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Why Journalism?

Why Journalism?

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Published by Lauren Weathers

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Published by: Lauren Weathers on Jul 24, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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My name is Lauren Weathers, and I am currently a Junior at AuburnUniversity with a major in Broadcast Journalism and a minor in politicalscience. I have wanted to be a broadcast news writer/ producer all my life. Ihave an insatiable curiosity for what is going on in the community around meas well as in the world around me. I chose this major because I see a drasticneed for Americans, and more specifically the millennial generation, to beeducated on the immediate issues facing our world and how these issues willcontinuously impact them as they enter the work force and begin to build forthe next generation. Journalism is not just a job or a hobby for me, it is apassionate part of me, which is constantly working to formulate ways of improving what I do. I want to add meaning to others lives through educationin order to prevent the impending dangers of apathy.I have learned since college that it is crucial to go above and beyondwhat is asked of you. When I came to Auburn, my father said, "Treat thisopportunity for education like a job." I have heeded his advice, and from8a.m. to 12a.m., learning, catching up, and getting ahead in my field of study is my number one priority. I am an energetic and hard worker, I havevery good people skills, and I will meet every challenge with the thoroughresearch and creative insight needed to complete it. I am always veryinterested in meeting new people, and I am especially good at networking. Iam extremely detail oriented and have a knack for researching and writing.All my broadcast teachers, family and friends know me as "the politicalone," and constantly joke about me running for office one day. I do not know
what the future holds, but for now, I love working in politics and humanaffairs at the Auburn news station and keeping my peers constantly informedon what is going on in the world. It is extremely exciting to see how my peershave responded to my initiatives though campus organizations and to myfilm, news, and podcasting projects, and I enjoy utilizing the many platforms journalists have to operate off of these days.After college, I would love to join a local news crew and work inproduction like I will be doing this summer in Washington DC. I chose thesummer program at George Washington, because I thought it could bestprepare me for the intensive work I will be doing senior year to ready me forgraduation. I enjoy the production aspect, because producers have a hand ineverything. They maintain a sense of the big picture, the show, all whilehaving acute attention to detail, which I also have. I want to get to know thestrengths and weaknesses of the the people I'm working with, and I want touse this knowledge to produce a great show that will appeal to all agesthrough approachable, accountable, efficient and entertaining news. Theleadership roles I have had throughout my life, and especially those I've hadin college working with production and political affairs, have readied me tolead and appeal to a news team.From toddlers to the elderly, we all have a responsibility to contributeto society through advocacy, responsibility, or through educating others. Ihave grown up watching CNN, and I believe they are extremely efficient,credible, and that they do bold and meaningful things through their

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