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On Knots

On Knots

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Published by: Jonathan Francois Douglas O'Haly on Jul 24, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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nothing makes any sense anymore.nothings supposed to.people who think they know things about spirituality usually don’t.everybody has issues. what makes you tick?everybody’s got something. you gotta. can someone really turn the light switch on and have it left there?probably not. you can’t be positive all the time.sooner or later someone’s going to piss you off. everything’s relative.someone may have had an experience that they read into too much thinkingthat they have somehow pierced through into some magical understandingthat most others haven’t.for that particular person their special experience may have truly transformed them on one level or another propelling them to a higher stateof being and thought.or at least one would like to think so. the human ego has an infinite capacity for fooling itself. we can all agree on that. people can tell themselves almost anything.people can lie to themselves.most people probably do. because what is reality?everything is relative.i don’t live inside your head so maybe i can’t really say.  what’s your interpretation of it all? we all know that life is infinitely diverse. what’s true for me may not mean anything for you.life is a journey. 
sometimes people obviously don’t know what they’re talking about.i saw this thing about a guru in india and they call him the ‘grumpy guru’.i can’t remember his name but he’s got thousands and thousands of followers because he’s probably part of a succession of enlightened master’s who have passed down the great secret of enlightenment to each other. but he’s always grumpy and yelling at people.i mean it’s pretty obvious to me that that’s not enlightenment. but to other people they are convinced that serving this man will be fruitfulfor them spiritually. sometimes people have fooled themselves to such a great degree that it is sopainfully obvious to everyone else that they are dwelling completely undera dark cloud of their own choosing and no one can figure out how to reachthat person. you can’t shake that person and wake them up, you can’t talk to them andif you do you will probably make them angry and just have them distancethemselves off from you even further.somehow you have to hope that whatever knot they have gotten themselvesinto will just unravel itself.i believe in enlightenment.i believe that inside everyone is a great knot, that everyone in fact is a knot,or better yet a great series of knots totalling a huge knot, that people aretotally defined on every level by their ignorance, by their opposition togod, by god as an energy force, not as a fable but by the cosmic energy thatcomprises everything in this universe. and if you look at someone you can see and read their energy matrix and you can see the various knots combining to prevent that person from lettinggo and flowing with cosmic energy totally and freely.i believe that people who are so knotted up inside their own heads areunable to truly see reality.  we shouldn’t think that we can somehow magically unwind someone else oreven help them to unwind themselves.

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