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Bsc Finance and Accounting UK

Bsc Finance and Accounting UK

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Published by: wahajbond007 on Jul 26, 2011
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Undergraduate study in
and the
 Social Sciences
Academic direction by:
Undergraduate study in Economics, Management, Finance and the Social Sciences
Accreditation o prior learning(APL)
– I the University o Londonrecognises that you have alreadycovered a syllabus in the same depthand breadth as part o a previousqualication in the last ve years youwill be granted an ‘APL’, whereby youwill not be required to take a particularsubject as part o your degree. APLis available on degrees through theStandard Route only. These consisto 12 courses and you may claim APLrom up to our ull 100 courses. Thismay allow you to complete the degreewithin two years. Further inormationon APL is given on pages 82-85.
– qualications.
Federal university
– The University o London is a ederal university made upo 19 Colleges (e.g. LSE, King’s CollegeLondon and UCL) and a number o central academic Institutes.
Graduate Entry Route
– I you alreadyhave an acceptable and ull rst degreei.e. a Bachelor’s degree, you may optor this study route, where 9 coursesare studied instead o 12. You may beable to complete within two years.
International Programmesstudent
– A student registered or aprogramme o study via the Universityo London International Programmes.
– For the BScdegrees some courses haveprerequisites, i.e. courses whichyou must have passed rst.
Individual courses
– You canapply to study one or more o thecourses rom the programme as anindividual course. Individual coursesare not covered in detail by thisprospectus, but you can nd ulldetails at: www.londoninternational.ac.uk/shortcourses/lse
University o London InternationalProgrammes
– The ramework bywhich students all over the world canearn a University o London awardwithout having to come to London.
Gain a University o London degreethrough the University o LondonInternational Programmes, whilestudying in your own country. I youdo need to move country you cancarry your registration with you.
Develop your career by gaining aninternationally recognised qualication.
We have examination centres inover 180 countries worldwide.
The curriculum is international in itsscope. You can choose rom more than100 courses, allowing you to customiseyour degree to match your interests.
Graduates rom these programmestranser to Masters-level programmesin Australia, the USA and the UK.
Take advantage o the wide range o entry points, whatever your previouseducational background, includingast track routes or those who alreadyhave an undergraduate degree.
Application deadline
:You can apply throughout theyear, but we strongly advise you toapply as early as possible.Applications must bereceived no later than:
17 September
 (students resident
outside the EU
17 October
 (students resident
within the EU
)in the year beore you intend tosit your rst examinations.
Registration deadline:
30 November
Despatch o study materials:
 Soon ater your registrationorm and ee are received.
Undergraduate study in Economics, Management, Finance and the Social SciencesKey datesUsing this prospectus
Worldwide Access, Opportunity,International Reputation 2 The University o LondonInternational Programmes 3Academic direction: The London School o Economicsand Political Science 4Introduction to the awards 5Gaining a prestigious University o London qualication 6Am I ready to study? 7How you study 8Support or your studies 9 The Online Student Portal 10 Thinking ahead –proessional accreditation 12 The route around our programmes 16Career and personaldevelopment study 17How much will myprogramme cost? 18BSc degrees 19
BSc Accounting and Finance 20BSc Banking and Finance 21BSc Business 22BSc Development and Economics 24BSc Economics 25BSc Economics and Finance 26BSc Economics and Management 27BSc Geography and Environment 28BSc Inormation Systemsand Management 30BSc International Development 32BSc International Relations 34BSc Management 36BSc Mathematics and Economics 38BSc Politics andInternational Relations 40BSc Sociology 41Joint Laws programme resources 42BSc Accounting with Law 43BSc Management with Law 44BSc Sociology with Law 45Diplomas or Graduates 46Diploma in Economics andDiploma in Social Sciences 50Additional educational support 52Access route 57
Reerence section
 Transer 58Selection groups 59Course descriptions 62Qualications or entrance 72 Test o prociency in English 81Accreditation o prior learning (APL) 82Discretionary APL 84Automatic APL 85How to apply and register 86Documentary evidence 88Fees and contacts 91Inclusive Practice Policy 92Study programmes or 2011-2012 93
Standard RouteAccreditation opriorlearning (APL)Graduate Entry RouteHow to applyAccess routeGeneral inormationDiploma or GraduatesQualifcations or entranceDiploma in Economics/Diploma in Social Sciences
 There is a colour coded band at thetop o each page in this prospectus. The colour o this band either reersto the dierent types o qualicationson oer or to a specic piece o inormation that you might need. Thered colour used as banding on thispage reers to any general inormationrelated to the University or the suiteo qualications. A guide to the othercolours used or dierent types o qualications is listed on the right.
Cover photo by Gaute B. Iversen. A current BSc Politics and International Relations student, Gaute is a freelance photographer and reporter based in Norway.

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