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Published by: SRINIVASA RAO GANTA on Sep 18, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Code No: RR322103
Set No. 1
III B.Tech Supplimentary Examinations, Aug/Sep 2008
(Aeronautical Engineering)
Time: 3 hours
Max Marks: 80
Answer any FIVE Questions
All Questions carry equal marks
\u22c6 \u22c6 \u22c6 \u22c6 \u22c6
1. Explain the elementary theory of axial \ufb02ow turbine with the help of velocity dia-

2. In certain designs, the maximum mass \ufb02ow passed by turbine may be determined by choking in the turbine annulus at outlet in stead of in the turbine nozzles. The maximum mass \ufb02ow will then depend not merely on the inlet conditions as in the case of expansion in a nozzle, but also upon the work output per unit mass \ufb02ow. Given \ufb01xed values of the inlet conditions ( p01 and T01), the temperature equivalent of the speci\ufb01c work output \u2206To13, the annulus area A at the turbine outlet and that there is no outlet swirl, show that for an isentropic expansion to a varying outlet static temperature T3, the maximum \ufb02ow can be expressed as:

T01)/p01={\u03b3/R[(2/(\u03b3+1))\u2217 (1\u2212 (\u2206T013/T01))](\u03b3\u22121)/(\u03b3\u22121)}0.5
Comment on the e\ufb00ect this will have on the turbine mass \ufb02ow versus pressure ratio
3. (a) Explain the combustion characteristics of acetylene with respect to ramjet
(b) Explain the nozzle e\ufb00ects on the performance of ramjet engine.

4. A preliminary performance analysis is to be made of a two dimensional ramjet engine which is to be installed in the wing of a supersonic airplane. The design \ufb02ight Mach number is M0 = 3.0 at 50000 ft altitude and the maximum total temperature due to combustion is 40000R. The ramjet engine is to be equipped with a diverging di\ufb00user. Calculate

(a) the area ratio of the di\ufb00user A2/A1,
(b) the area ratio for converging exhaust nozzle A6/A7,
(c) the weight ratio of air \ufb02ow into the engine,
(d) the pressure ratio P6/P0,
(e) The gross thrust coe\ufb03cient CFg and

(f) the TSFC.

Assume that the Mach number M2 at the entrance to the constant area combustion chamber is 0.2, k=1.4=constant, the lower heating value of the fuel is 19300 Btu/lb, A1= 10ft2 and the \ufb02ow is frictionless and neglect the e\ufb00ect of the fuel \ufb02ow on the thrust.

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Code No: RR322103
Set No. 1
5. (a) What is ballistic factor? How it a\ufb00ects the free \ufb02ight dispersion?
(b) Show that the burnout velocity of a single stage rocket motor moving vertically
is given by:
Vb= g.Isp.ln[mo/(mo\u2212mf )]
Wheremo is initial mass of missile,mf is mass of fuel andIsp is the speci\ufb01c
impulse. State any assumptions, if made.
6. What do you understand by thrust vector control? Explain brie\ufb02y the various
methods to control the thrust vector of a solid rocket motor.

7. You are given a liquid oxygen-liquid hydrogen rocket thrust chamber of 1000 lb thrust operating at a chamber pressure of 1000 psia, a mixture ratio of 3.4, exhaust products with a mean molecular weight of 8.9 lb/mole, a combustion temperature of 43800F and a speci\ufb01c heat ratio of 1.26. Determine the nozzle area, exit area for optimum operation at a 100000 ft altitude (p2 = 1.58 psia), the propellant weight and volume \ufb02ow ratio and the total propellant requirement for 2 minute of operation. Assume the actual speci\ufb01c impulse to be 97% of the theoretical value.

8. What do you understand by electrostatic thrusters? Explain the working principle
and various types with the help of suitable diagrams.
\u22c6 \u22c6 \u22c6 \u22c6 \u22c6
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Code No: RR322103
Set No. 2
III B.Tech Supplimentary Examinations, Aug/Sep 2008
(Aeronautical Engineering)
Time: 3 hours
Max Marks: 80
Answer any FIVE Questions
All Questions carry equal marks
\u22c6 \u22c6 \u22c6 \u22c6 \u22c6
1. (a) Di\ufb00erentiate between impulse blading and reaction blading of an axial \ufb02ow
(b) Explain the signi\ufb01cance of exit swirl angle.
2. Why matching of compressor and turbine is required? Explain the procedure for
matching compressor and turbine with the help of \ufb02ow chart.
3. What do you understand by net thrust of a ramjet engine? Derive the relationship
for net thrust of a ramjet engine.
4. Explain the preliminary concepts in supersonic combustion.

5. A certain rocket has an e\ufb00ective exhaust velocity of 7000 ft/sec. It consumes 280 lb/sec of propellant, each of which liberates 2400 Btu/lb. The unit operates for 65 sec. Construct a set of curves plotting the propulsive, internal and overall e\ufb03ciencies versus the velocity ratio v/c (0<v/c<1). The \ufb02ight velocity equals 5000 ft/sec.Calculate

(a) the speci\ufb01c impulse,
(b) the total impulse,
(c) the weight of propellants required and

(d) the volume that the propellants occupy if their average speci\ufb01c gravity is 0.925.
6. (a) Write notes on the following with respect to solid rocket motor:
i. Pyrotechnic Igniters
ii. Mechanical de\ufb02ection method for thrust vector control
(b) How thrust termination is accomplished in solid rocket motor?.
7. (a) Explain the selection criteria for liquid propellants considering the following
i. Common physical hazards
ii. Performance.
(b) Write a note on \u2018combustion instability\u2019 with respect to liquid rocket motors.
8. Write notes on the following:
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