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Fuse Igniting My Passion for Teaching

Fuse Igniting My Passion for Teaching

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Published by glenn0104
November 22, 2011
November 22, 2011

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Published by: glenn0104 on Jul 24, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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FUSE: Igniting myPassion forTeaching
An Entry to The FUSE@15EssayWriting Contest
By: MARI GLENN P. AGUILARProject 6 Elementary School
[November 22, 2009]
“FUSE: IGNITING MY PASSION FOR TEACHING”Passion for teaching, anyone..? Says who? Most teachers know it is aburning desire to make a difference for pupils and persevere to keep on withtheir level of effectiveness as teachers. Passion for teaching means beingable to take the tiring daily activities, meet the needs to utilize the limitedresources available to attain the daily teaching goals, the endless stress andstill want to come to school the next morning determined to teach and touchthe lives of pupils. A teacher should never be tired of attending, the same oldin-service seminar workshops to augment the knowledge of the subject areasthey teach. At least, they just know… in an idealistic point of view. Honestlyspeaking I am one of them, but despite the fact that having this passion; Iknow that this perspective should revolutionize to a certain degree.Until sometime in November 2005 (my 14
year of somewhat fruitfulteaching), I was called up by my principal handing me a memo citing that Iam recipient of FUSE (FOUNDATION FOR UPGRADING THE STANDARD
a 15 hours Video-Telecourse Seminar Workshop forScience. I was also informed that this is a non government organization thatcaters to help upgrade the standard of education in the Philippines asconveyed on its acronym. I was very excited though it would consume mySaturdays and Sundays for my family. Aside from conducive to learn trainingrooms and free provisions of food, and its venue, which is almost two hoursand a half travel time from Pulilan, Bulacan to Makati, I know it is ratherdifferent from seminar/workshops we usually attend to.
During the seminar workshop, we are trained how to use multi-mediaas visual aid for teaching. The trainers discussed to us the use of CD-ROMsthey provided offer a more engaging learning experience, with text, audio,video, and animations used to deliver information. The vivid picturespresented along with bulleted text as an audio narration by Dr. LourdesCarale provided the primary content of the topics. Basically, this package of VCDs and 3 volumes of lesson guides/manual are purposely to endow withcomplete and comprehensive background information for teachers, the basicfacts about Biology, Physics, Solar System and Earth Sciences. The use of multiple media optimizes learning styles easily: through auditory,kinesthetic, and visual. Students’ engagement increases with the use of multi-media device because it is self- paced, highly interactive, increasesretention rates, and reduces cost of teaching materials. In addition, I realizedthat times are changing and so are pupil’s needs; they are more inclined totechnology like televisions, computers, net surfing and other gadgetsthrough which teachers should be kept updated with the current trends andissues to meet the gap between them and the learners. Typically, I use textbooks provided by the school and PELC (PhilippineElementary Learning Competencies) as guide. It’s a fact that teachers shouldbe resourceful enough to effectively deliver its daily learning tasks byutilizing cut out pictures and colorful drawings to catch the pupils’ attentionon manila paper or cartolina… if the teacher is gifted in arts, but it is trulytiring and time consuming on our part.

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