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MS Flight Simulator X Help - Garmin 1000

MS Flight Simulator X Help - Garmin 1000



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Published by EnCode

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Published by: EnCode on Sep 17, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 An introduction to glass cockpits in Flight Simulator 
The Garmin G1000 glass cockpit is revolutionizing General Aviation, and now youcan see for yourself what all the excitement is about! The Deluxe version of FlightSimulator X includes three aircraft with an optional G1000 glass cockpit variation:
Cessna Skyhawk SP Model 172
Mooney M20M "Bravo"
Beechcraft Baron 58Pick your plane, step into the cockpit, and prepare to be amazed!
Welcome to the Revolution 
The G1000 takes many of the common instruments you're used to seeing on thepanel of a small aircraft and displays them on two big computer displays.Everything is displayed in an easy-to-read electronic format, along with some newfeatures too.More than anything else, the information presented on the G1000's displays—thePrimary Flight Display (PFD) and the Multi Function Display (MFD)—will increaseyour situational awareness. At all times, you'll have a much better picture of theaircraft's attitude, performance, and position.There's a lot to look at, a lot to play with, and a lot to learn. In fact, the G1000'sfeatures rival those found in the cockpits of many airliners! Once you get used toflying with a glass cockpit, it's hard to go back to "steam gauges."In a simulator, the best way to get up to speed is to dive right in and learn by doing. Luckily, the G1000 isfunction intuitively. So in this article we'll keep things at a high level. We'll provide an overview of the G10features and how to use them to do most of the basic tasks you're used to doing while flying any airplane uFlight Rules (VFR). While we'll touch on some of the more advanced IFR features, we encourage you to visi
and download the real-world G1000 manuals (free of charge) for a more detailed explareal unit's intricacies.
Using the G1000 
Welcome to the RThe Big PictureControls and KeysThe Primary FlightThe Audio PanelThe Multi FunctionDirect-to NavigatiThe Active FlightInstrument FlyingG1000Take it SlowlyUsing the GPSUsing an AutopiloUsing Views andUsing the KeyboaUsing the Flight Pl
What matters most
 The G1000 in Flight Simulator doesn't model
of theG1000's features (and new features are being added all
Page 1 of 22Using the G10009/16/2008file://C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\FSWeb\LearningC...
The Big Picture 
Ready to learn what all those glowing screens and buttons and knobs do?Some Flight Simulator pilots prefer theVirtual cockpitfor the immersive feeling that it provides. Others pregraphics of the 2-D panel. Some use the 2-D cockpit for instrument flying, and the Virtual cockpit for sightusing both with the G1000 and see which one you like best.In
Virtual cockpit
view, you'll be sitting in a 3-D cockpit with the two G1000 displays in front of you. Youand out by pressing
. To look around, use the hat switch on your joystikeys on the numeric keypad, or use the thumbstick on an
Xbox 360 controller for Windows
. One of thelook around the cockpit is the new mouse-look feature. To learn more, seeUsing the Mouse.In
2-D Cockpit
view (press
to switch cockpit views), you'll be sitting in front of a 2-D G1000 PFD, with jengine gauges visible on the MFD on the right side of your monitor. You can display additional panels by clicontrol panel icons, or by pressing
. Additional panels include:
Pop-up Multifunction display (MFD)
Pop-up Primary Flight Display (PFD)
Traditional backup gaugesthe time). It does however model most of what a typicalprivate pilot would use on a typical VFR or IFR flight(using an early model G1000).
Don't forget to look out
With two big displays to lohard to imagine why you'd
Page 2 of 22Using the G10009/16/2008file://C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\FSWeb\LearningC...
Engine controls and switches
CompassYou can drag and resize any of these panels, which is particularly useful if you havemultiple monitors. You can, for example, pop-up the MFD, drag itto your second monitor, and resize it so that you can see both the PFD andthe MFD at the same time.
Controls and Keys 
The PFD and the MFD both feature the same controls and keys, which havebeen designed to minimize your workload as you access the G1000'ssophisticated functionality.To manipulate the knobs and keys on the G1000, use the mouse just like you'd use your hand in a real cocdisplay each control's name by moving the pointer over it.
The G1000 includes two types of adjustment knobs: single knobs and dual knobs. Dual knobs have a largesmall knob on top of it.To rotate a knob, move the cursor across the knob. A hand with either a
(minus sign) or a
(plus sign)look at anything other thaG1000. But especially undFlight Rules (VFR), you'reresponsible for keeping yoseparated from other aircrfixate on the G1000!For increased visibility in 2Cockpit view you can replG1000 2-D panel with a mof traditional instrumentsor get rid of the instrumenaltogether (press
againalso make the 2-D panel stransparent! To learn morUsing Views and Windows.
Page 3 of 22Using the G10009/16/2008file://C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\FSWeb\LearningC...

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Someone correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think this unit has bearing needles. Am I over looking how to turn these on and fly actual needles to and from a navaid? I would like to use this unit more but I'm not seeing what I need. anyone have any advice? I currently use / practice with a Jet.
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