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AlcoholEdu Sheet

AlcoholEdu Sheet

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Published by Robert Sakhnovsky

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Published by: Robert Sakhnovsky on Jul 26, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A standard drink is a 12-ounce beer, a 5-ounce glass of wine, or 1.5ounces of hard liquor, whether you have it as a mixed drink or a shot.A blackout is more likely to be experienced when you are drinking toomuch too quickly. Women are more likely to experience blackouts.Blackouts typically occur between a BAC of .10 - .15%.There is compelling evidence that adolescents are at a greater risk of experiencing long-term consequences from drinking because thehuman brain continues to develop until people are in their mid-20's.People can avoid the negative consequences of drinking, such asalcohol poisoning, by setting a personal limit of how many drinks theywill consume ahead of time, keeping track of what and how muchthey are drinking, and keeping their BAC well below .04%.BAC stands for blood alcohol concentration.At even relatively low BAC levels (0.02-0.04%), alcohol producessignificant changes in how a person thinks, acts, and feels. Whilealcohol mainly slows down brain activity, many people report feeling"in a good mood" after a drink or two, at least for a short period of time.Activities that can cause your BAC to rise quickly include playingdrinking games, chugging, doing shots, and pre-gaming before goingout.After people have been drinking, it's harder to make safe decisionsabout not drinking and driving. Motor coordination and judgment areimpaired, and it can be harder to react to dangers on the road. It cantake up to two or more hours to get rid of the alcohol in one standarddrink, so a person will need to wait a whole lot longer to sober upthan one hour.Many students don't drink in college or don't drink in high-risk ways.Those who do drink in high-risk ways, drink most of the alcoholconsumed in college. Many students actually support stricter alcoholpolicies.The .08 BAC Per Se Law states that it is illegal for individuals of legaldrinking age to operate a motor vehicle at or above .08% Blood
Alcohol Concentration (BAC).Someone who wants to pace their drinking could try taking small sipsto drink more slowly, alternating non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks,limiting their drinks to one or fewer per hour.When trying to convince a friend not to drive after drinking, youshould try talking to your friend in private, reminding your friend thatyou are doing him or her a favor, and tell your friend that you can'tlet something happen to him or her.High doses of alcohol can impair the functions of a region of the braincalled the hippocampus, which plays a vital role in memory andlearning.If you have concerns that someone is experiencing an overdose, callfor help. Don’t leave the person alone, don't give the person anythingto eat or drink, and never assume a person who's exhibiting realdanger signs can just "sleep it off". Lay him or her on their side sothey don't get sick.When faced with convincing a friend who has been drinking not todrive, your number one goal is to stop your friend from driving. Beingfollowed home is not going to keep your friend safe. Be persistent -don't let your friend brush off your concerns or try to convince you heor she is ok to drive.Alcohol is a powerful, depressant drug that can be addictive for somepeople.It can take up to 2 hours for your body to get rid of the amount of alcohol in one standard drink.If people want to drink responsibly and keep their BAC in check, theyshould pace their drinks to one or fewer per hour, choose drinks witha lower amount of alcohol, eat before and while drinking, use cups orglasses that hold standard sized of drinks, and avoid drinking games.People can better monitor their drinks by knowing how much alcoholis in their drink, keeping their drink with them at all times, andpouring their drink themselves and avoiding drinking from communalsources.
To avoid a situation where someone is tempted to drive afterdrinking, one could call ahead for a taxi, get a sober designateddriver, make arrangements to stay over at a friend's house, or checkto see if his or her school has a safe ride program.A blackout is not the same as passing out. A blackout is when aperson is unable to remember what they did when they were drinkingbecause his or her hippocampus was impaired and can occur at BAClevels in the range of 0.10-0.15%.Why and how people choose to drink can be influenced by what andhow we think others drink. Decisions can also be influenced by ourown thoughts about what we will or won't get out of drinking.A person could be suffering from alcohol poisoning if he or she: 1. Ispassed out or in a semiconscious state, and it is difficult to wake ormake talk to you. 2. Doesn't snap out of this state, even if the personvomits. 3. Has cool, pale, bluish, or clammy skin. 4. Has abnormallyslow or irregular breathing.Each standard size drinks contains .6 ounces of alcohol.High-risk drinking is having four or more drinks for a woman, or fiveor more drinks for a man on an occasion.Even if over 21, it can be unsafe to drive with ANY amount of alcoholin your system. For anyone under the age of 21, it’s illegal to drivewith any detectable amount of alcohol in one's blood system.A person cannot lower their BAC by drinking coffee, taking a coldshower, or getting fresh air. Vomiting may prevent additional alcoholfrom being absorbed into the bloodstream, but it won’t lower aperson’s BAC and can be dangerous. Only time can lower BAC.Alcohol consumption can interfere with all of these factors: learningand memory, decision-making and judgment, and motivation andattention.If you don't know how much alcohol is in a drink, you can ask theperson who poured it or can throw it out or make another one. Youdon't want to get more alcohol than you planned on.

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