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Published by: SRINIVASA RAO GANTA on Sep 18, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Code No: RR322002
Set No. 1
III B.Tech Supplimentary Examinations, Aug/Sep 2008
(Production Engineering)
Time: 3 hours
Max Marks: 80
Answer any FIVE Questions
All Questions carry equal marks
\u22c6 \u22c6 \u22c6 \u22c6 \u22c6
1. Explain the terms:
(a) \u201cTrue Stress\u201d and \u201cTrue Strain\u201d. How they di\ufb00er from the concepts of Engg.
Stress and Engg. Strain
(b) Discuss the relationships between
i. True stress and Engineering stress
ii. True strain and Engineering strain
2. (a) Discuss Frank - Read mechanism of generating of dislocations.
(b) How Taylor\u2019s Classical theory forms basis for Work hardening. Discuss.[8+8]
3. (a) Di\ufb00erentiate between Notching, Lancing and Slitting.
(b) Derive an expression for diameter of a smallest hole that can be punched.[8+8]

4. (a) Why clearance is required between Die and Punch. List out factors in\ufb02uencing \u2019clearance\u2019. How the progressive tool is used for making washers ? Explain with a sketch.

(b) Di\ufb00erentiate between Open Frame and Closed Frame presses. Discuss in detail with sketch. What are the advantages and limitations of open frame press over closed frame press.

5. (a) Describe a basic extrusion process and indicate elements in it. Sketch some
typical cross-sections that are extruded.
(b) Discuss the e\ufb00ects of deformation speed, die materials and lubricants in hot
and cold working processes.
6. (a) Why is lubrication di\ufb03cult in Wire Drawing? Explain any one lubricating
method that is generally employed in Wire Drawing.
(b) What are the various materials used for making wire drawing dies? Explain
the application of each of them.
7. (a) Sketch and describe the various sequence of operations in forging of an auto-
mobile connecting rod.
(b) Discuss various forging defects mentioning reasons and remedies. Suggest
suitable methods of reducing them in forged components?
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Code No: RR322002
Set No. 1

8. (a) Explain the e\ufb00ect of \u2019Back Tension\u2019 on Rolling process. Discuss its application with the help of \u2019Friction Hill\u2019. How the \u2019forward\u2019 and \u2019backward slips\u2019 will be explained and its role in Rolling?

(b) Calculate rolling load if steel sheet is hot rolled to 30% from thick slab using 800 mm dia roll. Slab is 40 mm wide. Assume coe\ufb03cient of friction is 0.3. Plain strain \ufb02ow stress is 138N/mm2 at entrance and 270N/mm2 at exit. In the above problem, what would be load if the sticking Friction occurs? [8+8]

\u22c6 \u22c6 \u22c6 \u22c6 \u22c6
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Code No: RR322002
Set No. 2
III B.Tech Supplimentary Examinations, Aug/Sep 2008
(Production Engineering)
Time: 3 hours
Max Marks: 80
Answer any FIVE Questions
All Questions carry equal marks
\u22c6 \u22c6 \u22c6 \u22c6 \u22c6
1. (a) Derive an equation of yield shear stress for uniaxial tension. How it can be
helpful to discuss about \u2019Yield criteria\u2019 of metals.
(b) Explain Levy - Mises\u2019 stress - strain relations?
2. (a) Describe \u2018dislocation\u2019 theory. How a Burger\u2019s Vector is generally used in
dislocation. How is displacement expressed by it ?
(b) Derive an expression for \u2018Critical Resolved shear stress\u2019.
3. (a) Explain the process of bending operation? Discuss various types of bending
with neat sketches.
(b) How can spring back be o\ufb00set? Explain the factors in\ufb02uencing spring back.
What is its application and relative merits.
4. (a) What are the factors that in\ufb02uence selection of a press.
(b) Classify di\ufb00erent presses for sheet working of metals. Discuss their principle
and speci\ufb01c applications.
(c) What are the advantages of Mechanical press over Hydraulic Press. [4+7+5]
5. (a) How do you analyse an extrusion process through a conical die. Determine
total extrusion pressure.
(b) Derive an equation for power loss in extrusion.
6. (a) Sketch and describe the construction and working of hydrostatic extrusion and
mention some of its applications and advantages.
(b) Discuss the e\ufb00ects of deformation speeds, lubricants and di\ufb00erent die materials
in hot and cold working processes.
7. (a) Di\ufb00erentiate between Drop forging and Press forging operations. What are
the advantages of press forging over Drop forging.
(b) Enumerate the di\ufb00erences between Hot Forging, Cold Forging and Warm forg-
(c) Where forge welding is adopted ? How it can be classi\ufb01ed ? Is it possible to
forge Cast Iron specimen. Give your comments.
8. (a) Discuss various methods of applying lubricant during rolling process ? What
are the characteristics of a lubricant used during rolling.
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