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Freedom and Democracy.cwk (WP)

Freedom and Democracy.cwk (WP)

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Published by Michael Drew Prior

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Published by: Michael Drew Prior on Jul 24, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The “freedom” championed by America isin fact the freedom of already wealthy Americans, and, to a smaller extent, otherglobal elites, to acquire for themselvesvast, yea endless, amounts of wealth usingall of the natural wealth of the Earthincluding minerals, land, sunlight, water,plants, animals, genetic endowment, ideasand human labor--let other people bedamned.This “freedom” is championed using themost powerful and vicious network ofbloody violence in known history.This state of affairs is spiritually bankrupt.We, Americans, should be ashamed of ourcountry.Instead, many or most Americans areextremely proud of their country. “We arethe champions, and the exemplars, of
freedom, democracy, justice, and good.”United States citizens! Please considerdeeply what effect we, as a nation, arehaving on the world.I suggest that you include in yourconsideration a few things---(1) the roughly7 million people killed since 1945 by theU.S.; (2) the democratic governmentsoverthrown by the U.S. in Nicaragua, Iran,Guatemala, Brazil, Chile, Haiti, etc.; (3) thecruel and vicious dictatorships supportedby the U.S. in El Salvador, Cuba, theDominican Republic, Brazil, Bolivia,Nicaragua, Argentina, Guatemala,Honduras, Haiti, Paraguay, Chile, Taiwan,Vietnam, Korea, the Philippines, Pakistan,Brunei, Fiji, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Rhodesia,South Africa, Liberia, Zaire, Iran, Morocco,Spain, Portugal, Greece, Turkey, etc.; (4)the military interventions by the U.S., since
1945, in Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Angola, Columbia, Guatemala, Yugoslavia,Turkey, Sudan, Rwanda, Mexico, Haiti, Angola, Libya, Panama, Honduras, Chad,Lebanon, Italy, Iran, Zaire, Pakistan,Indonesia, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia,Uruguay, Cuba, Peru, Dominican Republic,Panama, El Salvador, Congo, Nepal, Haiti,Puerto Rico, Korea, Greece, etc.; (5) Thevast empire of U.S. military bases aroundthe world. Is the purpose and effect ofthese bases to defend government by andfor the people? Or any good thing? Or is itto impose cruel dictatorship upon thepeople of the world? (6) The vast wealth ofa small percentage of Americans, whilebillions of good people struggle to survive.They claim they deserve all of this wealth,and much more. And they claim that if youbelieve that the poor people of this earthdeserve a decent living, that makes you adamnable Communist or at least a deluded

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