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June 2011 HMH Adult Trade New Releases

June 2011 HMH Adult Trade New Releases

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Published by GOCallaghan

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Categories:Types, Reviews, Book
Published by: GOCallaghan on Jul 26, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Sara GranISBN: 9780547428499
Hardcover, $24.00Rights: US, C, O
 A new series from Sara Gran, “a l featuring the world’s best—an
Claire DeWitt is not your averagedeductive skills and is an ace at duses her dreams, omens, and mimysteries, and relies on
late, great, and mysterious FrencThe tattooed, pot-smoking ClaireOrleans, the city she’s avoided siConstance Darling, was murdereddisappearance of Vic Willing, a pra homicide- plagued city. Has anto disappear? Claire follows the clAndray Fairview, a young gang mLittered with memories of Claire’s
the Dead 
is a knockout start to a
Dean BakopoulosISBN: 9780151013449Hardcover, $24.00Rights: World
Introducing Zeke, one of the witt deluded narrator 
 “Why are you so unhappy?” That’ three-year-old scholar, asks almoobsessive project, “The Inventoryhe receives—a mix of true sadnesof woe. Zeke, meanwhile, remainharsh realities that threaten his denergy on finding the perfect matorphaned nieces. Following stepsever-optimistic Zeke identifies soneighbor, a coffeehouse barista,A clairvoyant when it comes to thfederal bureaucracy, and a devotirreverent voice that is a marvel oparanoia and made more urgentlife.
atter-day Raymond Chandler” 
 ,most eccentric—private investigator.
private investigator. She has brilliantiscovering evidence. But Claire alsod-expanding herbs to help her solve— the only book published by thedetective Jacques Silette.has just arrived in post-Katrina Newce her mentor, Silette’s studentthere. Claire is investigating thesecutor known for winning convictions inngry criminal enacted revenge on Vic? Orues, finding old friends and making new enember who just might hold the key to theyears as a girl detective in 1980s Brooklybracingly original new series.
iest, most unpredictable, and charmingly to come along in years.
the question that Zeke Pappas, a thirty-st everybody he meets as part of anof American Unhappiness.” The answerss and absurd complaint—create a collagedelightfully oblivious to the increasinglyily routine, opting instead to focus hise so that he can gain custody of hisoutlined in a women’s magazine, thee “prospects”: a newly divorcedis administrative assistant, and Sofia CoppStarbucks orders of strangers, a quixoticd believer in the afternoon cocktail and thf lacerating wit and heart-on-sleeve emotiy the hope that if he can only find a wife,did he use the storm as a meanemies — foremost among themystery.,
Claire DeWitt and the City of 
ola (“Why not aim high?”).renegade when it comes to theevening binge, Zeke has ann, underscored by a creepingh
e might have a second chance
The Untold Story of the Engineers, visionaries and Trailblazers Who Created the AmericanSuperhighways
Earl SwiftISBN: 9780618812417Hardcover, $27.00Rights: US, C, O
 A road trip through the revelatory history of American interstatehighways
A man-made wonder, a connective network, an economic force, abringer of blight and sprawl and the possibility of escape—the U.S.interstate system changed the face of our country.
The Big Roads
charts the creation of these essential American highways. From theturn-of-the-century car racing entrepreneur who spurred the citizen-led “Good Roads” movement, to the handful of driven engineers whoconceived of the interstates and how they would work—years beforePresident Eisenhower knew the plans existed—to the protests thaterupted across the nation when highways reached the cities and foundpeople unwilling to be uprooted in the name of progress, Swift follows awinding, fascinating route through twentieth-century American life.How did we get from dirt tracks to expressways, from main streets to off-ramps, from mud to concrete andsteel, in less than a century? Through decades of politics, activism, and marvels of engineering, we recognizein our highways the wanderlust, grand scale, and conflicting notions of citizenship and progress that defineAmerica.
 America’s Secret Spy War with china
David WiseISBN: 9780547553108Hardcover, $28.00Rights: World
Honey traps, double agents, nuclear secrets, and a future president’sfemale friend: a revelatory history of Chinese espionage in America
For decades, while America obsessed over Soviet spies, China quietlypenetrated the highest levels of government. Now, for the first time,based on numerous interviews with key insiders at the FBI and CIA aswell as with Chinese agents and people close to them, David Wise tellsthe full story of China’s many victories and defeats in its American spywars.Two key cases interweave throughout: Katrina Leung, code-named parlor maid, worked for the FBI for years, even after shebecame a secret double agent for China, aided by love affairs with bothof her FBI handlers. Here, too, is the inside story of the case, code-named tiger trap, of a key Chinese-American scientist suspected of stealing nuclear weapons secrets. These two cases led to many others,involving famous names from Wen Ho Lee to Richard Nixon, stunning national security leaks, andsophisticated cyberspying. The story takes us up to the present, with a West Coast spy ring whose memberswere sentenced in 2010—but it surely will continue for years to come, as China faces off against America.David Wise’s history of China’s spy wars in America is packed with eye-popping revelations.
The Confessions of Google Employee Number 59
Douglas EdwardsISBN: 9780547416991Hardcover, $27.00Rights: US, C, O
One of Google’s early employees takes us on a trip inside thehyperenergized company that broke the rules and rocked the world.
Comparing Google to an ordinary business is like comparing a rocket toan Edsel. No academic analysis or bystander’s account can capture it.Now Doug Edwards, Employee Number 59, offers the first inside viewof Google, giving readers a chance to fully experience the bizarre mixof camaraderie and competition at this phenomenal company. Edwards,Google’s first director of marketing and brand management, describesit as it happened. We see the first, pioneering steps of Larry Page andSergey Brin, the company’s young, idiosyncratic partners; the evolutionof the company’s famously nonhierarchical structure (where every employee finds a problem to tackle or afeature to create and works independently); the development of brand identity; the races to develop andimplement each new feature; and the many ideas that never came to pass. Above all, Edwards—a former journalist who knows how to write— captures the “Google Experience,” the rollercoaster ride of being part of company creating itself in a whole new universe.
I’m Feeling Lucky 
captures for the first time the unique, self-invented, yet profoundly important culture of thworld’s most transformative corporation.
Travels in the Other Europe
Bharati MukherjeeISBN: 9780151012718Hardcover, $23.00Rights: US, C, O
 A Beat-style collection of travel narratives from central and easternEurope
Andrzej Stasiuk is a restless and indefatigable traveler. His journeystake him from his native Poland to Slovakia, Hungary, Romania,Slovenia, Albania, Moldova, and Ukraine. By car, train, bus, ferry. Tosmall towns and villages with unfamiliar-sounding yet strangelyevocative names. “The heart of my Europe,” Stasiuk tells us, “beats inSokolow, Podlaski, and in Husi, not in Vienna.” Where did Moldova end and Transylvania begin, he wonders as he isbeing driven at breakneck speed in an ancient Audi—loose wireshanging from the dashboard—by a driver in shorts and bare feet, across swinging on his chest. In Comrat, a funeral procession moves slowly down the main street, the opencoffin on a pickup truck, an old woman dressed in black brushing away the flies above the face of thedeceased. On to Soroca, a baroque-Byzantine-Tatar-Turkish encampment, to meet Gypsies. And all the wayto Babadag, between the Baltic Coast and the Black Sea, where Stasiuk sees his first minaret, “simple andsevere, a pencil pointed at the sky.” A brilliant tour of Europe’s dark underside—travel writing at its very best.

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