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Published by pokerkidz

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Published by: pokerkidz on Jul 25, 2011
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An Open Letter to Bobby Gunther Walsh and All Media Representatives
"The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who areevil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it."
- Albert EinsteinThe following letter is a response to WAEB News Talk radio host Bobby Gunther Walshafter he interviewed Paul Topete of Poker Face on July 30, 2010.This interview was the culmination of more than a week's debate in the local pressregarding our scheduled performance for Pennsylvania District 15 IndependentCongressional candidate Jake Towne. Both local papers skewered us with several front page articles basing their arguments on accusations by the Anti-Defamation League. Inevery instance, we informed the reporters of the ADL's criminal history and knack for dishonest character assassinations. All information was systematically ignored invirtually every article.This campaign led to the Republican incumbent, Charlie Dent, using us as an excuse for refusing to debate Towne. Keep in mind that he was refusing to debate before we became an issue. Bobby Gunther Walsh then interviewed Dent and defended us. Thenext day, he interviewed Jake Towne and attacked us. Then he interviewed us andregurgitated every false accusation that has been hurled by the ADL. In essence, Bobbytried to publicly hang us.Amongst other things, he tried to pin us on discussing Jewish involvement in the earlyAmerican slave trade which was a perfectly legitimate business at the time. Obviously,that would not be the case today. Paul made the point that this fact is documented in theCarnegie historical records which lists the names of the ships and their owners. And, justthat quickly, the topic was dismissed as Bobby nervously searched for something else to justify his condemnation.Bobby also claimed that we denied the existence of the Holocaust in an interview onReason Radio Network. Since we fully expect to have our statements misrepresented, wehave reviewed the audio of that interview, and, nothing of the sort is stated.You can hear it for yourself at …http://reasonradionetwork.com/?p=7000#commentsOverall, select words and phrases were taken from separate and much larger discussions.They were then haphazardly presented as a singular point of view to substantiate theclaims that we are anti-Semitic. In the following letter, we have tried to address all of these accusations to present our true point of view. What you will find is that we areextremely critical of groups like the ADL, AIPAC, militant Zionists, the right wing Likud party of Israel, and other power hungry entities who are just as dangerous to the Jews inAmerica as they are to the Christians, Muslims, Buddhists and atheists.
The truth of the matter is, for all people, we pray for Father's blessings. For, as we aretold in the book of Romans, we are all equal in His eyes.KJV -
Romans 10:12
For there is no difference between the Jew and the Greek:for the same Lord over all is rich unto all that call upon him.[note: Greek translated as Gentile in versions other than KJV]We apologize if anyone is offended by some firm language used in this letter. But,Christians need to get firm in the defense of their faith. As we've stated, this wholecampaign was initiated by the Anti-Defamation League. This is the same group who wasinstrumental in lobbying to remove prayer from our schools. This is the same group whois bringing sex education to elementary schools through their "No Place For Hate" program. This is the same group that has urged hate crimes laws which opens the door for activist judges to interpret portions of the Bible as hate speech. And, this is the samegroup that is responsible for removing the Ten Commandments from public display.The last one boggles my mind since an organization that professes to defend the Jewishfaith is attacking a part of the Jewish Torah.To get the full picture, we invite you to peruse our last two articles regarding the ADL'sefforts to paint us as racist, anti-Semitic and anti-government extremists.
Poker Faces' Response to ADL's Defamation - April 19, 2010http://www.pokerface.com/PressReleases/Race_ADL_CultureOfConfusion.docThe POKERFACE-EFFECT Influences US Congressional Race - District 15 in PA - July 28http://www.pokerface.com/PressReleases/PF-EFFECT_InfluencesUSCongressionalRace.doc
To conclude this preface, we would like to state that we have never called for limits onthe free expression and exercise of faith. America was founded on the principal that allmen are granted the right to worship as they wish. But, they are also tasked with theresponsibility to safeguard this nation and prevent tyranny from encroaching upon our land. Limiting that free expression is a sure sign that the roots of tyranny have been setand will continue to grow. That is the devil in the details of this debate.If you would like to contact Bobby Gunther Walsh in defense or opposition of us, pleasefeel free to contact him atgunther@waeb.comor 610-720-7900.*** update - Charlie Dent has reversed his stance and has agreed to debate Jake Towne.If we are not mistaken Towne has been invited to five of the six debates scheduled. Weurge voters to review all the candidates positions and make an informed decision comeelection day.www.towneforcongress.comwww.dentforcongress.comwww.callahanforcongress.com
To Bobby Gunther Walsh,We sincerely hope that you read through this entire piece and digest everything that wehave put together. A lot of time and effort was spent on these words. We feel that youare severely misinformed on the information you relied upon and presented as anaccurate depiction of our character. And, you need to understand what it is that you werea party to.With that said, your interview of Paul Topete was one of the worst, if not THE worstinterview this band has ever taken part in. In reality, this was not even an interview. Itwas an attempted lynching. And, it was poorly done. With all the information that wehave sent you to clarify our position, you still had the audacity to ask things like, “Whatis your problem with Jews, specifically?”And, you call us offensive? Not only have you offended this band and our supporters, but, also the general Jewish community who are not the focus of our criticism.Since you have proven that the media can, and usually will, selectively focus on a phrasethat does not reflect the intended thought, let us pick our next words very carefully.
We are critical of a very specific segment of people who often do not act in the bestinterests of most Americans including American Jews. This is very much the same ashow we target certain Democrats, Republicans, or any other group. It is not indicative of the entire group being rotten to the core.You have carelessly given credence to Abe Foxman’s latest tirade that 80 millionAmericans are “infected” with anti-Semitism, furthering the Jewish perception that theyare abhorred. You gave no consideration to his organization’s motives even after we provided you with ample evidence of their deception and criminality. It is a disgustingway to make a living.
(See Abe Foxman’s speech, “The Changing Face of Anti-Semitism”)http://www.adl.org/adltv/?bcpid=934115038&bclid=769434682&bctid=91115462001
Do you really believe that 1 out of every 4 people in America are raving anti-Semites?Open your eyes for crying out loud. The ADL is pure propaganda and many Jewsconsider the organization an embarrassment as I’ve referenced in our last Press Release,which you probably never bothered to read.
And, they are not the only ones doing it.

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