bogged down. And I'll be the first to admitthat this process was probably the most difficult record I've ever been a part of.
Various clips showing David's frustration]
Matt S: Dave wanted this to be a more artistic album. And that's always a bit of a search. Like finding anartistic direction, finding something that strikes the balance between commercial and creative. It took usa while to find that, because I think there's a lot of influences in Dave's life.
[Clip of Dave & Matt S listening to recording]Dave: 'Ahhhhh . I hate this song. Fine, it's done." [Dave does shimmy thing while Matt laughs]
David: You know, it gets a little unnerving to have that kind of time to second-, and third-, and fourth-guess yourself.
Pre-production Day 2 (June 28, 2010)
[Clip of band playing Paper Heart]
David: I always hear these stories about people's sophomore records being like the ones that really testtheir patience and their desire and all that. And this record certainly did that for me.
[Clip of David and band gambling]Monty: I'll push it! [throws]David: Every time you say that, every single time you say that! 'I'll push it!' And then some [bleeped] goeshaywire and then 'push it' Monty: I'll try ___
David: You know, when it comes to the band, I am far and away the luckiest person in the world, to workwith who I work with. You know, I've known these guys in some cases  well, in most cases, God, we'retalking 8 years. You know, they're some of my best friends, and I couldn't imagine being on the road
with anybody else. And I think what they each bring to the table, both as musicians, but moreimportantly, as people, I think - is as much responsible for the way I carry myself onstage as anything.They make it fun
[Clip of Andy hitting Kyle in the nuts and vice versa, David cracking up]
David: Andy is actually somebody  I played in a band with Andy before, a band called MWK. And hewas the singer, I was the rhythm guitar player. Andy's got such a . Just kind of this immense cachet of talent. And then Neal is  Neal's my secret weapon, you know. Neal is another guy that I played with inMWK, and  his musical aptitude is incredible. Kyle is an amazing drummer. Kyle is somebody we metwhen we were putting the band together. And it was funny  it was between him and another guy  Thefirst thing he did was crack a joke on me when he sat down. And I thought that was
. Monty is How do I explain Monty? Good God 
[Clip of Monty singing 'Meow, meow, meow']Monty: Andy wanted to hear me sing, so there you go
David: I'm a happier person with Monty around. Monty just  he's got an energy, you know? [shrugs]And I don't know how to explain it, 'cos he's a goof. And things like that  I don't know, they'reinvaluable.
day of recording (30 June, 2010)
Clip of Dave and band in studio, listening to recordings
David: The first day, you know after all the pre-production that we finally got into the studio. And howexcited I was that we were in the studio and we were tracking this record. [
Circadian playing inbackground].
You know, we start off with a song like Circadian. And the story of Circadian is like  I justremember, you know, waking up one day, and feel like 'Man, I just  all I want to do is sleep. Like, Ican't how it's  the world is just loud. I need  I need some silence, you know'.David Wolter, A&R, RCA Records: I remember when they played Circadian. It was, I think  The firstmoment, it was 'This is fantastic!'Matt S: It was really a magic moment. There it is  it's a great vocal performance by Dave, has a bandenergy that's very unique
David: I have to say  first listen, just kinda 'hair on the back of your neck standing up' kind of thing that's probably my favorite song on this record.
[Clip of David singing chorus from Circadian, everybody listening back to recording]Matt S: That has goosebump potential. I think.

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