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Table Of Contents

The Aquarian Mandala (B)
Key Esoteric Ideas
The Point of a Seed
The Circle as a Womb
Male and Female. The Circle Divides
The Diameter of the Circle (B)
The Cross (A)
The Cross (B)
The Spiral Path (A)
The Spiral Path (B)
The Cross and the Circle
The Triangle in the Circle
The Triangle and the Pythagorean Decad
The Circle of Seven Planes. The Egg
The Line, the Triads and the Planes
The Pyramid
The Interlaced Circles and the Vesica Pisces
The Six-Armed Cross and the Rays
The Six-Armed Cross. The Octahedron
The Octahedron or Double Pyramid
The Double Triangles and the Seven Spheres
The Platonic Concept of the Ultimate Atom
Atomic Evolution and the Seven Planes
The Names of the Gods (A)
The Names of the Gods (B)
The Descent of the Gods (A)
The Descent of the Gods (B)
The Marriage of the Gods (A)
The Marriage of the Gods (B)
The Chaldean Order of the Planets (B)
The Middle Pillar
The Light Cycle in the Kabalah
Kabalistic Correspondences
The Three Mother Letters
The Mystery of 777 (A)
The Mystery of 777 (B)
The Symbolism of the Kabala. The Triads
The Four Triads of the Kabala
The Lower Triads of the Tree of Life
Perseus and Andromeda. The Son and Daughter
The Snake and the Eagle (B)
The Planetary Key to Yoga and the Tree (B)
The Magic Circle of the Mandala (B)
The Dance of the Zodiac (A)
The Dance of the Zodiac (B)
The Microcosmic Mandala
The Macrocosmic Mandala
The Mandala of the Four Quadrants
The Astrological Sequence of Emanation
The First Cosmic Quadrant
The Second Quadrant of the Monad
The Third Quadrant of the Individuality
The Fourth Quadrant of the Personality
Man and the Cycle of the Year
The Precession of the Equinoxes
The Date of the Aquarian Age (1899 A.D.)
The Pythagorean Triangle. Symbolic Numbers
The Musical Scale. 3, 4 and 5*
Cycle Generation From 5 and 6
The Precessional Cycle number
The Precessional Cycle and Man
The Esoteric Basis of Planetary Cycles
The Planetary Ratios and the Platonic Solids
The Yugas
The Evolution of the Yuga Cycle
(a) The Planes and the Angelic Hierarchies
The Moving Axis of the Zodiac (A)
The Moving Axis of the Zodiac (B)
The Poles of the Zodiac and the Chains
The Triangle and the Square in the Zodiac
The Barhishad Pitris (Cubes)
The Agnishvatta Pitris (Triangles) (B)
The Four Bodies of Brahma
The Four Planes and the Seven Life Waves
The Three and the Seven
The Seven Rays
The Evolutionary Schemes and the Hierarchies
The Scheme of Evolution
The Twelve Signs and Their Life Forms
The Seven Planes and the Twelve Signs
The Moon and the Earth Chains
Chart of the Moon Chain Transfers
The Earth Chain and Its Levels
The Root Races
The Timing of the Rounds and Root Races
Geology and the Root Races
The Fourth Atlantean Root Race
The Buddha and the Bodhisattva
The Spiritual Sun
The Seven Sacred Planets
The Seven Gods as Teachers of Men
The Teachers of Cyclic Laws
The Two Kabiri and the Earth's Poles
The Poles
The Ladder of the Gods
The Sidereal Year
Measurement of the Polar Movement
The Inversion of the Poles
The Three Virgins
The Root Races and the Seven Rays
The Races and the Sexes
Atlantis and the Kali Yug or Black Age
Venus: Ruler of Taurus and Libra
Venus and the Root Races
The Fall into Generation
The Marriage of Tara
Mercury as Budha
Outline of Zodiacal Cosmogenesis
Serapis as Aeon. Chronos and Scythe
The Great Breath, Motion and Duration
The Cycle of Time : The Persian Zurvan
The Hindu Concept of the Wheel
Saturn, Samael and Mikael
Saturn the Creator and Uranus the Transformer
From Capricorn to Pisces
The Great Elements and Akasha
The Emanation of Fohat (A)
The Emanation of Fohat (B)
The Waters of Space
Aquarian Energies and the Piscean Sea
The Moon, the Great Sea and the Flood
Vishnu, the Manu and the Fish
Jupiter the God, Ruler of Pisces
The Manu and the Fish
The Emergence of the Sun God
The Fool and His Dog
Mars, Ruler of Aries-Scorpio
Brahma, Jehovah and Adam
The Seven Planes. The Lokas and Talas
From Virgo to Scorpio (A)
From Virgo to Scorpio (B)
Asexual Reproduction
The Sexual Energies of Scorpio
The Alexandrian School
The Gnostic Teachings of Paul
Simon Magus and the Gnostic System (A)
Simon Magus and the Gnostic System (B)
The Gnostic System (A)
The Gnostic System (B)
The Gnostic Aeons
The Lost Soul (Plotinus)
The Mysteries of the Pistis Sophia
The Structure of the Pistis Sophia
The Spiritual Rulers of the Four Quadrants
The Gnostic Key to the Zodiacal Signs
The Relevance of Zodiacal Polarities
The Benefic Planets, The Virgin and the Lion
The Twelve Aeons, Triangles and Squares
The Criterion of Orthodoxy
The Descent and Ascent of the Soul
The Essene Creed
An Alternative Creed
The Various Types of Karma
Predestination and Free Will
The Karmic Consequences of Thoughts and Actions
The Administrators of Karma
The Akashic Records. The Recording of Karma
The Decision to Release Karma
The Spiritual Hierarchies and Humanity
The Monad and the Seven Rays
Atomic Structure and the Seven Rays
The Monad and Karma
The Monad and Its Subsequent Emanations
Definition of the Soul
The Sublimation of Elemental Desires
The Modification of Karma
The Mechanism for the Modification of Karma
The Symbolic Descent of Karmic Seeds
The Skandhas. Transmission of Karma
The Difficulties of a Life. The Timing of Disease
The Active Destruction of Disease States
The Power of Creative Thought
Action Without Karma
The Great Breath and the Elements
The Breath and the Spirit
Spirit, Soul and Body
The Soul
Greek, Hebraic and Esoteric Concepts
The Hindu Concept of the Soul
Egyptian and Mesopotamian Concepts
The Higher and Lower Selves
The Descent of the Soul
The Chinese Trigrams (A)
The Chinese Trigrams (B)
The Golden Flower
The Awakening of the Golden Flower
The Higher and Lower Selves (A)
The Higher and Lower Selves (B)
The Caduceus as a Microcosmic Symbol
The Descent of the Races and the Third Eye
The Tree, the Dragon and the Golden Fruit
The Chakras and the Book of Revelation
Evidence of the Mechanism of Yoga
The Chakras, and the Body
The Chakras and Their Symbols
Vibrations and the Chakras
The Chakras and the Planes
The Gunas (Tamas, Rajas and Sattva)
The Human Temperaments. Elements and Seasons
The Mind as a Bridge
The Teachings of the Upanishads
The Light of Our Father in Heaven
The Light of the Spirit
The Kingdom of Heaven Lies Within
The Gospel of Transformation
Christ Knocks on Your Door
Turn to the Christ Within. Change Your Mind
Spiritual Law and Free Will
The Spiritual Directors of Humanity (A)
The Spiritual Directors of Humanity (B)
The Spiritual Path and Initiation
The Ladder of Initiation
The Great Initiations
The Divine Birth of Christ
The Training of the Mind
Requirements for the Disciple (A)
Requirements for the Disciple (B)
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