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Menu Design for Printing (Final)

Menu Design for Printing (Final)

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Published by siti_aisyah1927

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Published by: siti_aisyah1927 on Jul 26, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Levantine starters
Great for sharing
Original from the mountains of Lebanon, now popular over the world. Try ours and you know why. Fine burgul,with chopped tomatoes, parsley and mint 
A11Hummus 10.00
 Another Middle Eastern food hit. Chickpeas & Tahinidipwith bread. Great that comfort food can be so healthy.Served with 2 pieces of Arabic bread 
Roasted aubergine blended with other vegetables spicesand a lot of love
A13Falafel 10.00
These seasoned fritters of broad beans and chick peas are very  popular in the Middle East. In Egypt MacDonald's even has a
 falafel sandwich called… you guest it,
A14Arabic bread 3.00
4 pieces in a basket. Fluffy and delicious
Comfort starts with a slurp. Go ahead...
A1Mushroom Soup 7.50
Simple doesn’t need much. This soup comes with a
 finishing touch of pesto cream and some garlic bread 
A2French Onion Soup 8.00
 A delicious soup from the oven! Slow cooked goldenonions in a beef broth under a roof of toast and cheese
A3Clam Chowder 8.00
We make it creamy but not too heavy 
ours comes with potatoes, onion and 
carrot. We don’t dare to add 
tomatoes. In fact in 1939, in New England, a bill made
tomatoes in clam chowder illegal... soup’s serious stuff 
 Add bacon at 8.50
A4Sweet Corn Chicken Soup 8.00
Thick but not heavy. The chicken and corn have celery,carrot, leek and a hint of cinnamon
(Let us know us if you want the dressing on the side)
A5Garden salad 7.50
Simple, fresh and crisp starter with iceberg lettuce,tomatoes, capsicum, cucumber and carrot strings
A6Caesar salad 9.50
 A classicsaladofromaine lettuce, egg bacon and croutons dressed withanchovy and shaved parmesan
A7Greek salad 10.00
 All thyme favorite. Chunky cucumber and capsicumwith tomatoes, kalamataolives and feta
A8Chicken salad 11.00
Fresh grilled chicken on a bed of greens, olives and herbs
A9Seven leaf salad 11.00
Lusciouswith a French edge. Enjoy it as a light lunch or appetizer. With spinach, rucola, blue cheese and nuts
Suitable for vegetarians Served weekends only 
Originated as a ‘Tartar steak sandwich’ in the
seaport town of Hamburg. Popularized by Germanimmigrants in the US. The hamburger first appeared 
on a menu in 1826 in New York‘s famous restaurant 
S6House burger 11.00
 A love / hate relationship. With chef’s crisp coleslaw 
and fries (light mayo on all burgers for more love)
S7Cheese Burger 11.50
Melted cheddar tops it 
S8Bacon Cheese Burger 12.00
Crispy bacon and cheddar, need we say more? 
S9Seven Seas Burger 14.50
Square treat with sautéed mushrooms, onions, bluecheese and golden fries. Try eating it with your hands
S10Fish Burger 13.50
 An honest-to-
 goodness burger. You’ll 
 get hooked 
Named afterJohn Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich who
loved gambling so much he didn’t want to leave the
table. When hungry he order meat between two slicesof bread. It was easy to pick up and eat while playingand stopped his fingers from getting greasy 
S1BLT sandwich 9.50
What’s most important in a BLT? The bacon, lettuce or tomato? The debate may occupy your lunch…This one’s
comes with rasped cheese and a light blue cheesedressing on focacciabread 
S2Tuna sandwich 10.00
Comes with cherry tomato, red onion, celery and fresh parsley. Add chopped lemon to your liking
S3Sailing Club Sandwich 10.50
Triple focacciatoast with sliced chicken, Gouda cheese,bacon, egg, lettuce, tomatoes and guacamole
S4Brie sandwich 11.00
With pear & caramelized onion. A touch of apricot jamcompletes the bliss
S5Smoked salmon sandwich 11.00
Sink your teeth into the divine combination of salmon,capers and avocado
Suitable for vegetarians

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