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7.Informatica - How can U create or import flat file
8.Informatica - What is the maplet?
9.Informatica - what is a transforamation?
10.Informatica - What r the designer tools for
11.Informatica - What r the active and passive
12.Informatica - What r the connected or
13.Informatica - How many ways u create ports?
14.Informatica - What r the reusable
15.Informatica - What r the methods for creating
16.Informatica - What r the unsupported repository
17.Informatica - What r the mapping paramaters and
18.Informatica - Can U use the maping parameters
19.Informatica - Can u use the maping parameters or
20.Informatica - How can U improve session
21.Informatica - What is aggregate cache in
22.Informatica - What r the diffrence between joiner
23.Informatica - In which condtions we can not use
24.Informatica - what r the settiings that u use to
25.Informatica - What r the join types in joiner
30.Informatica - Differences between connected and
31.Informatica - what is meant by lookup caches?
32.Informatica - What r the types of lookup caches?
33.Informatica - Difference between static cache and
34.Informatica - Which transformation should we
35.Informatica - How the informatica server sorts the
36.Informatica - What is the Rankindex in
37.Informatica - What is the Router transformation?
38.Informatica - What r the types of groups in
39.Informatica - Why we use stored procedure
40.Informatica - What is source qualifier
41.Informatica - What r the tasks that source
42.Informatica - What is the target load order?
43.Informatica - What is the default join that source
44.Informatica - What r the basic needs to join two
45.Informatica - what is update strategy
46.Informatica - What is the default source option
47.Informatica - What is Datadriven?
48.Informatica - What r the options in the target
49.Informatica - What r the types of maping wizards
50.Informatica - What r the types of maping in
51.Informatica - What r the mapings that we use for
52.Informatica - What r the different types of Type2
53.Informatica - How can u recognise whether or not
54.Informatica - What r two types of processes that
55.Informatica - Can u generate reports in
56.Informatica - Define maping and sessions?
57.Informatica - Which tool U use to create and
58.Informatica - Why we use partitioning the session
59.Informatica - How the informatica server
60.Informatica - What r the tasks that Loadmanger
61.Informatica - What r the different threads in
62.Informatica - Can u copy the session to a different
63.Informatica - What is batch and describe about
64.Informatica - Can u copy the batches?
65.Informatica - When the informatica server marks
66.Informatica - What r the different options used to
67.Informatica - In a sequential batch can u run the
68.Informatica - Can u start a batches with in a
69.Informatica - Can u start a session inside a batch
70.Informatica - How can u stop a batch?
71.Informatica - What r the session parameters?
72.Informatica - What is parameter file?
73.Informatica - What is difference between
74.Informatica - Performance tuning in Informatica?
75.Informatica - What is difference between maplet
76.Informatica - Define informatica repository?
77.Informatica - What r the types of metadata that
78.Informatica - What is power center repository?
79.Informatica - How can u work with remote
80.Informatica - What is tracing level and what r the
81.Informatica - If a session fails after loading of
82.Informatica - If i done any modifications for my
89.Informatica - Discuss the advantages &
90.Informatica - Waht are main advantages and
91.Informatica - How to read rejected data or bad
92.Informatica - How do youtransfert the data from
93.Informatica - At the max how many
94.Informatica - What is the difference between
95.Informatica - what is a junk dimension
96.Informatica - can we lookup a table from a source
97.Informatica - how to get the first 100 rows from
98.Informatica - can we modify the data in flat file?
99.Informatica - difference between summary filter
100.Informatica - what are the difference between
101.Informatica - What is the difference between
102.Informatica - CompareData Warehousing Top-
103.Informatica - Discuss which is better among
104.Informatica - What is the difference between
105.Informatica - Differences between Informatica
106.Informatica - whats the diff between
107.Informatica - how to create the staging area in
108.Informatica - what does the expression n filter
109.Informatica - Briefly explian the Versioning
110.Informatica - How to join two tables without
111.Informatica - Identifying bottlenecks in various
112.Informatica - How do you decide whether you
113.Informatica - Source table has 1000 rows. In
114.Informatica - what is the procedure to write the
115.Informatica - which objects are required by the
116.Informatica - What is the limit to the number of
117.Informatica - What is difference between IIF and
118.Informatica - What are variable ports and list
119.Informatica - How does the server recognise the
120.Informatica - How to retrive the records from a
121.Informatica - How to lookup the data on
122.Informatica - What is the procedure to load the
123.Informatica - What is the use of incremental
124.Informatica - How to delete duplicate rows in
125.Informatica - how to use mapping parameters
126.Informatica - Can we use aggregator/active
127.Informatica - why dimenstion tables are
128.Informatica - In a sequential Batch how can we
129.Informatica - How do you handle decimal places
130.Informatica - If you have four lookup tables in
131.Informatica - How do I import VSAM files from
132.Informatica - Differences between Normalizer
133.Informatica - What is IQD file?
134.Informatica - What is data merging, data
135.Informatica - How to import oracle sequence
136.Informatica - With out using Updatestretagy and
137.Informatica - Two relational tables are
138.Informatica - what are partition points?
139.Informatica - what are cost based and rule based
140.Informatica - what is mystery dimention?
141.Informatica - what is difference b/w Informatica
142.Informatica - What is Micro Strategy? Why is it
143.Informatica - Can i start and stop single session
144.Informatica - what is the gap analysis?
151.Informatica - How do you configure mapping in
152.Informatica - Can i use a session Bulk loading
153.Informatica - what is difference between COM
154.Informatica - what are the enhancements made
155.Informatica - how do you create a mapping
156.Informatica - what is the exact meaning of
157.Informatica - what is the hierarchies in DWH
158.Informatica - Difference between Rank and
159.Informatica - can anyone explain about
160.Informatica - What is meant by Junk Attribute
161.Informatica - Informatica Live Interview
162.Informatica - how do we remove the staging area
163.Informatica - what is polling?
164.Informatica - What is Transaction?
165.Informatica - what happens if you try to create a
166.Informatica - In a joiner trasformation, you
167.Informatica - Where is the cache stored in
168.Informatica - can batches be copied/stopped
169.Informatica - what is rank transformation?where
170.Informatica - Can Informatica load
171.Informatica - how do you load the time
172.Informatica - what is hash table informatica?
173.Informatica - What is meant by EDW?
174.Informatica - how to load the data from people
175.Informatica - what are the measure objects
176.Informatica - what is the diff b/w STOP &
177.Informatica - what is surrogatekey ? In ur
178.Informatica - what is Partitioning ? where we
179.Informatica - hwo can we eliminate duplicate
180.Informatica - How to Generate the Metadata
181.Informatica - Can u tell me how to go for SCD's
182.Informatica - How to export mappings to the
183.Informatica - how u will create header and
184.Informatica - what is the difference between
185.Informatica - How do we analyse the data at
186.Informatica - why sorter transformation is an
187.Informatica - how is the union transformation
188.Informatica - what is tracing level?
189.Informatica - How can we join 3 database like
190.Informatica - Is a fact table normalized or de-
191.Informatica - What is the difference between
192.Informatica - What is the difference between
193.Informatica - How to move the mapping from
194.Informatica - How do we do complex mapping
195.Informatica - How to define Informatica server?
196.Informatica - How to call stored Procedure from
197.Informatica - how can we store previous session
198.Informatica - how can we use pmcmd command
199.Informatica - What is change data capture?
200.Informatica - Wat is QTP in Data Warehousing?
201.Informatica - How can I get distinct values while
202.Informatica - what transformation you can use
203.Informatica - Why and where we are using
204.Informatica - tell me one complecated mapping
205.Informatica - how do we do unit testing in
206.Informatica - how do we load data by using
207.Informatica - How many types of facts and what
208.Informatica - How can you say that union
209.Informatica - how many types of dimensions are
210.Informatica - How can you improve the
211.Informatica - Why did you use stored procedure
212.Informatica - why did u use update stategy in
213.Informatica - How do you create single lookup
214.Informatica - In update strategy target table or
215.Informatica - How to load time dimension?
216.Informatica - what is the architecture of any
217.Informatica - What are the questions asked in
218.Informatica - What is the difference between
225.Informatica - Wht is incremental loading?Wht is
226.Informatica - What is ODS ?what data loaded
227.Informatica - what are the type costing functions
228.Informatica - what is the repository agent?
229.Informatica - what is the basic language of
230.Informatica - What is CDC?
231.Informatica - what r the mapping specifications?
232.Informatica - what is bottleneck in informatica?
233.Informatica - What is the differance between
234.Informatica - Explain in detail about Key Range
235.Informatica - COMMITS: What is the use of
236.Informatica - What Bulk & Normal load? Where
237.Informatica - Which transformation has the most
238.Informatica - Where we use Star Schema &
239.Informatica - Can we create duplicate rows in
240.Informatica - Where persistent cache will be
241.Informatica - What is SQL override? In which
242.Informatica - Can you update the Target table?
243.Informatica - At what frequent u load the data?
244.Informatica - What is a Materialized view? Diff
245.Informatica - Is it possible to refresh the
246.Informatica - What are the common errors that
247.Informatica - What is Shortcut? What is use of
248.Informatica - what is the use of Factless
249.Informatica - while Running a Session, what are
250.Informatica - give me an scenario where flat
251.Informatica - Architectural diff b/w informatica
252.Informatica - what r the types of data flows in
253.Informatica - what r the types of target loads
254.Informatica - Can we use lookup instead of join?
255.Informatica - what is sql override where do we
256.Informatica - In a flat file sql override will work
257.Informatica - what is cost effective
258.Informatica - WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE
259.Informatica - what is surrogate key ? how many
260.Informatica - what r the advantages and
261.Informatica - why do we use reusable
262.Informatica - in which particular situation we
263.Informatica - in which particular situation we
264.Informatica - is there any relationship between
265.Informatica - How many types of flatfiles
266.Informatica - what is the event-based
267.Informatica - what is the new lookup port in
268.Informatica - what is dynamic insert?
269.Informatica - how did you handle errors?(ETL-
270.Informatica - HOw do u setup a schedule for
271.Informatica - HOw do u select duplicate rows
272.Informatica - How to load data to target where
273.Informatica - What TOAD and for what purpose
274.Informatica - What is target load order ?
275.Informatica - How to extract 10 records out of
276.Informatica - How many types of TASKS we
277.Informatica - What is user defined
278.Informatica - what is the difference between
279.Informatica - what is semi additve measuresand
280.Informatica - what is DTM process?
281.Informatica - what is Powermart and Power
282.Informatica - what are the differences between
283.Informatica - hi, how we validate all the
284.Informatica - hw to work with pmcmd on
285.Informatica - inteview questionwhy do u use a
286.Informatica - interview questiontell me what
287.Informatica - what is grouped cross tab?
288.Informatica - what is aggregate awareness?
289.Informatica - Can we revert back reusable
290.Informatica - How do we delete staging area in
291.Informatica - what is referential Intigrity error?
292.Informatica - what is constraint based error?
293.Informatica - why exactly the dynamic
294.Informatica - How many mappings you have
295.Informatica - what are the UTP'S
296.Informatica - how can we delete duplicate rows
297.Informatica - 1.can u look up a flat file ? how
298.Informatica - what is auxiliary mapping ?
299.Informatica - what is authenticator ?
300.Informatica - how can we populate the data into
301.Informatica - how to create primary key only on
302.Informatica - How to load fact table ?
303.Informatica - How to load the time dimension
304.Informatica - What is the process of loading the
305.Informatica - how can we remove/optmize
306.Informatica - how can we eliminate source
307.Informatica - where from we get the source data
308.Informatica - What are all the new features of
309.Informatica - Explain the pipeline partition with
310.Informatica - How to FTP a file to a remote
311.Informatica - What's the difference between
312.Informatica - how many types of sessions are
313.Informatica - What is meant by source is
314.Informatica - what is the diffrence between SCD
315.Informatica - when informatica 7.1.1 version was
316.Informatica - what is the advantages of
317.Informatica - How a LOOKUP is passive?
318.Informatica - How to partition the
319.Informatica - which one is better performance
320.Informatica - what is associated port in look up
321.Informatica - what is session recovery?
322.Informatica - what are the steps follow in
323.Informatica - How to use incremental
324.Informatica - Which transformation replaces the
325.Informatica - What is Dataware house key?
326.Informatica - What is inline view?
327.Informatica - What is the exact difference
328.Informatica - Explain about scheduling real time
329.Informatica - How do you handle two sessions
330.Informatica - How do you change change
331.Informatica - write a query to retrieve the latest
332.Informatica - Explain about Informatica server
333.Informatica - What are the types of loading in
334.Informatica - What are the steps involved in to
335.Informatica - What is use of event waiter?
336.Informatica - which transformation can perform
337.Informatica - Which objects cannot be used in a
338.Informatica - How to do aggregation with out
339.Informatica - how do you test mapping and
340.Informatica - Why can't we use normalizer
341.Informatica - Strategy Transformation
342.Informatica - Source Qualifier in Informatica
343.Informatica - what is the difference between
344.Informatica - What is the difference between
345.Informatica - How can you call trigger in stored
346.Informatica - How to assign a work flow to
347.Informatica - what types of Errors occur when
348.Informatica - how do you add and delete header
349.Informatica - Can we update target table without
350.Informatica - How to create slowly changing
351.Informatica - What are the general reasons of
352.Informatica - what is the difference between
353.Informatica - How do you recover a session or
354.Informatica - How do you automatically execute
355.Informatica - What is the best way to modify a
356.Informatica - what is homogeneous
357.Informatica - If a Mapping is running slow,
358.Informatica - How can you join two tables
359.Informatica - What does Check-In and Check-
360.Informatica - Where and Why do we use Joiner
361.Informatica - where does the records goes which
362.Informatica - How can we access MAINFRAME
363.Informatica - How to run a workflow without
364.Informatica - How to implement de-
365.Informatica - What are the Data Cleansing Tools
366.Informatica - how do you use Normalizer to
367.Informatica - how to use the shared cache
368.Informatica - What is Repository size, What is its
369.Informatica - What will be the way to send only
370.Informatica - What are the Commit & Commit
371.Informatica - Explain Session Recovery Process?
372.Informatica - Explain pmcmd?
373.Informatica - What does the first column of bad
374.Informatica - What is the size of data mart?
375.Informatica - What is meant by named cache?At
376.Informatica - How do you define fact less Fact
377.Informatica - what are the main issues while
378.Informatica - When do you use Normal Loading
379.Informatica - What is key factor in BRD?
380.Informatica - how do you measure slowly
381.Informatica - Have you implmented Lookup in
382.Informatica - Which SDLC suits best for the
383.Informatica - What is the difference between
384.Informatica - What is the logic will you
385.Informatica - What is a Shortcut and What is the
386.Informatica - In what all transformations the
387.Informatica - Eliminate Duplicate Records
388.Informatica - what is the difference between
389.Informatica - What is the functionality of
390.Informatica - How do you maintain Historical
391.Informatica - What is difference between cbl
392.Informatica - Repository deletion
393.Informatica - What is pre-session and post-
394.Informatica - What is Informatica basic data
395.Informatica - which activities can be performed
396.Informatica - what is the economic comparision
397.Informatica - why do we need lookup sql
398.Informatica - What are tracing levels in
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