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Julie Benson 1

Julie Benson 1

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Published by Teshia Roy O'Keefe

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Published by: Teshia Roy O'Keefe on Jul 25, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Northeast Running Services7/22/2011
1July 25th
2-3 miles easy;1 mile of
alternating 100mon, 100m jog6 mile
long run
.You may cooldown as longand as slow asyou want on theelliptical.off - stretchtoday. You maydo as much corework as youwant.2-3 mile
run; 1 mi cooldown1 mile warmup;1 set of
dynamic drills
;3 mile
of3 mins on/ 2mins off. 1 milecool down. If youcan find a gentlyrolling route, thatis ideal.off.5 mile run. 1 setof drills after ifyou're notfeeling too tired.23 miles
Besure tohydrate withthe summerheat.2August1st
2 miles easy jog7-8 mile longrun. You maystart practicingtaking a Gu 45mins into thisrun.Off - lifting/corework andstretching.3 mile run; 30min elliptical.1 mi easy;
dynamic drills
;2 mi
; 3 minwalk. 5 mins of
. 1 mieasy4-6 miles easy;lifting (or savelifting fortomorrow);stretching.off24 miles
4 mile easy run.9 mile long run;Finish with 5 X200m strideswith fullrecovery.off - You may do2 sets of drills aspart of your coreroutine.2 mi easy, 3 misteady, (justunder 8minpace)1 mi easy;
; 5 X 800m@ 5k pace (3:30- 3:40) with 3mins of easy joggingbetween; 1 mieasy6 miles easy(run as slow asyour body needsto to feel good)This would be agood day to runtrails.off30 miles
Weekstarting onMonday
Athlete: Julie BensonGoals:
Build fitness and length of runs toward an Oct 2nd Half Marathon
Contact and Informationwww.nerunningservices.comcoach@nerunningservices.com
Northeast Running Services7/22/2011
4-5 mile run.Stretch after.8 mile long run.Be sure to startout at a paceyou feel you canmaintain.off. 2-3 miles easy.Core, stretching,and drills.1 mile easy;drills; 1 mile of30secs
, 1min easy; jog 3mins and drinkwater; repeat 1-2 more miles; 1mile easy2-3 miles. Corelifting &stretching.off.24 miles
Down week:The purposeis to finishthe weekfeeling good.5August22nd
5 mile run.Stretch after.8 mile long run.Start with 5 min jog and 1-2 setsof drills. Then 3miles easy; 3miles at 8:00pace; 1 mileeasy.off - You may doelliptical if youwant, plus core& stretching.3-4 miles1 mile easy;drills; 5 mile hillyfartlek with 4mins on and 2mins off. Aimfor 7:35 pace"on" and 8:10pace "off." 1mile cool down.6-8 miles easy.If you can, splitthis run into two4 mile runs, AMand PM. If not, just be sure togo slowly.Lifting.off. You may doas much walkingand elliptical asyou like. Optionto lift todayinstead ofyesterday.33 miles
Congratulateyourself on ahard week!6August29th
5-6 mile run.Finish with 1 setof drills.9 mile long run.Finish with 10 X100m strides,ideally barefooton grass. Oruse telephonepoles as a guide(They are 25mapart in townand 50m aparton larger roads).You can cooldown on theelliptical up to 20mins.3 miles and corework. Be sureto stretch today.off.1 mile easy;drills; 10 X 50mstrides with jogback; 3 X1500m
(500m graduallyspeeding frommoderate,comfortablyhard, to hard); jog 3 mins inbetween. 10 X50m strides, 2miles slow cooldown.3 mile run. 30mins elliptical(aim for HR of120-140). 3 milerun. If this islogisticallydifficult, do 3miles, then 2sets of 10 minsof diagonals witha walk on thestraightaway,then 3 miles.2-4 miles. Corelifting.35 miles
Contact and Informationwww.nerunningservices.comcoach@nerunningservices.com
Northeast Running Services7/22/2011
7Sept 5th
1 mi easy; drills;4 mile run. corework10 mile long runwith 3 mileseasy; 4 milessteady (7:45-7:55 pace); 3miles easy.Practice taking aGu during thesteady state andgetting waterdown.off - stretchtoday.5-7 mile easyrun.2 miles easy;drills; 4 mile
at 7:40pace; 4 X 400mat 7 min pace(95 secs) with90 sec jogrecovery; 1 X200m hard; 2 mieasy5 mile run,lifting.5 milerun/elliptical.You may splitthis up with theelliptical if youwant, getting 40mins of totaltime on yourfeet.41 miles
off - you maywalk or do up to30 mins ofelliptical slowly.13 mile long run.Wear your raceshoes. Be sureto practicetaking 1-2 Gusand at least 10oz of water.Maybe do a 4mile loop so youcan lay out yourwater and grab3 times.4-6 mile run2-3 miles easy.Core, stretching,and drills.1 mile easy;drills. 3 X 1.5ideally hilly miles(or 10 mins) with400m jogbetween. Try toget faster eachrepeat, about8min pace; 7:45pace, 7:30 pace.1 mile easy.5 miles off - core,stretching, drills.34 miles
Yourtaper isbeginning!
Contact and Informationwww.nerunningservices.comcoach@nerunningservices.com

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