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Vovim Baghie - The Grand Satanic Ritual Cd2 Id 626463498 Size2062

Vovim Baghie - The Grand Satanic Ritual Cd2 Id 626463498 Size2062

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Published by Buriul Arcon

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Published by: Buriul Arcon on Jul 25, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 The Grand Satanic RitualBy  Vovim BaghieThis is my version of the Grand Satanic Ritual, This Ritual format can be usedin Standard Rituals, Thanksgiving Rituals, As well as the invocation and sum-moning of the Gods. Always bathe before a ritual of any kind, or before the summoning or the invo-cation of the Gods. As always the clothes that you are wearing - Be it black  jeans and a black shirt or full Ritual robes with red trim - are absolutely clean.It is best to have all the rituals tools upon your Alter consecrated in Father Sa-tan’s name. If you own Ritual Robes, cloaks, or you have specific attire for aritual, it should also be consecrated [This includes any jewelry worn during aRituals e.g. a silver Pentagram* or an Equal Armed Cross]*A Pentagram points down and represents the energies of the heavens beingdrawn down. Where as a Pentacle points up, this represents the energies of theearth being sent upwards into the heavens*Light the candles, light the Incense and fill the Chalice, a Dark liquid is com-monly used, be it Guinness draught with a pinch of salt or even coca-cola. The“prayers” should be written before the actual ritual begins, there should beroom on the Alter to hold the written “prayers” before they are burned.Begin the Ritual by ringing the bell 9 times in a counter-clockwise direction,remembering to hover the bell gently over the altar on the ninth ring. This isdone to cleanse the Ritual area, and to open the ritual.
 To further cleanse the Ritual Area, and to raise the Ritual energies, recite Fa-ther Satans’ poem ‘Peace Be Unto Him’;
“My understanding surrounds the truth of things, And the truth is mixed up in me, And the truth of my descent is set forth by itself, And when it was known, it was altogether in me And all the habitable parts and deserts And everything created is under me And I am the ruling power preceding all that exists And I am he that spoke a true saying And I am the Just Judge and Ruler of the Earth And I am he that men worship in my gloryComing to me and kissing my feet  And I am he that spread over the heavens their height  And I am he that cried in the beginning And I am he that of myself revealeth all things,Verily the all-merciful has assigned unto me names,The heavenly-throne, and the seat, and the heavens, and the earth. In the secret of my knowledge, there is no god but me.These things are subservient to my power.O mine enemies, why do you deny me? O men deny me not, but submit. In the Day of Judgment, you will be happy in meeting me. -Who dies in my love, I will cast him In the midst of paradise, by my will and pleasure; But he that dies unmindful of meWill be thrown into torture in misery and affliction. I say I am the only one and the exalted; I create and make rich those whom I will.

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