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SustainableCities ChartOfActivities June2011

SustainableCities ChartOfActivities June2011

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Published by UrbanKnowledge

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Published by: UrbanKnowledge on Jul 26, 2011
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Towards a Partnerships for Sustainable Cities
Meeting June 12-13, 2011Key Ideas of Main Private Partners
Name What is/Main Output Objective/Program Specific Sustainable ProgramWBCSD-UII
 World Council forsustainabledevelopment
A global CEO-led coalition; 200firms-
Urban InfrastructureInitiative (UII)
Promote progress towardsustainability with privatesector playing a key role
Urban Infrastructure Initiative (UII)
- 14 global companies- Helping cities to assess their situation and plan change
- WBCSD working projects includes Mobility, Electric Utilities, Water,Ecosystems, and Energy Efficiency in Buildings and Vision 2050
Philips:Sense and Simplicity
Livable city
= resource efficient,safe and secure, inclusiveNew lighting solutions offergreat opportunities to enhance
 people‟s life
 Energy efficient/LED solutions offer great potentialAwareness raising and financingPhilips is committed to help shape the dialogue and partner with cities andcompanies
Cisco: SmartCities
- Smart+ connected Cities- The role of ICT
Why ICT makes city smarterHow to enable smart citypoliciesUnderstand the way citiesoperateInclude stakeholders
Climate Group & GeSI
“Smart 2020”
report 2009 concluded a 15% GHGreduction by utilizing smart technologies in citiesIn 20 years, we can attain a higher economic level with energy savings (about 30%), by means of 
Smart Community (public service) 33%; Smart Urban Mobility
33.4; Smart Security 21; Green U-logistics 25-30Define overall strategy and stakeholder strategy
Develop common typology and taxonomy, better training-
Define objectives, indicators, fit into city components, monitor their success
Slim City initiative-smart grids-repowering transport-retrofit financing-housing for all
sustainable development of allaspects of a city to achievereduced carbon emissions andincreased resource efficiencyacross all sectors
ex) Mexico network of security cameras
Siemens Green City Index
Infrastructure and Cities-
Cities as centers of CompetenceExamples:How ICT helps high speedand commuter rail, railsystems mobility in EuropeanCities
London Urban Sustainability Center
- - global knowledge hub for urbansustainability and environmental technology.
 Green City Index
- applied to more than 100 cities worldwide, includes C02,Energy, Building, Transport, Waste and Land use
We measure what we manage andwe manage what we measureCan we hold governmentAccountable?Viscosity of Talent?Sustainable Footprint on Energy
Cities of Opportunity report
Excellent report
Born after 9/11 by Bigbusiness in NY
Free service to industries tohelp them identify what theyneed to know.-
Measure 66 variables on 26 cities-
Focused on activities-
Message: good things generate virtuous cycle- NY, Toronto, Stockholm close together
McKinsey’s Sustainable Cities
Service Line
 Creating value for citymunicipalities, governments,private sector
Strengthen city organizationto drive implementation of solutions and ensure citiescapture opportunities,including districtdevelopment plans andGreenfield cities-
Chicago launched a campaign to retrofit 400,000 homes with energy efficientappliances.
McKinsey was asked to develop a green offering that coulddevelop with time as the green market matured and could be scaled
throughout the U.S.-
Consumers are interested in being green; CE contributes ~30% of energy usein home today, but could grow to ~40% by 2020
Latin America City and Tech Conglomerate. Workshop to help businessidentify opportunities around issues
GDF Suez
Sustainable CitiesEnergy, water,
DF SUEZ business modelcuses on responsible growth;ergy and environmenthallenges, ensuring the securityf supply, fighting againstlimate change and maximizinge use of resources
 -From Silo Approach to an integrated approach
- From financing issues to helping meet objectives- Objectives vs. issues; Integrated approach. Performance contract-
Cities are places to live and work, and their quality affects competitiveness, Itaffects environment and quality of life
Smart Cities
Understanding urban systems,patterns and trends
Cities are becoming smarter
with greater access to IT, thatis, cities are becoming betterinstrumented, interconnected,intelligent
 -2000 smart cites projects
- Discussions with global leaders
How are policies affecting city growth
- How to influence and impact behavior change
- Major conferences- Local discussions- Pilot
Dubuque Iowa
,-Portal to show resource consumption geared towards families
C40 knowledge partnerWorkshopsUrban life 2050
Climate action in Megacities(Report)
Work with city constituents to understand needs and opportunities,Inception, conception, completionAre we anticipating what is driving change
what will the normal being that weare working towards?
When cities fail, countries fail Bringing key stakeholdertogether to discuss thingscritical to health of cities
 learning conferenceUrban Age Award, to reward networks of people who do.
Approach to cities: “What are your problem” Lead to “t
eaching what to doMoving into AfricaBanks are only successful in successful cities. It
s our interest
UNEP Green Economy and Cities partof the Green Economy InitiativeObj:
Integrate the urbandimension in key globalenvironment issues
Promote the link betweenlocal and global agendas
 Promote resource efficientand sustainable cities
Make the case of integratingenvironment in strategicplanning at city level and toprovide advice to cities/citynetworksSustainable Buildings and Climate Initiative (to promote awareness in buildingindustry)Sustainable Buildings Index, energy use and GHG emissions.
-Energy+ GHGEmissions; -Water;
-Social issues;
SUSHI (Sustainable Social Housing Initiative -- Sao Paulo and Bangkok 
Part of UNEP’s Green Economy Initiative
Cities are
for delivering environmental sustainability, economicgrowth and well-being (inclusive growth)
Report provides public policy recommendations for transforming existing cities,and delivering new ones, taking into account regional differences in climaticconditions, culture and societal values
Global City Indicators Facility(GCIF) -
Globally standardizedindicators
built with direct input from Cities
Promote self-awareness of cities, allows comparison of city performance over timeand across member cities. Aglobal city metrics databasewith 1,000 citiesparticipating by 2015.
-Includes 145 cities, and 115 global indicators.- Allows the preparation of reports on selected issues.- Organized in two groups
quality of life and city services- Interactive with the user (city) and enabling the production of analyticalreports- Building sustainable city indicators and indices with a number of globalpartners
Advancing Livable andsustainable communities
5 milestonesAssessment, Sustainabilitygoals; Sustainability Plan,Implement Measures,Evaluate ProgressA ground-breaking program that will offer local governments a roadmap forimproving community sustainabilityStandard approach, national and consensus-based.
STAR Community Index and guidelines
help community scale sustainability andpresent a vision. Offer local governments a common framework with clear andeasily accessible goals
Serendicity Idea: The serendipitous city: the land of unexpected opportunities. Keep lookingfor something and you will find something fortunate, though entirely unrelated.
Urban Gateway -Data on cities-Piloting projects in cities andCity indicatorsJoint Work Programme on Cities and Climate Change

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