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The Bow & Wow Times - Issue#8

The Bow & Wow Times - Issue#8

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Published by Bow & Wow

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Published by: Bow & Wow on Jul 25, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Issue No.8
As pet parents, we want nothing but the very bestfor our furry baby. But apart from all the toys, clothes,accessories, grooming sessions, or playtime and attention, the best gift we can really give our pets is to provide them
 the nest nutrition there is – every day, every meal – to
ensure that that they live a long, healthy, and happy life.When Hitler was a puppy, I made a common mistake
most rst-time pet owners do. I started feeding him
food recommended by the breeder, without bothering to read labels or do proper research. As he eventually grew tired of his puppy food brand, I made another even more horrible mistake: I
picked out grocery store dog food, one of those commercial brands with million-dollar 
advertising budgets and photos of cute dogs on the packaging. I also bought those cheapbut colourfully packaged treats without bothering to understand what were in them.Because I didn’t know any better back then, I thought that was already good enough. Icringe now when I remember those days!In subsequent years, as Hitler transitioned into adulthood and I transitioned from beinga pet owner to a pet parent, I slowly but surely learned the importance of nutrition. I
learned what I should and shouldn’t feed my baby. I embarked on a quest to nd healthy,all-natural, premium dog food and treats made from whole food ingredients. And I’ve
never looked back since.Right now, I feed Hitler dry kibble from
Taste of the Wild 
Natural Balance
, thoughI switch brands from time to time to keep his menu interesting. To enhance his palate,I add in some
5-star gourmet entrees canned food or 
Natural Balance
rolls – he absolutely loves them! All his treats are also all-natural. We get everything
from Bow & Wow, of course. My husband sometimes jokes that Hitler eats more
healthily than we do – but I can see that it’s totally worth it. He is very energetic andhis health couldn’t be better, as we hardly take ailment-related trips to the vet anymore,unlike before. He eats much less – and poops much less – so it’s apparent that thosecommercial grocery store brands really do contain nothing but bulk-llers with zeronutritional value. He has relatively less tear stain problems, and has developed better-
smelling breath and great skin condition. He’s even smarter, too (though he is already smart to begin with!). I bought him a Nina Ottosson interactive dog toy recently, and
it took him less than a minute to gure out how to work the puzzle!
 I truly hope this
Nutrition Special
issue of the Bow & Wow Times will help all you pet
parents – whether rst-time or veteran – gure out the best way to nourish your baby.Should you need help, don’t hesitate to write me an e-mail, or drop by any of our stores to get a full nutritional consultation from our in-house vets and pet consultants. At theend of the day, apart from your pet’s eagerly wagging tail as he feeds on his all-natural
goodies, what will make you happiest is knowing that you are being a great pet parent.
Happy Pet Parenting!
Pam So-Suarezpssuarez@bowandwow.com.ph
P.S. All of us in Bow & Wow would like to congratulate pet parent 
 Jannette Cuarto
and her baby 
FUDGE the Shih Tzu
 , for winning our recently concluded Bow & Wow Baby Portraitscontest with The Picture Company and being the cover baby of this issue of our magazine.Stay tuned as we unveil more contests in the near future - your baby might just be the
next cover of our magazine! And oh, don’t forget to check out the pet parent proles of 
Heart Evangelista
and stylist 
 Alyanna Martinez
(page 14 & 17), as they tell usall about the joys of pet parenting.
 We digest it for pet parents... The Bow & Wow Times tracks all relevant
pet information from key websites, magazines, journals, animal researchand studies, and other credible sources. Then we summarize what is
essential for you to know in order to raise healthy and happy pets, andbecome the best pet parents you can be. The Bow & Wow Times is in noway intended to replace the knowledge and/or diagnoses of veterinary professionals. Always consult with your veterinarian whenever a healthproblem arises which requires expert care.
 The Bow & Wow Times is a quarterly publication o the Healthy Options Group o Companies withcorporate ofces located at #3 Economia Street corner Calle Industria, Barangay Bagumbayan,Libis, Quezon City, 1110 and trunk line o (632)637-8888. For subscription inquiries, visit any o ourstores listed above. Bow & Wow is a trademark registered at the Philippine Patent Ofce. ENTEREDAS THIRD CLASS (PM) POSTAGE PAID AT QUEZON CITY CPO Under Permit No. NCR-05-07-201 validuntil December 31, 2011. Subject or Postal Inspection.
Nourishing my Baby
editorial staff 
Christian Tan
Romy Sia
Pam So-Suarez
 Joy Ann Cardeño
circulation manager
Tennie Hung
Wilzen Wobby Tiang
layout & design
Sky Printing
Level 5, Shangri-La Plazal Mall, EDSA Mandaluyong City(632) 638-3372Lower Ground Floor, Greenbelt 5, Makati City(632) 501-3680
to transform pet owners into pet parentsWe believe dogs and cats must have the best nutritionand health care available.We believe dogs and cats are not toys for ouramusement; they have feelings, they are very loyaland they need our tender loving care.We believe the best way to acquire new pets is throughpet adoption from the animal shelters.We are against selling dogs and cats in pet shops
which involves prolonged confnement in small cages.
We are against all forms of animal cruelty includingchaining and caging dogs.We support the good work of organizations likePhilippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS), Compassion& Responsibilities for Animals (CARA), and People forthe Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

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