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The Hidden Blade (2004) 1

The Hidden Blade (2004) 1

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Published by Iulia Mihaela

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Published by: Iulia Mihaela on Jul 25, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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00:00:21:THE HIDDEN BLADE00:00:31:Masatoshi Nagase00:00:36:Takako Matsu00:00:42:Hidetaka YoshiokaYukiyoshi Ozawa00:00:47:Ken Ogata00:00:53:Executive ProducerJunichi SakomotoProduced byTakeo Hisamatsu00:00:55:ProducersHiroshi FukasawaIchiro Yamamoto00:00:58:Based on the stories byShuhei Fujisawa00:01:00:ScreenplayYoji YamadaYoshitaka Asama00:01:04:CinematographyMutsuo Naganuma00:01:06:Art DirectorMitsuo Degawa00:01:09:Artistic SupervisorYoshinobu Nishioka00:01:11:LightingGen Nakaoka00:01:15:Sound RecordistKazumi Kishida00:01:17:Costume DesignKazuko Kurosawa00:01:20:EditorIwao Ishii00:01:22:MusicIsao Tomita00:01:26:Directed byYoji Yamada00:01:57:Edo... that's a long ways to go.00:02:01:It'll be hard living alone there,leaving a pretty wife here.00:02:09:Money can buy youlots of girls in Edo.00:02:13:She'll hear you!00:02:16:No matter.00:02:31:I'll take my leave.00:02:37:Take care.00:02:39:Get yourselves posted to Edo, too.00:02:47:Thank you for coming.00:02:54:He's a man who'll rise in the world.00:02:58:Let's hope so.00:03:00:Why do you say that?00:03:02:I just havea bad feeling about all this.00:03:37:May I come visit?00:03:39:You're expected.00:03:41:My sister's got the house in an uproarmaking the cod stew her hubby likes.00:03:46:I'm not her 'hubby' yet.00:03:49:Whoops, I'm sorry!No, you're not married yet, are you.00:03:54:No.00:03:57:That was good!00:03:59:It was?00:04:00:Did you make this stew,Miss Shino?00:04:05:Yes. With a little help from Kie.00:04:09:'A little'! Listen to her!00:04:12:Mother!00:04:14:Kie!00:04:16:Who made this cod stew?00:04:19:Miss Shino, of course.00:04:26:The secret's out.00:04:29:Kie made it, didn't she.00:04:31:I sliced the radish!00:04:34:Any child could do that.What'll we do with you!00:04:40:This?00:04:41:You sliced this?00:04:43:Very well done!00:04:47:You didn't have to say that!You're horrible!00:04:52:Sir, you shouldn't...00:04:54:...make fun of herbefore Squire Shimada!00:04:58:Kie!00:04:58:You poor thing!00:05:00:Yes, you're right.
00:05:03:I'm sorry, Shino.00:05:05:Come on, pour Samon a drink!00:05:10:Squire Samon...00:05:12:...this is a good time to ask.00:05:15:Do you really meanto take this girl to wife?00:05:20:Why do you ask?00:05:25:When her father was alive,our stipend was 100 koku of rice.00:05:30:That is not so much less than yours.00:05:35:But after he had to commit suicide,we were reduced to 30 koku per year.00:05:43:Our prospects for advancementare not good, either.00:05:49:Are you not worried aboutwhat your family will think...00:05:54:...if you marry one of us?00:05:58:Don't be concerned.I will choose who I marry.00:06:04:That is good to hear.00:06:07:There's just one thingthat displeases me.00:06:12:What?00:06:13:You'll be my 'elder brother'.I don't look forward to that.00:06:19:Fool!00:06:20:It'll go to your head.00:06:22:Kie, did you hear that?00:06:24:Agh!00:06:25:Yes, sir.00:06:27:He's not making sense!00:06:29:I understand perfectlyhow Squire Shimada feels.00:06:35:What?!00:06:37:See?00:06:40:Drink up, 'kid brother'!00:06:43:Kie watched over my sisteras she was married to Samon.00:06:51:Next it was her turnto leave us forever...00:06:55:...when she married intoa merchant family.00:07:00:It was as if the lighthad gone out in our house.00:07:37:Kie!00:07:43:Hello, sir!00:07:47:I thought it was you!00:07:50:Are you well?00:07:52:I'm sorry I couldn't come toyour mother's one-year memorial.00:07:58:It was rude of me.00:08:01:Shopping?00:08:02:Yes. For cloth and thread.00:08:05:Let me buy youa kimono collar, then.00:08:09:What have you gotthat would suit her?00:08:18:You've lost weight.00:08:20:I was in bed with a coldlast month.00:08:25:That's not good.Are you better now?00:08:29:Yes.00:08:34:How's this one?00:08:35:We'll take that, then.00:08:37:Why, thank you!00:08:44:I'm so pleased...00:08:48:Are you happy?00:08:52:Yes.00:09:02:Why are you crying?00:09:05:I'm so happy to see you again...00:09:09:...the tears just came.00:09:11:Is your husbandtaking good care of you?00:09:17:Are you sure?00:09:21:I'll treasure this collar.00:09:26:Excuse me.00:09:30:Um...
00:09:32:...you're married by now,aren't you, sir?00:09:38:Uh, no...00:09:40:...I'm afraid not.00:09:44:Since Mother diedthe house is a mess.00:09:48:Perhaps you could comeand do some cleaning.00:09:54:I promise I will.00:10:29:You know, Kume...00:10:32:...I saw Kie today.00:10:35:Oh.00:10:38:I thought she was happily marriedinto the Iseya family...00:10:45:...but today...00:10:49:...she'd grown so paleand thin in the shoulders...00:10:55:She was alwaysso cheerful and healthy...00:11:00:Now she looks ill.00:11:01:Oh, dear!00:11:04:I asked if she was happy...00:11:09:...and she started crying.00:11:15:The poor girl!00:11:24:I wanted to help her,but I didn't know what to do.00:11:30:Perhaps I should have justbrought her back here with me.00:11:47:I've cared for her ever sinceshe was 16...00:11:53:...like a younger sister.00:11:58:And now she's...00:12:29:I'm going home, sir.00:12:31:You are? Good night.00:12:39:I couldn't help but worry about Kie.00:12:51:I was also feeling guiltyabout my inability to understand...00:12:56:...the principlesof the new western artillery.00:13:03:Now, this is vital.00:13:06:Wearing the fingerstall, you insertthe right forefinger into the vent.00:13:13:This prevents air from being expelledwhen the shot is loaded...00:13:18:...which could be disastrous.00:13:21:Bang!00:13:22:A premature discharge,causing burns and even death.00:13:27:I had a colleague die that way.00:13:30:Next occurs the 'ranging' of the gun.This involves four techniques:00:13:35:1: Quadrant. 2: Tangent scale.3: Breech sight...00:13:40:...and 4: Pendulum hausse.You learned these yesterday.00:13:44:Questions?00:13:46:Yes?00:13:47:This book saysthe English 'Armstrong' cannon...00:13:52:...has a vent piece, so you don'thave to stick your finger in it.00:13:57:It costs more.00:13:59:One Armstrong costs as much as500 of your old matchlocks.00:14:06:Wars now are won bythe most expensive weaponry.00:14:10:By money. Such is the agethat is upon us.00:14:13:Sensei...00:14:14:Yes?00:14:16:I'm sorry, but...00:14:18:...I haven't the foggiest ideawhat you're talking about.00:14:24:It'd help if you'd speakthe way we're used to...00:14:28:He can't!00:14:29:Then why get an instructorfrom Edo?00:14:33:Could you at least translateall those English and Dutch words?00:14:38:They put my head in a whirl.00:14:42:The longer I sit the stupider I feel!00:14:48:You find this amusing?00:14:51:Is this a time for levity?00:14:53:To prepare you to face an emergencywith modern artillery...00:14:59:...your clan has summoned mefrom Edo to this backwater!

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