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Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm

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Published by Michael Harm
An alchemist's lecture on the preparation of lemon balm
An alchemist's lecture on the preparation of lemon balm

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Published by: Michael Harm on Jul 26, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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An alchemist lecture: The Preparation of Lemon Balm This is an online lecture that an alchemist gave to a group of fellow occultists in 2010.Lemon balm elixir is of particular importance to alchemy in that it is often one of the firstelixir's an alchemist prepares and as discussed in the lecture one they often take the restof their life as an alchemist. Its claimed to provide rejuvinating effects as well as theability to extend the lifespan of the alchemist. This was part of a series of lectures. Only the initial one has been transcribed here. Thenames have been changed to give anonymity to the participants.If you're interested in learning more about alchemy I would recommend contacting theInternational Alchemy Guild. Their website is at
. Thisparticular document wasn't produced by the guild or endorsed in any way by them.Alchemist: This lecture has been designed for a very entry level student so it shouldnt beabove anyone at allAt anytime, just feel free to ask any questions at all, i only ask yous to think about thequestion and its relevance before you ask im not interested in questions such as...howwould you use the ens to charge a wand etcGuest 1: Better tell them what the Ens is before they get any ideas :)
lchemist: Its an alchemical lecture focused on lab work and as we dont have much time,better to remain focused. Before i start has anyone made the Ens melissa before?Guest 1: Not me, not yet anywayAlchemist: I understand its late for most, so i wont rush too much. ok faust, i have madeit roughly 7 times,the first time around 2000. I have used both dry and fresh herb severaltimes to see if there was any serious differenceGuest 1: Was there a difference?Alchemist:yes and no. Yes there was a difference in some colour results. There werenodifference in effects. I eventually grew the herb myself. It takes over gardens easily andis very resistant to most conditions except frost. Severe frost anyways. Ok...im gonnabegin the lecture in a second. Does anyone want to say anything before i get into it?Guest 2: what is Ens Melissa?Alchemist:according to Paracelsus it is the first being of the herb melissa officianalis. Firstbeing being the most pure aspect of itGuest 3: so its a vegetable stone?Alchemist:no its not a stone, a plant stone is designed to pull a quintessence from anyplant. The Primum Ens Melissae. This lecture will outline what has become a very popular
topic in the wider alchemical community, I say wider because upon a cursory net searchyou can easily find upwards of 10 different pages commenting on the Ens in variousmanners, whereas 10 years ago you would be lucky to find 2 pages of informationregarding this important Herbal preparation. The Primum Ens Melissa is as I mentioned above, a herbal preparation using as itsprimary subject the Plant Melissa officianalis, more commonly known as Lemon balm.Lemon Balm grows easily in moderate climates and is readily available. This particularmethod of preparing the Ens was first outlined (as far as I know) by Paracelsus, and canbe found in a book called The life and doctrines of Paracelsus by Franz Hartmann. Frommemory its at the end of the book as an annexGuest 4: so it is some kind of vitality infusion?Alchemist:it does contain vitality indeed!But thats not classical alchemical nomenclatureGuest 4: I'm new to this, so trying to figure out some basic thingsAlchemist:which is what I am trying to portray this in. I've only just begun...ride with itfor a while and then see if things become clearer. The primary reason for attempting theEns is that it is a species of Herbal remedies that have rejuvenating properties.I know of one person in particular who had legendary results with the Ens. I metthis person around 2002. He was given a sample by my first alchemical teacher and hadalot of classic symptoms. His finger and toe nails fell out and regrew but he was old andquite ill so the results for someone like him are much more extreme.Ingesting the Ens helps the alchemist keep good health in mind and body whileextending his natural life span allowing him the greatest possible chance of solving thegreater problems in the alchemical journey, the confection of the Philosophers stone andthe Elixer of life. In other words its like a side kick. Its not the goal but it seriously helpsin achieving itWe are very fortunate with this particular process handed down to us by the Thricegreatest as it requires very little complicated equipment and is very easy to make. But aswith many of the classic alchemical receipts handed down to us, there is a lengthy, socalled more natural way to the goal, and a much more direct process to the goal.Its up to our own personal predilection to decide which way we want to go, but Ihave done both ways (largely) and can say that there is little difference in the quality of the end product, which as they say, the proof is in the pudding.Before I go on to much of a meandered rant let me show you the original recipt andthen we can go through a blow-for-blow description of the process in order to come tosome small understanding of what exactly the Primum Ens Melissae is.I will now paste the complete orginal receipet and gives yous a few minutes to lookover it before i continue
Now to be distilled, and the alcohol evaporated until it becomes of the thickness of a syrup, which is the Primum Ens Melissae; but the alcohol that has been distilled awayand the liquid potash may be used again. The liquid potash must be of greatconcentration and the alcohol of great strength, else they would become mixed, and theexperiment would not succeed.'"Guest 4: is this a full text. It seems cuttedAlchemist:thats the annex in the book i had Theres another small piece to it but its gotnothing to do with how to make itGuest 5:i dont see anything..jumps right to distillitation and evaporation?Alchemist:ok I will repost in smaller jumpsGuest 5: ThanksAlchemist:'The Primum Ens Melissae is prepared in the following manner: Take half apound of pure carbonate of potash, and expose it to the air until it is dissolved (byattracting water from the atmosphere). Filter the fluid, and put as many fresh leaves of the plant melissa into it as it will hold, so that the fluid will cover the leaves. Let it standin a well-closed glass in a moderately warm place for twenty-four hours. The fluid may then be removed from the leaves, and the latter thrown away. On the top of this fluid absolute alcohol is poured, so that it will cover the former to the height of one ortwo inches, and it is left to remain for one or two days, or until the alcohol becomes of anintensely green colour. This alcohol is then to be taken away and preserved, and freshalcohol is put upon the alkaline fluid, and the operation is repeat This alcoholic fluid is now to be distilled, and the alcohol evaporated until it becomes of the thickness of a syrup, which is the Primum Ens Melissae; but the alcohol that has beendistilled away and the liquid potash may be used again. The liquid potash must be of great concentration and the alcohol of great strength, else they would become mixed,and the experiment would not succeed.'"finisI'll give you some more time to read over then ill go blow for blow.ok lets get into it proper1) Take half a pound of pure carbonate of potash, and expose it to the air until it isdissolved (by attracting water from the atmosphere). This is the starting amount of pure potassium carbonate the author recommends us tostart with, the reality here is, is that the amount needed is totally dependent on theamount of Herb we will be working with.If we have a large amount of herb, say 2 pounds, then the amount of saturated tartarwater required will be greater. To sum it up, more herb, more solvent needed to extract its

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