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Divine Diagnosis

Divine Diagnosis

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Published by Dr. J. Luxum
Enjoy getting high, higher and very high.
Enjoy getting high, higher and very high.

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Published by: Dr. J. Luxum on Jul 25, 2011
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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Divine Diagnosis 
Dr. Joseph Luxum
Copyright © New Wine Publishing LLC All Rights Reserved Page 2
  What you are about to be exposed to is not typical medical or scientific knowledge, but something inspirational, which might help you to better understand yourself. The correlation between yourmind, soul, body and spirit is truly worthy of meticulous scrutiny. The electric and magnetic forces of our Universe affect not only our brain, but also the emotionalrealm. It is the soul that needs to be paid attention to most. If the soul is out of balance, then all theemotions, which are lodged within that sphere, will inevitably, detrimentally or harmlessly, affect therest of our body. The distribution of vitamins and minerals depends on the soul and its emotionaldisposition. Life’s pressures and stress rob us of those vital nutrients creating deficiencies, which thenopen a door to other illnesses. As I browse through people’s writings on the net it is either about politics or bodily functions andsexual dysfunction. It gives me indigestion and makes me cringe.Mental, emotional and spiritual dysfunction are often self-inflicted. What we handle affects us. Wehave discovered that processed and modified foods are detrimental to our health, but that’s just oneside of the story. What we think and feel has a much greater affect on our overall wellbeing or ad- verse-being. For example our PH levels change according to stress and emotional malevolence orbenevolence. Negativism and stress can cause high acidity in the blood, which then rejects any nu-trients and vitamins and has a hard time absorbing anything that might contribute to overall health. When this chemical imbalance continues for some time it may result in coma or death. Cancerouscells thrive in such environments and eventually these evil cells establish their own command poststhroughout the entire body driving it to self-annihilation. What it means is this: the mind is unable tosend the right signal because evil signals have been established. The soul (emotions, creativity andsensibilities) is not able to feel well because the body sends bad signals through the nervous system. When the soul is thus oppressed and burdened with its body’s toxicity it begins to die too. There-fore, the moment these three agents, mind, soul and body are polluted with evil thoughts and words,stress and negativism and overall good health is out of the question.Some writers are like sewers because they find siphoning readers who never tire of gobbling filth andhuman excrement. They know nothing wholesome that would produce health to their mind and soul.Sewer like people relate to the same kind, wallowing in the same, over and over again. No surprisethat they are trapped in the endless cycle of pleasing just the senses, which ask for more and more,endlessly. What’s going on? Sinking low and lower is what people prefer these days. Impress, impress, selling filth and redundant stories, running out of original ideas. It seems as if most have already exhaustedthe barrel of any original ideas. Bookshelves are bending with super thick volumes of nonsensicalliterature. But when it comes to anything uplifting, sublime and wise the sewer like peo-ple—accustomed to spillage of their own kind—close their minds. Vulgar expressions are supposed to impress. If a comedian has no funny material the F… word willalways garner a few giggles.
Divine Diagnosis 
Dr. Joseph Luxum
Copyright © New Wine Publishing LLC All Rights Reserved Page 3
 Laughter is good, but it doesn’t have to come from dirty jokes. You can laugh when abundance of light floods your being. This kind of laughter comes from above and it is called fullness of joy. Thatfullness remains above and comes to us drop by drop, but it can come down like a flood. In order toknow this release mechanism, first you must be uncluttered and cleansed from all mental and emo-tional toxins. Then your body must have proper rest and nutrition; then you must release bundledtogether thoughts and feelings of praise and thanksgiving and once they go out of you then joy like aliving stream will begin to flow down into your soul.
Speaking in logical terms we know that emotions do influence moods, which then affect our nervoussystem, which in turn affects all the vital organs within the body including heart, liver, pancreas andkidneys.Both blood and nerve signals travel through our body carrying something good or something bad. Whatever the mind allows—speaking in terms of any accepted or rejected knowledge and incoming message caliber—influences our overall health.[Genesis 25:8] Abraham breathed his last and died in a ripe old age, an old man and satisfied with life;and he was gathered to his people. Abraham was satisfied with life and died in a ripe old age. The ripeness of age and satisfaction withthe earthly journey speaks of better health and the joy of living until one’s time on earth is fulfilled. Abraham’s son Isaac slept with his fathers in a similar way.[Genesis 35:39] Isaac breathed his last and died and was gathered to his people, an old man of ripeage. We find a similar expression regarding Jacob’s passing.[Genesis 49:33] When Jacob finished charging his sons, he drew his feet into the bed and breathedhis last, and was gathered to his people. Jacob drew his feet into the bed and exhaled for the last time. God took his life-breath to the place of its origin. What Abraham developed he passed down to his son Isaac who then passed it down to his son Ja-cob. The righteous legacy must be nurtured and passed on to our descendents for that in itself is a work of righteousness.How we handle this leased-to-us breath of life for the duration of our earthly sojourning is of utmostimportance. Enoch’s joy of life was of a quite different caliber. Not only do we have the hope of becoming like him; today we have much more knowledge than the knowledge that was availablethen.[John 8:51] “Truly, truly, I say to you, if anyone keeps My word he will never see death.” - JesusChrist.

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Mercy Gate added this note
Be your own doctor, psychologist or even a psychiatrist. Check your soul and heal it. The doctor is in you.
Dr. J. Luxum added this note
Diagnose yourself, find yourself and prescribe the proper remedy for anything out of place. A ministry is like a pointing finger in the right direction, the rest is your work... for better or for worse. But this book is here to make you better. Enjoy.
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