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SPLM Position Paper July 22, 2011

SPLM Position Paper July 22, 2011

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From SPLM North Meeting July 20-21
From SPLM North Meeting July 20-21

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Published by: Sudan North-South Border Initiative on Jul 25, 2011
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The Leadership of the Sudan People·s Liberation Movement (SPLMN)Meets in South Kordofan
² 21
July 2011
‡ No Compromise, No Retreat.‡ A Just Peace, Democracy and the Restructuring of the Centre is Strategic Objective.
At a critical time and historic juncture, the Chairman, the Vice Chairman and the Secretary Generalof the Sudan People·s Liberation Movement (SPLM), Malik Agar, Abdelaziz El Hillu and Yasir Armanmet in South Kordofan from July 20
to 21
. The meeting is the second since the NationalCongress Party (NCP) launched its war against the people of South Kordofan on June 5
. Duringthe current war the NCP has committed massive human rights violations, including war crimes,ethnic cleansing and displacement of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians, children, womenand daughters and sons of the area. Furthermore the NCP has not only refused to open camps forthe internally displaced people (IDPs)but uses them as human shields in the ongoing aerialbombardment of their houses, hospitals and places of worship. The NCP uses of state resources, thearmy and associated militias against the people of the South Kordofan, and the continueddeployment of the forces of the Sudan Army in an internal conflict, questions the legitimacy of thestate and party which can do such acts. The SPLMN leadership meeting assessed the political as well as the humanitarian and military situation and adopted a holistic strategy to tackle the current and the future issues of the country.
The Meeting praised and valued:
 The steadfastness of the citizens of South Kordofan in the face of the brutal attacks launchedby the NCP, its troops and militia.2.
 The refusal of the Sudan Peoples Liberation Army ( SPLA) to be disarmed, in addition to theimpressive victories achieved under the leadership of Comrade Abdul Aziz Adam El Hilu, inthe defense of citizens' rights and the rights of the Sudanese people to democracy and life indignity, including and the respect of their diversities.3.
 The refusal by the majority of the Sudanese Arab tribes living in the region to take part in theNCP·s war, and their position in taking the side of brotherhood and coexistence, includingthe involvement of considerable groups of them in resistance alongside with SPLA. Themeeting calls the Arab tribes to join the SPLM and for the youth of the Arab tribes to join theSPLA so that a new Southern Kordofan and a new Sudan can be acheived.
 The resistance of SPLMN·s members, both leaders and the grassroots, in towns and ruralareas of Sudan, in all states outside the war zones, despite the pressure, blackmail, andcampaigns of hatred being waged against them.5.
 The solidarity campaigns conducted by the friends and members of SPLM in the Diaspora The meeting called for the continuation of such campaigns, for awareness to be raised of thewar crimes and ethnic cleansing which have been committed, including the bringing of thoseresponsible to fair trial, and for relief and humanitarian assistance to be permitted to theneedy people in war zones, including through the opening of safe corridors for humanitarianoperation without delay and hindrance.
Political situation:
Crises surround the leadership of the NCP and the regime from all directions. The party isprincipally responsible for the separation of South Sudan and the disruption of therelationship between all the peoples of Sudan, in addition to the rejection of the agenda forchange and reform. The NCP·s crises also include the domination of personal interests,corruption and the military junta over the leadership of the party. This domination hasundermined even leaders of the NCP and the party has become ruled by the whims of personal mood: the individual interests have been elevated above the institutions, the party and the nationa interests!! Indeed the NCP·s leadership agenda is identifying with the so-called Just Peace Forum
( minbar alsalam alaadil) 
, which is revealed to be an integral part of the NCP. The Just Peace Forum is becoming the official voice of the NCP and the channel forextremism and advocacy for the continuation of war crimes and the fragmentation the rest of Sudan.
 The current leadership of the NCP is working to destroy the relationship between NorthSudan and South Sudan, and to harm the interests of millions of nomads and innocentcitizens, including traders and businessmen whose interests are linked with South Sudan. This leadership is indeed working towards widening the gap and breaking the ties betweenthe South and the North to the extent that even enemies of Sudan would not dream. Thepolicy of destroying relationship between South and North has particularly targeted the mostsignificant organic linkages between southerners and northern: the human being. Thesepolicies include putting restrictions on, and expelling of millions of ´southernersµ from theNorth Sudan and using food as weapon through preventing transport of food and fuel to theSouth Sudan, which crimes and shall ultimately be punished.
 The meeting discussed at length the two potential strategies that SPLM will adopt in dealingwith the NCP: regime change or change through a national consensus program agreed uponby all political forces. The leadership of the SPLM constituted a committee to answer thispivotal question, based on the assessment they concluded. The answer will constitute thefinal position adopted by the SPLMN and it will be declared to the Sudanese people and theinternational community within one month.
 The SPLM leadership is following closely the deteriorating living conditions of millions of Sudanese who are suffering poverty. This situation has been created as a result of the wrong
policies and the dominance of minority party interests over national resources creatingsocietal fragmentation and the marginalization of broad swathes of Sudanese people. Thissituation is leading to fragile societal situation that will escalate the current wars, andtherefore SPLM stand against the current situation and rally with the poor and marginalizedgroups and to lead them towards achieving democratic change that will ally with humanismand building a new society.
 The SPLM leadership discussed the weaknesses of the party·s media and information andhas taken steps to focus on building strong media capacity and outreach. Comrades ArnoNaatelo and Anwar Al-Haj have been chosen as spokespersons for the SPLM.
 The meeting condemned the closure of Ajrass Alhurria newspaper and described it asanother violation and assault on freedom. The meeting called for a broad solidarity campaignto retrieve Ajrass Alhurria newspaper as a voice for freedom and the marginalized.
 The meeting renewed the invitation to the forces of change, and particularly forces of the newSudan, to work together to build a movement for change (the Forces of the New Sudan), andto agree on a common umbrella under united leadership to contest the battles of today andtomorrow, and to pave the road of the future. This future will allow the Sudanese people tomaintain the unity of the North Sudan on a new basis; restore the unity of Sudan, North andSouth, based on the reality of the existence of two independent countries; and to worktowards a greater unity or confederation between them and other neighboring countries.
 The meeting called all national forces to dialogue and to agree on a program of nationalconsensus and a just peace and democracy.
 The meeting appointed 17 members and leaders to work as representatives for the SPLMN in5 neighboring countries, in addition to offices in London and Washington.
 The meeting affirmed the continuation of the committee on vision and program, and urgedthat it finishes its work and see it adopted during the next two months.
 The meeting reviewed the structure of leadership of the party and called for a meeting for theentire leadership of the SPLMN, as soon as possible. The meeting also took note of the factthat because of the war launched by NCP in South Kordofan, a meeting of the entireleadership could not take place.
 The meeting agreed to continue the preparations to hold the first national convention of theSPLMN in Sudan.

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